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by purity
Rated: E · Essay · Experience · #2198137
some deep thoughts
every breath i took so far wasn't appreciated enough
so i took another unappreciated breathe
but that one was so deep
deep enough to get me thinking of ways
to make me appreciate every fucken breathe i take every single day
actually it took me so many other breath taking in order to think
because in order to think properly i need a sane mind
and mind needs oxygen
and i need to take so many breathe
in order for the oxygen to get to this brain of mine
, and then i stopped taking breathe for a moment
, i sophosticated
, i freaked out
and all im thinking about is taking a breathe
, breathing means we are alive
, we exist on this planet called earth
situated in the milky way
, the galaxy
, the universe
, but how is that important
, why is it important if
we appreciate the breathe we take or not
, aren't we suppose to just
live with the flow and that's it
as if we are just breathing
because we were born at the first place
, but if breathing means life !!
why do i feel so dead !!
so i took another breathe
and i thought
, maybe im not doing it right
, the breathing process
, the existing and with the next breathe i took
i came to realize that in order to appreciate it
i need to do it right
, the breathing thing you know !!
actually i was disappointed with myself
, how can someone breath for a 21 years but never
had appreciated a single breathe he took
and didn't even learn how to exist
, i decided that's it
, that is the moment
, that is the second that i should start looking
for the meaning of my existing
and give it some appreciation
, but i hestitated for a moment
, a feeling of fear to fail
has took a breathe inside of me
, so i remembered each time i almost died
out of despair
, i remembered how i took an unappreciated breathe
and came up with a dream to live with
, that's right
, a dream
, it is another form of breathing
, another way to say i exist
, i feel like i just got the epiphany
, i found a way to appreciate my existing
, i need to convert it into other concepts
, other data
, existing is beyond breathing
, existing is dreaming
, achieving
, deep feelings like love
, envy
, hatered
, happiness
, disappointment
, excitement
, existing is to give the desire for another person
to appreciate his existing as well
, to be honest as a human being and with my 21 years of existing
i came to figure out how to appriaciate breathing lately
, but late better than never
, if it is not for dreaming
i would have spent my whole life dead
, people let's dream = achieve = feel = exist = breath *Heart*
simply let's live our lives alive *Heart*
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