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Rated: E · Short Story · Animal · #2198111
A short story about a monkey named Jake that learns how to go bowling from Elizabeth.

         Elizabeth is in her twenties and has brown eyes and short brown hair. She recently bought a pet monkey and named him Jake. She's wondering what to do with him since he always has so much energy and wants to keep busy all of the time.

"Elizabeth, why don't you take Jake out for a walk or something? He's disturbing my studying!" said Melissa, Elizabeth's college roommate.

"I'm sorry that's just how he is. I'll try that but as I said he still needs more training," said Elizabeth.

         Elizabeth took Jake out for a walk for at least one hour. They had a miserable time because anyone who was also out walking their dog barked at Jake because he wasn't a dog. Elizabeth knew that Jake was also miserable so they went back to the dorm room. Melissa wasn't there and Elizabeth was glad.

         "Well Jake, Melissa's not here. What should we do now for fun? I know! Let's play some indoor bowling!" said Elizabeth while setting up the bowling pins and getting a large plastic ball to hit the pins with.

"OOoooo eeee ooooo ahhh," said Jake.

"Looks like you're excited Jake. I'll show you how to do this ok?" said Elizabeth showing Jake what to do.

         For some reason Jake was a little afraid of the bowling pins and the large plastic ball. But when he saw how Elizabeth played with them he no longer was scared anymore. He mimicked what she was doing and scored a strike on his first try.

"Wow Jake! You're great! I can hardly believe you got a strike on your very first try! Let's keep playing then," said Elizabeth surprised at how quickly Jake learned how to go bowling.

         Not long after Jake made his first strike, Melissa came back home. She complained that she had to get back to doing her studying again. She made Jake and Elizabeth leave the dorm room and suggested taking him to the park. Elizabeth took Jake to the park with the bowling pins and the large plastic ball and they went bowling in the park. A small crowd gathered around and watched Jake bowl. Everyone applauded when they were finished and then they headed back home.

"Jake, I'm so surprised at you! You're so great at bowling! I hope that Melissa's not still home," said Elizabeth right before they walked into the dorm room.

"OOOooo eeee ooooo ahhh," said Jake.

         Unfortunately, Melissa was still there studying. She once again complained about having to continue to study. This time, she was almost done studying though and Elizabeth told her all about how Jake can bowl. Melissa wanted to stop studying and go with them to the bowling rink to see him play. They all decided to go to the bowling rink and Elizabeth taught Jake how to pick up, hold and throw a small bowling ball for kids. He learned quickly how to hold and throw it, but on his first try he got a gutter ball.

"I thought that Jake was great at this! What a bummer!" said Melissa frowning.

"Give him a chance! He's just learning how to use a real bowling ball. He was using the large plastic ball at home and in the park," said Elizabeth defending Jake.

"Alright then I will," said Melissa looking impatient.

         Jake threw the bowling ball again and once again, he got a gutter ball. Elizabeth wasn't happy about this and decided to try to train him again. After she trained him she hoped that he'd at least hit one pin on his next throw.

"Can I go now? It is my turn!" said Melissa impatiently and frowning.

"Just let Jake throw this one first please," said Elizabeth.

"Alright, but he better hit something this time!" said Melissa eagerly.

         When Jake threw the bowling ball, it not only hit one pin he hit at least half of them! Elizabeth shouted how happy and proud she is of him. Melissa cheered him on too and then took her turn.

"Way to go Jake!" said Elizabeth.

"Great going Jake!" said Melissa.

         After they said this a large crowd gathered around them. Many people were surprised to see a monkey bowling there. Elizabeth hopes that Jake will get a strike to show Melissa how great he really is at it.

"Go Jake! Go Jake!" said Elizabeth.

"Ooooo eeeee ooooo ahhh!" said Jake throwing the bowling ball straight and hard.

         Jake finally got a strike! Elizabeth was so proud and happy! Melissa was too and so was the crowd that watched him. After this, when they all got back to their dorm room, Melissa said that it was alright to allow Jake to stay there bowling while she studied. Everyone was now happy and they all lived happily ever after!

~ The End! ~

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