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by Zorro
Rated: E · Novel · Sci-fi · #2197945
5 character's set out on a mission to destroy what has destroyed their home.


Chapter 1: Tara and Indigo
Tara: Area 21
Indigo: Unknown
The courtyard was a large oval shape, surrounded by rose bushes of all varieties. Near the front was a blocky, whitewashed stage, and in the middle of the stage sat a large pedestal, the same color as the platform, covered in strange markings. A fenced off area, by the right side of the stage, was currently empty, because the winners, the survivors, had not come.

People began to enter the courtyard, dread hanging around their shoulders and the cybernetic limbs that had replaced missing organic ones. The old filed into a line on the right side, the middle aged in the middle, and the youngest by the left. They were further separated by gender: male, female, and Haku--anyone who didn't fit inside the binary.

The courtyard was deathly silent, except for the whispering in the younger line. Fear hung everywhere; it became a tangible object. It twisted, morphed, and sunk into your bones, your blood.

And it deepened and deepened.

Especially when two robots clambered up the stage.

Especially when they looked exactly like humans, except for their eyes, the color of indigo.
Indigo shouldered his copper colored bag onto his shoulder, his left hand absentmindedly playing with the string of beads hanging off his bag. They were a gift from his mother, before she left...for who knows where.

He could still remember that day, remember the bright sunlight flooding into his room, remember sitting on his canopy bed waiting for his mom to come home, fingering the bead she had given him.

She never did.

She left him. Alone. To fend for himself.

With no one.

Indigo continued on the path he was walking on, the cave walls surrounding him, dripping with moisture.
Tara watched the twin robots clamber up the stage, golden hair swinging,
sunlight bouncing off their skin, dresses waving in the soft breeze. They were lanky, tall, creatures, unseen muscle and wires under their bright skin. Their indigo eyes searched the space, meeting each..."citizen" in the eye.

Most looked away, for their eyes seemed to shine too bright, seemed to burn your eyes if they looked at you.

Tara never looked away.

The one with the golden dress, dappled with leaves the color of fall, stepped up to the podium, glancing at the fenced off area to their left. People mingled in the small space, their eyes haunted and broken.

The robot faced the crowd.

"Are you ready? Ready to claim glory for yourself and friends?" The robot said, faking cheeriness.

It was the same bull everyday, the same speech. We saved you from a war with the Zech that would surely destroy you all. You should be entirely grateful that we did, and since we did, we put you through matches to kill each other. So, another war doesn't happen.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

It was just a death speech.

One that no one, nothing could escape.

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