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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Political · #2198764
A fervent wish in the style of Dr. Seuss
Donald J. Trump Will You Please Go Now

The time has come. The time is now.
Just go, go, go! We don't care how.

This circus gets old, all your Russian about.
Do us a favor and rush on out!

Do a walkabout if you prefer,
or limp away on fake bone spurs.

You can go by bike and peddle your wares.
You’ve sold us out and that’s not fair!

You can go by car with your chauffeur.
You’re not wanted here, that’s for sure.

You can go by train, just follow the track.
Please go away and don’t come back!

You can go by boat, if that’s your wish.
You can swim the channel or sleep with the fish.

You can float away in a big balloon.
With your hot air you could reach the moon!

You can go by plane, high up in the air.
You can go to Hell for all we care!

You can go by mob trussed up on a rail,
with tar and feathers to mark your trail.

It’s your own damn fault, there’s no denial.
You’ve earned yourself a Senate trial.

The time has come to take a bow,
Donald J. Trump will you please go now!

Donald knew what impeach meant.
Donald knew, so Donald went.

Terrence G. Fisher 2019

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