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A young girl is an outcast at a new school, with a beautiful talent and strive to be happy
Lucy could not help but stand out from the crowd in a new high school. A raven-haired girl with a dress sense drenched in dark colours, as if the shadow of a thunderous cloud followed her every footstep, the seed of evil or so the student's rumours soon churned. Treated differently from the word go, a social leper to the masses, a sole transfer just looking to adjust. The girls scrutinised & humiliated her, whilst the boys stood back with approving glares to reinforce the pain inflicted.

Where most would break, Lucy never shed one tear and refused to be dragged down to their level. A composure that won the respect of the teachers and only added to the eeriness of her appearance, and as a result; fellow students would aim to escalate the ridicule in each encounter.

Three months past, a poster on a noticeboard captivated Lucy’s attention, the announcement for the Christmas talent show. After reading this news, Lucy smiled for the first time since arriving in that hostile environment, the prospect to express herself freely, where before that possibility had been held back, by the spite of others.

Pushing all nerves into the pit of her stomach, Lucy later took centre stage with guitar in hand, to an ocean of cold stares and deadly silence. Unfettered, she sang her first harmony that soaked into the microphone, and warmth started to circulate throughout the hall. Spectators watched in astonishment at the sound of an angelic voice, one that could only be complemented by the cords that emanated from her fingertips.

Once the song ended, Lucy abruptly left the stage, fearing the worst and in search of seclusion. A stranger's voice stopped her, saying what she’d wanted to hear for so long.

“That was awesome! What’s your name?”
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