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Ray is dracos malfoys twin she is joining them for her 5th year
Name: Ray malfoy
Hair color:Pale blonde
Eye color:sliverish amber
Want type: Ash wood 9 inches with a holly string core
house: Slytherin
Traits,Mute,climber,piano player

"Ray come on Draco said pulling her trunk to an open seat''ray sat down as draco put her trunk away as harry.Hermione and ron walked past and stopped"oi look theres a new girl Ron said"Harry stood by the door "aye new girl any room Harry asked" Draco pushed him out the way " Aye i saw the hottie first Harry yelled" WOAH HELL NAH SHE IS MY TWIN SISTER Draco yelled"harry's jaw dropped as he walked away Ray mouthed thank you dracy" i told you not to call my that Draco said as his freinds came" Aye Blasie Draco said" aye who is this hottie Blasie said looking at me"My twin sister whats with everyone calling her hottie Draco yelled"ray shurged her shoulder" she don't talk Blasie said" nope shes mute Draco added"Oh whats her name thou Blasie added in as Raven(a boy) walked in' her name is ray Malfoy Draco said as the raven boy sat down by me"i scooted away he was WAY to close" aye mate get away from my twin draco said nodding towards how close he was"raven scooted away "Sorry Raven mumbled"I pulled out my sketch pad and started to draw a realistic Wolf that's just when Harry potter grabbed it ripping out all the pages "HEY THATS MY SISTER'S Draco yelled as he got up " i tryed to pull him back down but he got up and punched harry in the face i covered my mouth with my hand i felt my feet move on there own as i walked over to draco " Aye her-i cut him off by slapping him and walking off"Draco gasped at my action i was so mad i didn't know what i did i ran to the bathroom's i was mad at draco and mad at my self i started to cry i had mixed emoitions until i heard the door open and in came a little red heaed girl " Hey you alright She asked'' i nodded" can you talk She asked" i shaked my hand no " well im Ginny weasly nice to meet you Ginny said" i played with my necklace that said Ray" oh your name is Ray Ginny said"i noded" whats wrong Ginny asked" i wrote with my wand " well my twin brother draco punched a boy with black hair and glasses in the face "oh harry WAIT DRACO'S YOUR TWI-i cut ginny off by covering her mouth"all i heared was her muffling i uncovered her mouth as the train stopped" were here ginny said " i got off the train with ginny and we both got in to a carrige as she talked to everyone while i sat there " everyone welcome our new 5th year Ray Malfoy Mrs. McGonagall said as Mr. dumbledore set a stool down as i walked up it took that sorting hat ten mitues to choose my house" Slytherin" i walked down and sat at the table i sat beside draco as i looked at my destroyed sketch book draco eldowed me handing me his old sketch book i smiled as i hugged him a boy across the table said" Hey that ur girlfriend i thought she was fake when you said you had one He said laughing" i looked at him" HELL NAH SHE MY TWIN draco yelled as i elbowed him in the ribs to hush up' you sure she is mighty hot He said" i bite my lip giving him a death stare" whoah just kidding man god He said" Mr. Snape had the whole slytherin table walk to the common room i ran to find my room thank god it was only a 1 person room i walked in and sat down on the bed it was comfy i walked down to see draco talking to his bodygaurds I snapped as he turned his head to me " Hey sis"i mouthed hi dracy" i told u not to call my dracy Draco said staring at me"i crossed my arms and walked down to sit by him" who is this draco one of his bodygaruds asked" my twin sister Ray malfoy Draco said "i sighed getting out and going to my room i sat down on my bed and mumbled"hogeuwateu nan gwaenchanh-eul geos gat-a(translation :hogwarts is going to be ok i guess) i yawned falling asleep i woke up and got changed i ran down stairs to draco alone "achim"achim "(means morning) i went back to not talking after blasie came in " Aye Draco , Ray"Oi,Blasie" i moughed to draco Zucchni "Ray want's to call you zucchni can she'' please no "i crossed my arms in a pouty look "Ray Luca Malfoy " i turned my head draco just called me my FULL name i walked up and pulled his ear to to my room " i told you to not say my full name if i had a time tuner i would have slapped you" WE HAVE POITIONS CLASS " we ran out of my room and down to potions class i sat with draco and blasie i zoned out " MRS. MALFOY" i snaped out and looked at the teacher i went up to the board and wrote " im mute " i went back and sat down and started to draw the bell rang i sighed going back to the common room to my room i mumbled a spell and my piano came i sat down and started to play and sing( my own song i made) "take your wings and learn to fly its going to be beaitful tonight you'll be flying over moutions Ohohohohoh take your wings and learn to fly woahhh" i stopped hearing the bell for lunch and rushed out of my room to lunch i sat by draco as i got a stare down by harry i thought son of a gun still staring me down like a hawk i elbowed draco and nodded towards Harry draco nodded and got up and walked over to his table i couldn't tell what was happening OMG IT WAS A FIGHT i ran over to them as harry yelled SECTUMSEMPRA!" i pushed draco out of the way and took the hit mumbling the words dangsin-eul salanghae draco i fell onto the floor as everyone gasped draco picked me up and ran to the infairny as the nurse bandaged my wounds up putting my arm in a sling " she can go once she wakes up just tell her to be easy The nurse said to draco"draco nodded between crying i opened my eyes slowly an looked at draco "draco can we leave i asked" SIS YOUR OK AND YOU DIDN'T TALK IN KOREAN ANYMORE Draco yelled: i nodded as i slowly got up " draco can u leave so i can change i asked" sure thing draco left" i changed into an over sided hoodie that said slytherin with black ripped jeans i walked out to were draco was "can we get some food i said" sure its dinner time anyway draco said having a look of death in his eyes" we walked to the main hall as people stared at me and i heared whispers " you know i have ears right i said" SHE TALKED Blasie yelled" she always chould draco said faceplaming'' i then saw draco turn and walk away to who knows where
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