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by Aaron
Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2197966
Writing about the other half of my soul
Your Effects:
Planted mines in my mind
It’s no longer just mine
But I don’t mind
Every other thought
Every other sight
Is you

You strengthen my strengths, and weaken my weaknesses
My adrenaline that gets me up again, makes me believe I can win

Make me a believer
You are no deceiver
I’ve accepted there’s nothing to fear

A mystery,
A leveled riddle
With each discovery
A joyous victory
Such a grand wondrous complexity

You are the remedy to my tragedy
Elixir to my poisoning
Contrast my sense of atrophy
Relief to my agony

I weather your storms
For you are my hurricane
The sting of your rain
Rids me of my pain
And my sorrow
Makes me grow
And want a tomorrow

The queen to my king,
Let’s rule life for once
And turn these obstacles into pawns
To use them to our will
Instead of letting it all keep us sitting still

Your name:
You may think it is unfitting, what a shame
I couldn’t think of a more fitting name
Once belonged to a god,
Now belongs to you, a goddess,
Bringer of fire, he was
Lady of Light, you are

Your beauty:
You are an oddity, like a specialty
A one and only
Where you think there’s a flaw
I am left thoughtless in awe
I wonder how you don’t see you are a source of envy
How you must be
With majesty as endless as the sea
Eyes crafted from the sky
When I look into them, I see infinity
As a splendorous surge fills me
Like sunlight to a flower starving and hungry
A magnificent oddity

Your Magic
A mountain that grew before me as I walked to the edge to meet my maker
I travelled reluctantly within only to realize it could be a shelter
There was a glow with an unknown power
I travelled deeper where I found the most marvelous wonder
Burrowed, shining in its heart
A sapphire
I took hold of it,
I can see again
At last,
I can breathe again
I knew the worth of her
Fire of my heart, heart of my fire
My Mountain
My sapphire
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