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The horror of the inhabatence of the castle

         The brightness of the White Orb brought us out from the caves that night. We hide because of our status and the wild beast that own the darkness of the dark rotation. We live under the biggest castle of the land in caves we dug out by hand. The forest is so dense, even during the light rotation it is a dark and dangerous place. There are trees as old as the Kingdom and saplings as young as infants. The ones in the castle strictly regulate the taking of animals for food and wood for utilities. Loved ones and friends have hung from the gallows because they did not have enough money to free themselves. My identity is called One, and my mate’s identity is called Three. She is my second mate, the first identified was Two, sadly succumbed to the evil magic that resides in the castle on the hill. We had ten offspring, we are now down to two, they are named Seven and Thirteen, Seven is the male, and Thirteen is the female. Seven is aspiring to be a great provider for the group, and thirteen has already added to the group by two.

         The castle is run by all who practice magic, white and black. Figures with tall pointed hats are said to walk the floors of the castle. Most if not all have no respect for any other than their kind. The main reason why our group is so small they send apprentices down to fetch what they call objects of study. When they select what they require, the chosen are never seen or heard from again. Some are taken while gathering food for our group, and others hunted like the animals they think we are.
The elaborate looking castle is made of stone as most are, the stones carved by hand from the foothill of the small mountain on which it sits.The windows are so narrow one cannot go in or out of them. It has two enormous structures in the front, both come to a point and have an odd symbol atop of them. A smaller round building is in the back of the structure, and this too has the same strange symbols atop of it. It has the design of the ancient Wolf Prowler, and we believe it is designed to summon the power of the darkness of the night rotation.

         Our youngest of nine quad-seasons, named Seven, left their bedding early in the light rotation, we have never seen them since, nor do we expect too. Being very crucial to our existence, Seven has become a great and quiet hunter. We and others have benefited from their stealthiness and swiftness, bringing bounties of meat every return. Maybe Sevens luck has finally run out. The beasts sounded busy a couple of night rotations ago. We pray to the White Orb for protection and light along for his safe return. The White Orb comes out when it is darkest of dark, and sometimes it is seen out when the yellow orb has control of time. That is why we believe the White Orb has great power, strength, and courage. It is smaller and less bright than the yellow orb, yet it still manages to survive every rotation. The white orb seems to look in different directions as if to be protecting us from unseen demises we cannot yet comprehend.

         On this dark rotation, the White Orb is extraordinarily bright and very large for some reason. Its light is penetrating the cracks in our cave doors. We protected our eyes from its beam, the elders of our small group told all to not stare into the beam for it may be the last time we will see. We are not sure what is causing this unusual event, most suggested it may be who inhabits the castle. The elders put a quick stop to the poisoning of those who live in the castle. Some think the elders are outcasts of the castle, and this may explain their sympathizing responses.

         Seven returned! So thrilled, the blessings and praises to the White Orb enough that gifts and words could not contain. It was after the third night rotation of the bright white light when he returned. No one gave him a chance to say anything the room filled with smiles and happiness. Not being able to recall the last time the whole group gathered for such a joyous occasion. The entire group left our dwelling in hast returning as quickly, their hands full of bounty. Fruits, vegetables, and meat all lined up on tables that were brought by others. Just as everyone lined up to start the feast, Seven yelled.

         “STOP! Don’t eat the meat! Please listen to me!”

         It was too late for some while others looked at him oddly. Why would Seven yell out something so odd like that, they all wondered? He is a great hunter, why would he say something so odd, we were about to find out. While the room got somewhat silent, Seven decided to break the news to all in the group. He asked everyone to kindly put his or her plate down and please listen to him speak. Out of respect for his ordeal and return, everyone honored his request.

         “I have been to the Castle, and it is as dark and dangerous as the tales say, maybe even more. I saw this with my own eyes and what I am about to tell you may make some ill and most cry, but it is the truth. People, our people, and other kinds of people chained or caged in a substantial tightly made rock-walled room. There are no windows and only one door in or out. The floor is covered with straw and smells of urine, fecal matter along with rotten flesh, not much different than our barns. It is like a dungeon. They seemed well-fed until it is time they come for them. First, they unchain them or took them from their cage, blindfolded them. Two hooded guards took one arm each and started what seemed like an eternal walk to their next destination.

