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by K.HBey
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Ezel is an orphan girl but her father tells her that she is all for him.
At the entrance of the MOULOUK garden, there is a sculpted lion head on the wall and from its muzzle is released a fresh water flow. The door is made of wrought iron. It is green and many tulips and animals figurines are delineated. The green color symbolizes heaven according to Islam. The ground is made of crystalline. Its transparency allows a view with naked eyes of the undersea. The day, sun rays reflect on it and a myriad of sparkled particles invade the area and the sight becomes blurred. The night, all the stars fall on the ground; a thing which gives the impression of flying.

Each time Ezel enters the garden, she is amazed as if it was the first time of her visit. A sweet blond girl of ten years, Ezel possesses platinum hair and blue eyes. She has many freckles on her face. Her cheeks are always pink. She is an orphan and lives with her maternal aunt Funda and her husband. Her aunt Funda lives in a little house in the country in Istanbul. She leads a simple life. She and her husband and her children use to visit such marvelous garden. Ezel is always excited to be there.

In the garden Ezel goes to the fish island. Tangerine fishes are there .With her smooth hands she twiddles the fishes on the crystalline ground where all seems live. The evergreen coniferous Pine trees fill the surrounding of the garden and everywhere pines are strewn all over the floor. Then Ezel goes to visit her friends the peacocks. They set under the trees. At the opening of their multicolored tails, Ezel seems to look at a rainbow. The mauve, green, white, blue and other colors made of the peacocks' tails real watercolors. Ezel stays here for a long hour. She remains flabbergasted and amazed. She seems in an autistic world when suddenly she heards: Ezel hurry up! Her aunt tells her.

Ezel wanted to be the first to ride the white horse on the horses' carousel. There is a big crowd that is waiting to get tickets. Finally it is her tour. She rides the white horse. The carousel is surrounded by a cinema three D. A virtual fairy world surrounds the children. The children seem riding horses in the sky under clouds, on the mountains and undersea. A marvelous moment Ezel is living. But she notices a bright light during all the horses' circuit. When the carousel stops she notices someone who is targeting her and taking photos. But he disappears quickly before her aunt arrives. But Ezel remembers that such man was at the entrance of the garden and was buying flowers.

Ezel was born in Athena. Her mother Adile was Turkish. She is the grand granddaughter of sultan the king Othman the sixth. Adile died in a terrible accident in Athena when her daughter Ezel was eighteen months. Her husband Demetrius was a Greek citizen. He met obstacles to marry Adile because of policy conflicts. Demetrius was forbidden to enter Istanbul. That is why Adile and Demetrius got married after in Athena. Demetrius was a Christian Orthodox. He is a wealthy man and possesses many proprieties. He possesses international hotel chains ROMAN FIVE. He possesses the most important mobile Greek company: GREEK TELEPHONIC. After the death of her first wife Adile; he remarried a Greek woman Alexandra two years ago.

He stays at the immense manor inherited from his family, the Ourouglou Family. It is at the topic of the mountain and seems to be haunted. It is told that the manor possesses roman temple foundations. It contains a thousand and two chambers. There are fifty pillars covered with gold. The genealogical Ourouglou family tree is at the underground chamber, the haunted one. The bed chamber is immense and contains a golden bed. There is a sitting room there and all the commodities.

New architecture touches appear on the edge of such immense building. Many sculptures of the Roman era are carved on the external and internal walls of the sanctuary. A swimming pool at open air is at the first floor and the other one at the fifth floor where the roof is made of crystalline. All is blue in such swimming pools. An immense library which contains unique ancient Greek collections books is at the guests chamber. The long hall contains some historic Greek both objects and drawings. Many hanging gardens with exotic both flowers and trees surround the building. The manor in itself is a marvelous world full of suspense.

Adile had never appreciated such sanctuary even though she was surrounded by a great fortune. She hated the protocols and worldly life. Each night she heard bizarre voices. She accepted to live there because Demetrius was the only man she had loved. She was surrounded by his love, warmth and care. He wanted her to be the queen of such manor but fate has chosen another path for her.
Demetrius has always been in love with Adile. She is the only woman he has loved. But Alexandra her second wife, is a business woman and marries Demetrius for affairs. She respects him overall and accepts such arranged marriage for interests. She is very ambitious and money for her is all. She sees in Demetrius a brilliant business career.

