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by Neil
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Balance is the key to finding harmony. Find harmony & you find your true place in life.
A friend once told me my problem was i care too much...I told him he didn't care enough. Ironically, all these years later, we have completely switched positions and really, neither of us are any happier or better off.

Balance...that is the key to everything in life; diet, exercise, love, even in our emotions. It's OK to feel sadness, happiness or even anger, but when we get bogged down in one emotion, it's hard to shake or to feel anything else.

When we bring balance to our life, it can provide some relief from negativity, but it is important to occasionally have to deal with negative feelings. If you know no sadness, then joy becomes generic, and without hatred, there would be no love. They are both on the spectrum right next to each other, and to go from one to the other you can go the long way, which is the usual route when falling in love, or you can make the quick jump from having someone you adore, to never wanting to see them again, which is common when falling out of love.

Where there is passion, there will be conflict. All manner of existence, looking to balance the other, making them more alike. When we meet someone new, we may have common interests or similarities, but we are very different. Then, if love begins to grow, we change and become more alike. Things we admire about them that we subconsciously change, and adapt to our own personality. Things like sayings, tastes in food or music, can and do change and become more similar in both people. It's a process of melding two people into one couple, balancing who we were to this new 'us'.

Without balance, our world would spin off into the cosmos, and we would cease to exist. Everywhere in the natural world you will see harmony, which is all things coming together creating one world. If you can find balance in your life, you find harmony, and you too will feel you belong.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2198867