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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Entertainment · #2198017
Never cross a witch
The frog sat on that lily pad
And watched the world go by
And every time someone went past
You could see that he would cry

For he used to be a handsome prince
Yes, once upon a time
Until that wicked witch came along
And condemned him to that slime

Along with fish and worms and bugs
He lived there in that pond
That wicked witch transformed his life
With one wave of her wand

Then all he had and all he was
Was just a memory
All he could do was wish and dream
And hope for what could be

The only way to end the curse
And free him from that bog
Was to have a princess come along
And kiss that ugly frog

But who would kiss a warty frog?
A princess or a fool?
That wicked witch had cast a spell
Her curse was mean and cruel

And then one day what do you know?
A princess came along
She was dressed in white and wore a crown
And sang a happy song

And when the frog caught sight of her
He thought that he would choke
He sat right up and cleared his throat
And gave out his best croak

She saw that big frog on the pad
And knew what she would do
She’d never heard about the spell
She didn’t have a clue

She waded out and grabbed that frog
And put him in her purse
The frog thought this was his big chance
To free him of that curse

She saw more frogs around the pond
And stooped and grabbed a bunch
She took them home, sautéed them all
Ate frogs’ legs for her lunch

So the lesson you’ll remember well
Is to never cross a witch
‘Cause if she casts a spell on you
Well, that could be a bitch

The princess went on with her life
She married some fat guy
Who people thought looked like a frog
... that witch could be so sly

Needless to say, they did not live happily ever after
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