Demetrius: Hello Mr Andreas! Andreas: Hello sir. Demetrius: I want you to come quickly. I have some urgent papers to sign. Andreas: Ok! In twenty minutes I will be there.

Andreas comes to the manor where the servant leads him fast to Demetrius office. He is waiting for you. Dina the servant, says. Andreas: Hello sir Demetrius how are you? Demetrius: please sit down Mr Andreas I have prepared the full document. I would like you to register it officially. Andreas: Ok sir I will review it tomorrow. Demetrius: No attorney Andreas, I would like you to review it now. Andreas: Ok sir. Would you like to read it to me? Demetrius: I Demetrius Ourouglou have decided to .......
Andreas: But sir I should get her references. Also I need your marriage contract with Adile and other official papers. Demetrius: OK! I want you to finish the entire document and the process and bring it to me again. I will sign it tomorrow at three PM. Andreas: OK sir. It is perfect for tomorrow.

Adile knows Alexandra very well. Indeed she is the daughter of Demetrius' friend Mr Christos. She has always envied Adile because of her singular beauty and Demetrius's immense love for her. Adile was never at ease with such woman even though she showed kindness towards her.
Alexandra: Dina come on please in my office and brings me a cup of coffee. Dina: Ok Madam .Dina is the ancient servant of the manor and knows everything about it. Alexandra: Dina, tell me please. Who is the man who visited Mr Demetrius? Ho!Mr Andreas is the attorney of the family .Responds Dina. Alexandra: Ok! Where does he live? In Athena, madam, it is just next to the great theater. Dina responds. Alexandra: Thank you Dina! You can leave. Dina: OK! Do you want something else madam? Alexandra: No!

At the school someone comes to ask about Ezel and pretends to be her relative from Athena. Some questions Mr Elias asks to the headmaster. A bribe has been given and then all the responses are known. He takes some other secret photos about Ezel and her aunt Funda. He gets all her references and when he asks to take with him Ezel, the school administration refuses and reaches her aunt Funda. Mr Elias flies back to Athena. Funda thinks that it was from her father part but quickly denies her own supposition. Indeed Mr Demetrius always reaches Funda for any inquiry about her daughter. Ezel is playing in the courtyard as usual. The ball gets over there in the street. She runs to reach it. When being there a car is waiting for her and someone wants her to get in the car. She runs back quickly and makes aware her aunt but the car has already disappeared.
In the morning she is always accompanied by her aunt but today a car tries to kill them. Her aunt gets some injuries but nothing harmful happens fortunately. Funda decides to make aware Mr Demetrius of the fact.

The mobile of Funda rings in the early morning. Hello Funda it is Demetrius. Funda:Hello Demetrius how are you? Just hearing your voice I remember my sister Adile. It is as if it was yesterday. Funda starts to cry. Demetrius: Funda! Listen to me. I have booked two tickets for Ezel and you. You should be here at Athena before three PM. I miss my daughter a lot and want to see her before my death. Funda: What is the matter Demetrius? I am worried. Are you well? Demetrius: Do not loose time the flight will leave from Istanbul to Athena at ten AM. Please get ready. See you later. Funda is completely overwhelmed and calls her husband and tells him what happens with Demetrius. He shows comprehension and asks her to leave with Ezel.
Funda and Ezel fly to Athena and Ezel is so excited to discover her father that she has not seen since she was eighteen months. It is for her as if it was the first time to see her father that she uses to watch on photos.

Mr Demetrius has previously stopped all Alexandra's harmfulness towards her daughter Ezel. Also he has divorced her and put her and her accomplice Mr Elias in prison for temptation to kill his daughter.

Next day, a limousine is waiting and Funda and Ezel get in and are led to the manor. Vive emotions are lived by both the father and his daughter and tears flood the eyes. Ezel is strongly hugged by her father. The scene takes a long moment when it is interrupted by the arrival of Mr Andreas. Come on Andreas, says Mr Demetrius. Here are my dear daughter Ezel and her aunt Funda. She is the reincarnation of her mother sir: Tells Andreas. Glad to meet you; he continues. Here are the full documents Mr Demetrius. Your testament is finally ready. He says. Mr Demetrius: Perfect. He has signed all the required documents. Then Mr Andreas reads the full testament to her daughter Ezel and her aunt Funda. Henceforth, Ezel will inherit the full fortune of her father Demetrius. Mr Demetrius hugs again his daughter and tells her: You are my unique fortune my sweet daughter.

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