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About a golden colored horse that helps others. But is this really a horse?

         There was once a beautiful golden yellow colored horse named Goltreena. She was a very special yet rare breed, and she was as rare as the legendary Golden Fleece during the time of the ancient Greeks. She existed up until modern times. You see, every so often, though rare, any species of flora or fauna or even human could evolve into a rare golden breed.

         As for Goltreena, she was special like a unicorn in the way that she helped gather then disbursed all that's good she projected outward from her. That included love, peace and positive energy, healing and blessings. She especially walked the path of love so she could stay as strong as possible, while she extended the most powerful armor of protection of all from love. She was then ultimately guarded against those she chose to help, those who were sad, full of despair, or have done any wrong that needed to be shown, there was something far better for them that they could have that existed she offered to give to them.

         In the year 1970, Goltreena gracefully trotted along a dirt road where an unfortunate family of three lived at, which was at a trailer home. The Father, Jim lost his job six months ago and his four year old daughter, Lucy was malnourished and was sick from not being able to eat enough. It was around noon and Goltreena slowly approached the family's home. Little Lucy sat outside alone playing with her doll, Molly. Her Mother, Lucille was in the home and was preparing potato and meat soup for lunch. Jim was inside napping on their couch.

Suddenly, Lucy heard Goltreena and looked up. "Wow! A yellow horsey!" Lucy excitedly said.

         Goltreena trotted slowly and went closer to Lucy and bowed her head at her. She then stopped right near Lucy and allowed her to touch and love her. That made Lucy feel so loved and helped cheer her up, Lucy's health instantly improved and she felt better.

"I feel better horsey, thank you! I love you!" said Lucy merrily.

         Goltreena then nudged a giant bag of food worth at least $300.00 that included meat, fish, milk, bread, eggs, vegetables, fruits and pastas, and so on. It had every food group any malnourished person would need to get better and gain weight back within the bag. A card inside the bag said, "From a friend donor for your family who loves you." Goltreena kissed Lucy good-bye one more time, then left right before her Mom came outside of their trailer home to tell her to come in for lunch. Lucy smiled and waved bye to Goltreena, and said, "Thank you horsey! I love you!" Then Goltreena disappeared.

"Mommy! I saw a yellow horsey! I feel all better! Look at the food!" Lucy said as she pointed at the tilted cloth bag of food.

"Wow! A yellow horse? That's nice. Molly's friend?" Lucille smiled at Lucy after she said that. She then felt Lucy's forehead and it was cool.

"You are better! This is wonderful Lucy! Your friend Molly's horse must have helped you then," said Lucille while she then picked up the card inside of the bag to read it.

"A real friend was here Lucy? How nice and fortunate we are! It's a shame that we are unable to thank him or her," Lucille said while she took the bag of food and had Lucy come in to eat lunch.

"I thanked her for us Mommy," Lucy said happily.

         A month later, Lucy's health and weight completely returned to normal. Goltreena didn't return though, and Lucy missed her. Lucille never figured out who gave them the bag of food, but the family was very thankful for being given it. The reason why Lucy was able to see Goltreena was because she had a fever of 102 degrees. While it was in the process of breaking, she seen a golden yellow horse, which was really her neighbor, Gabriel who wore a bright yellow dress from next door. She always kept an extra watchful eye on Lucy, for she loved her and her family. She was a widow and the family invited Gabriel over for all holiday's including for Lucy's birthday. That's about it, however Jim also got a new job that he loved. The family was fed well again and everyone was happy. Lucy loved horses and because she was happy and Gabriel loved them, everything was fine once again!

~ The End! ~

Story originally created on 5-2016
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