         I was cautious not to be seen or heard, for I could be next. I followed the captors and victim to a vast hall styled room. The marking of the Wolf Prowler lined in shiny silver and yellow metal on the floor and along the high walls. The people are led to the center of the room where all of the markings came to a point on the floor. There they make them lay on the stone slab and secured down with what looked like well-used steel shackles. The captors leave the victim alone, only to hear the echos of their cries of despair in the empty area. I tried to intervene, but sadly, I was not swift enough, a new group came into prepare the one for whatever horror awaits them. In the balcony multiple doors opened all around the room, there the wizards enter the gallery. The doors appear to be giant slabs of granite each with a different symbol on them,so big no mortal would move these by oneself.”

         Seven had the whole group full attention now, mostly because no one has ever seen the castle up close, let alone be inside and lived or returned to tell about it. The White Orb’s bright beam of light crept across the floor like a glowing phantom through the continuation of Seven’s tale. The crowd started to show signs of angst and disgust as the room’s demeanor was changing, and not in a positive way. The only sounds now heard is the crackling of the fire and Seven finishing his drink and placing the container back on the table at which he is holding court. Everyone is now waiting with bated breath to hear what happens next, so Seven starts to finish his tale. He first wipes his face with his sleeve to rid of the drink residue before continuing.

         “So… I hid in the tightest corner I can find. I can only ask for the blessings of the White Orb to this soul for what is to be their peril for sure. It took some time for them to organize, prepare and setting up. All the while the one on the slab was screaming for their freedom. Unfortunately, their screaming fell on deaf ears. Once all was right in the wizard’s eyes, the candles where all the wizards stood went out. In the darkness, you can only see candles that lit up the center of the room where the slab resided. All of a sudden, I saw points of blueish and silver light emanating where each of the wizards stood. The light was moving side to side as in a rhythmic motion. My heart started to ramp up in pace, and I begin to sweat of fear. I look away just for a second and BOOM! A loud snap like a lightning strike, a substantial bright flash fills the room. The ringing in my ears goes away quickly from the loud noise as my vision returns, and what do my eyes see? I could not believe what had just happened in front of me. The slab is empty, but there is now a deer running within the room. Yes, you heard me right the ones in the castle are turning people into animals with their magic! I also overheard that one of the proteges conjured up a spell in which brought the white orb much closer than it should be. So, I was thinking, since the white orb is near and the Wolf Prowlers are all occupied with it, we have a chance to even the score.”

         The group agreed, but also knew they were about to do something they promised to the White Orb they would not do, kill another out of rage or hate. But all this time they were wondering where their loved ones were and keeping them at bay with those magical evil creatures. The group reached the breaking point with the conclusion of Seven’s story. Some of the group went into a frozen state from the horror of what the tale revealed to them. The rest grabbed what they could and started the trek up to the castle. The group made it, but White Orb's light was too bright for them to continue. Thirteen came up with a good idea.

         “Pull the stocking caps over your faces, it cuts down the light but still allowing you to see where you are going.” She said.

          It worked everyone did it, one by one the Wolf Prowlers were silence, only to get one last whimper out before their death. While all this was occurring the castle doors opened, and a hoard of wizards and magicians came out trying to halt the slayings.

         “STOP! STOP! You are killing them! Why are you killing our children!?” Seven turns with hast saying.

“You’ve been killing our families and letting us eat our loved ones for too long! We’re done with you, and if you and your friends don’t leave, you’ll be next!”

          The last whimper was heard from the sword piercing the Wolf Prowler’s heart, Seven and his group finally are free. The chief of the wizards stopped Seven and spoke with sincerity and sadness in his voice.

“We never meant for it to get this far, we thought making laws would stop you, we were wrong. We will bother no longer, you and your group just wiped out our heritage, you see, you just killed everyone’s leader's sibling. We have become equal to you.”

         Seven responds, placing his hand on the shoulder of his opponent.

“Your kind killed many of us with little regard it is your turn to feel the sorrow for many millennia which you beseeched on us for many years. It seems the White Orb has chosen us and shown favor in us, away with you and your kind, forever.”

Word Count 1996

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