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Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2199158
Dew Drop In
Satellite of the Blazing Star
WC 458

The blazing star is just right. Its angle hits the crops at just the best spot. I have been watching and protecting this field for hundreds of years. A force field erected when I came to this planet enabled the land to grow undisturbed. When headquarters finally signaled, plans were made for the harvest. Then the mature heads started to wave - whoosh - whoosh - whoosh!

Ah yes! All is ready. Soon everyone will be arriving. I can’t wait! The barley is ripe and ready to reap. Growing a crop here is so tedious. It takes so long. Finally! Come on in, Earthlings!

People gather with their tools and walk into my waving grain. They first carve the small circle then move and carve the ever widening orbs. Bodies fill the spaces until they spill over and totally encompass the allotted spaces. Hundreds of people are now covering the barley field. I smell their unwashed flesh and feel their feet walking over the green mowed paths. I now am able to call in the ships.

Their sharp scythes slice the air and cut down the stalks. It pains me to feel the stalks fall to the earth. Barley stalks and grains now blanket the ground. Once the harvest is complete, the humans walk in a single file out of the field and to their homes. They have done the job I can’t do. Thank you very much! The blanket of barley is comforting. I now understand why humans love those woven covers. Quite a wonderful feeling.

Since the barley circles are now gone and cannot be used to guide the ships, I will have to rely on the skill of the pilots to land. As our ships glide to the earth surface, giant machines suction the barley. The barley is fuel for the journey to the homeland. Many more ships will be landing for this fuel. Our scouts were lucky to have found these fertile barley fields all those years ago. The homelands I love will now be safe for another millennia.

The fields now lay bare. I feel positively naked, as the Earthlings would say. The cycle of life here on this planet is such that I know a time is coming that will test my ability to keep my temperatures steady. Without the cover of a crop such as just been suctioned by the machines, I will be at the mercy of the elements. I long for the security I had on my home planet, but that is no longer available to me. I settle in, soothe the field, carve the furrows for the rain to come, and plan for the dark time that is coming. My life is now here, on this satellite of the blazing star.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2199158