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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Drama · #2198469
Not good with descriptions tbh but enjoy the story
George lived in an average house. George's house was a three story building with a basement. The first floor of the house was just the entrance. The entrance was pretty much a long hallway with two staircases on both sides of the hallway. The second story of the house consisted of the kitchen, dining room, and Study which was behind the only door on the second floor past the kitchen. The third story consists of three bedrooms and a bathroom all accessible thru the upstairs hallway. The basement is where the living room is located. There is also a bathroom on that floor.

George lived with his wife, Arlington and two kids. Both of those kids were boys named Jason and Trevor.

It was a hot summer day, the two boys were playing with the their favorite console, the Wii.

"You are so bad at this game" said Trevor.

"Am I?" asked Jason after giving his brother a playful shove.

"Yeah" laughed Trevor.

Jason suddenly said, "I have to go bathroom, see you when I get out"

"One or two"

"Two so I will be awhile" Jason replied as he was getting up. Jason walked into the bathroom and tried to lock the door. Unfortunately for Jason, the lock got stuck somehow. Jason called out, "Trevor, did you mess with the lock"

"What are you talking about?" asked Trevor.

Jason walked upstairs to the dining room and announced, "the downstairs bathroom lock is broken" before walking upstairs.

Arlington looked at George and said, "I'll call a locksmith"

"I have a cheaper option in mind" replied George

"And what's that?"

"To call a friend of mine"

Arlington looked confused. "And he knows how to fix locks?"

"He claims to be a mechanic and can fix anything. Plus we'll save a ton of money that we can spend on other things" reassured George.

"So itll be a good idea to call as soon as you can"

George went over the phone and dialed his friend Bob.

On the other end, Bob greeted, "Hello"

"Hey can you come over and fix the lock to the downstairs bathroom?" requested George.

"You know I can fix anything" boasted Bob.

"Then prove it and fix the lock"

"Coming right over but once I get there, I only have 15 minutes then I have a date with my girlfriend"

When Bob came over, the two of them went down to fix the lock.

The Downstairs bathroom had a toilet seat to the right of the entrance and the sink was facing the toilet seat to the left of the entrance. A mop was sitting on the wall on the other side of the entrance.

After five minutes of tampering with the lock, “I think it’s fixed,” claimed Bob from inside the bathroom.

George ran down to the bathroom and through the door before replying, “Lets try it out” before shutting the door and locking it. When George tried to unlock it, the lock was stuck. “Great!” exclaimed George with a panicked voice.

Bob panicked. “What? Don’t tell me you locked us in here”

Despite how embarrassed George felt, he tried to look calm. “I didn’t know, maybe I can try calling,” he said. Bob started to bang on the door which made George ask rhetorically after two minutes of hearing Bob bang away, “Any luck"

“What does it look like? I'm trying to break through the door” retorted Bob in response. He then took a screwdriver and hit the door over and over again before before saying, “at least I’m trying, what are you doing? The only thing you’ve done is suggest to have a conversation with a random person on the other end of your phone”

“I’m trying to think but I can’t think with all the banging you are causing. Maybe try taking a step back so we can plan out how to get out of here”

“Well if you have any bright ideas, I’d love to hear it. Otherwise shut up so I can chip at this door till it breaks”

“I don’t”

“That’s what I thought”

“Well none of your ideas are working because they are too aggressive”

Bob sneered. His face looked like it could explode at any second. George took out his phone to make a call. “There you go trying to get someone to distract yourself while I do the dirty work, trying to get us out of here” howled Bob

“I’m just trying to get help from the outside,” argued George.

“Well please talk to me because I’m trapped in a bathroom and I don’t want to do any work,” teased Bob.

“That’s not funny” replied George

“Whats not funny is that I'm going to miss my appointment with my girlfriend and I didnt bring my phone to tell her I'm stuck in a bathroom." Before George could reply, Bob continued "You know what. I’ve had enough of you,” Bob barked swinging the screwdriver at George. George was able to jump back avoiding the screwdriver but the phone was dropped in the process. Bob swung at a quick to duck George. The screwdriver flew harmlessly over George’s head.

After backing up to the wall, George grabbed the bloom and blocked the screwdriver from hitting him. The impact knocked the screwdriver out of Bob’s hand hitting the wall hard before falling to the ground with an unpleasant clang. By the time Bob could get his bearings straight, George had already blocked his path to the screwdriver.

“Please lets not hurt each other, it isn’t worth it and I'm sorry about your date but fighting isnt going to help us get out” pleaded George.

“Your annoying the heck outta me” yelled Bob.

“Is everything alright in there?” said a female voice outside the bathroom.

Bob stopped and backed up against the wall. George breathed a sigh of relief.

“Can you get the door open Arl?” asked George.

“Can’t you do it from the inside?”

“No it’s jammed”

“Let me get a hammer, be right back”

George turned to Bob. “If you just let me make the call it would have been over a lot sooner”

“Your despicable” replied Bob.

Two minutes later the door became to break. The wood began to break inward revealing a path out of the bathroom. The only down side was that dust was all over the air. It made both George and Bob have coughing fits. Arlington backed away from the door.

When George got out of the bathroom and found his breath, he said, “Thank you Arl”

“No problem, what happened in there?” replied Arlington.

“Me and Bob must have miscalculated and jammed the lock”

“Oh well we will need to get a new door because your cheap option made it worse”

Bob opened his mouse before George cut him off by saying, “Professionals this time”

“Definitely no more being trapped in the bathroom,” Arlington stated before turning to Bob and saying, "want too..."

"I think we had enough for one day. Bye Bob" interupted George.

"See you" replied Bob awkwardly before leaving.

George closed the door relieved.

The next day police showed up at Bob’s house and arrested him.
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