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An explanation on how I started on Writing.com

I’ve been a member of this site for 9 years? Holy shit, what a fast track life is. I think I owe it to all the people who read my stories, (Which is probably like, only 2 of you. Let’s be real.) 😂 the REALEST story. An explanation of how I stumbled across Writing.com.

It all started in 2010. I was about 12 or 13 at the time. (I know, long time ago.) I was really interested in reading books. LOTS & LOTS of books. Literally, there were nights I’d stay up late reading my favorite author’s book series until it got too late. One of my favorite books was the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series. The main character was writing about real life situations that kids my age went through: Bullying, puberty, friendship, rising interests in girls, etc.

I then thought to myself: “What if I can create my OWN stories? I can write my OWN books!” & so I went on a search for websites that let you write your own stories. That’s when I came across “Writing.com”. “A website solely based on writing your own stories, AND it’s (well, it was at the time) FREE?!?! FUCK YEAH!!!” I eagerly clicked, awaiting it’s wonder. I didn’t join right away, (as I wasn’t even aware I could sign up yet) I just read a lot of dirty stories............a lot of dirty...........R rated..........interactive stories.

Now..........as you can probably tell by my very mature content, I was a very horny little boy. With an extremely dirty mind. Especially for being only 13. It’s actually kinda embarrassing now that I think about it, but hey: It’s the truth. ^-^

One of my favorite interactive stories was called “Humans in a Furry School” by the honorable, no longer active writer by the name of “cool”. I thought it was amazing how he combined animals who could walk on two feet, with human beings. It opened my mind to so much creativity that I didn’t know WHAT to do with myself! That was when I figured out how to create my own account.

Still to this day, I read my favorite artist’s interactive stories, add chapters to mine, & intend to participate in writing events to gain more recognition. This website is indeed a piece of my childhood that I hope never dies. I highly encourage everyone who’s a member without a paid slot, please support the website. (I sure as hell didn’t want to, but how else can I write my amazing stories?)

To all the readers of my material: Thank you for your patience & your commitment. I know I haven’t been the most consistent with my interactives, but trust me when I say, I intend to have one of the most versatile & long running interactive stories on writing.com.

Write on~

- Divine Writer
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