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by Paul
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He’s a bit confusing.
“How neat.”

“What’s neat, sweetheart?”

“The clouds making shadow patterns on the lawn, and the crow that just took a blueberry off my bush. I hear them hopping around on my roof. The metal acts like a drum head. They take the plums from my front yard tree and eat them on the roof.”

“The clouds are neat, but that’s a raven, not a crow. They’re great to have around.”

“Except they mostly let the half masticated plums roll off the roof on my sidewalk. They leave a big purple stain and the seed.”

“Yeah, your walks a mess. Good thing I sweep it for you. Plums have pits, not seeds.”

“Thank you, I think. The pit is just one big seed, Mr. Pedantic. And how do you know it’s a raven?”

“The easiest way is tail feathers, crows tail feathers are flat across the end, the ravens have a point. The center feathers are longer.”

“Why do yo know so much about birds?”

“I raised parrots for pets for 15 years.”

“Crows are parrots? Could’ve fooled me.”

“No, crows are Cuorvidae and parrots are Psittacines, two different species. I just became interested in birds.”

“Tell me more ohh, great one.”

“Ravens are solitary birds, crows flock. If you see them fly together or interact they’re crows. You see a single bird flying check the tail.”

“Oohhh, Want to spend the night, Sir Ian?”

“That was my plan, Maid Zoe.”

“Your plan? You plan staying at my house now?”

“Yeah, ever since you started asking me every weekend. Three days with you then four days apart, a good plan.”

Yes, but I miss falling asleep and waking cuddled with you.”

“Me too, but we both need the privacy.”

“You’re right.”

“Wow, that’s one in a row for me.”

“Smart ass.”
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2198063