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A short story about a little girl who loves butterflies.
         Sharon (who's ten has short blond hair and blue eyes) loves butterflies too much. She has her parents garden filled with all kinds of flowers and wildflowers to attract them. She even has butterfly bushes that also further attract butterflies there. Monarch's and swallowtail's are the most common ones the garden attracts and monarch's are her favorite.

"Mommy look! There's a hummingbird!" said Sharon.

"That's not a hummingbird, that's a hummingbird hawk moth sweetheart," said Sherri Sharon's mom.

"Wow! I love it!" said Sharon while hopping around merrily inside the house looking outside at the hummingbird hawk moth.

         The next day almost all of the flowers died. Sharon was really sad. She told her mom and her mom was surprised. The reason why was because it's fall. The butterflies also stopped coming around.

"Mom, I miss seeing the butterflies! When will they be back?" asked Sharon.

"You know, sometime during the spring time. We can see them again during that time," said Sherri.

"Yes I knew that, I just wanted them to be back sooner!" said Sharon sadly.

"That's alright they'll be back," said Sherri.

         Winter passed and the spring flowers were bloomed. Some of the flowers in the garden were bloomed too. Sharon was over excited!

         "Mom! The butterflies are back!" said Sharon.

"Maybe you should learn how to paint them," said Sherri.

"Paint them? Sure! I'd love to try doing that!" said Sharon excitedly.

         Sherri bought and gave Sharon all kinds of canvases and paints to paint butterflies for the spring and summer time. Sharon was over excited! However, Sharon was having difficulty figuring out how to paint them. She was unhappy with what she was creating on the canvases.

"Mom, I can't do this very well," said Sharon disappointedly.

"That's alright, just keep trying, you'll get it eventually," said Sherri confidently.

         Sharon kept trying to paint the butterflies but still thought that she wasn't doing good enough. She took a break from it and went outside to see the butterflies. To her surprise, she spotted one called a painted lady. She was happy to see it!

"Wow! My book says you're a painted lady! How neat! I love you!" said Sharon happily.

"Hello. What's your name?" said the painted lady.

"Wow! You can talk?" asked Sharon.

"Yes. You may call me Lady," said Lady the painted lady butterfly.

"I'm Sharon, it's nice to meet you!" said Sharon.

"I know that you're having difficulty trying to paint us. I can help you with that. Bring your canvas and paints out here and I'll show you," said Lady merrily.

"Alright, thanks!" said Sharon running in to gather her art supplies.

         Lady kept showing Sharon how to paint the butterflies. She showed her how to properly hold the paint brush and how to use the different kinds of brushes. She also showed her how to mix the paints to make the colors that would work right for seeing the butterflies on the canvases. However, Sharon still had difficulty.

"I'm still having trouble doing this. I'm sorry lady!" said Sharon.

"Don't worry, it takes practice! Just keep practicing!" said Lady.

         Sharon kept practicing. She still had difficulty. She practiced and practiced a lot! She finally gave up when it was lunch time. When she came back she kept practicing again. All of the sudden, she finally got it right in her opinion!

"Wow! I finally got it!" said Sharon.

"Yes! This looks wonderful!" said Lady.

"I'm going to show my mom!" said Sharon.

         Sharon showed her painting of the painted lady and the monarch's to her mom. Sherri was very happy. Sherri told her to keep painting.

"Keep it up Sharon! This is wonderful! I want you to enter this into your school's art contest for the fall," said Sherri.

"I will!" said Sharon.

         Sharon kept painting more and more paintings of the butterflies. She came up with better ones! Her best painting had all of her favorite butterflies in it which are monarch's, swallowtails and painted ladies. She entered it into her fall's art contest and won first place. Lady wasn't there the next summer but Sharon made more friends with other butterflies including the hummingbird hawk moth's. The butterflies and hummingbird hawk moth's kept loving her back, kept painting more and more butterfly paintings. She gave her paintings to her friends and other family members. She opened up a small stand on her front yard and all of the neighborhood girls bought one from her. Sharon lived happily ever after!

~ The End! ~

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