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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Entertainment · #2199196
I pondered and I wondered...
I lay down in a field of green
And stared up at the sky
It was a bright cerulean blue
With white clouds floating by

Cerulean is a funny word
I pondered as I stared
It may not be the proper one
To describe the color there

Yes, baby blue may be the phrase
That I was looking for
Did baby blue do justice here
Or was there something more?

I pondered and I wondered some
As I lay in the grass
I contemplated as I watched
The large clouds sailing past

Hey, maybe it’s not baby blue
Cornflower may be right
I think that is a color blue
But is it dark or light?

I knew it wasn’t navy blue
‘Cause that is awfully dark
Maybe it would look like that
When they would close the park

I guess I nodded off a bit
And slept the afternoon
I woke up to a darker sky
And then I saw the moon

I pondered and I wondered more
What phase that moon was now
Was it full or was it gibbous?
What's that mean anyhow?

By then my clothes were soaking wet
And I was stiff and sore
As much as I would like to stay
I couldn’t anymore

I stood up and it came to me
And all at once I knew
The color I’d been looking for
Was usually called sky blue

As for that phase the moon was in
Well it would have to wait
The rangers came to throw me out
They pushed me out the gate

I wondered if the gate is wood
Or metal of some kind
Aluminum or maybe steel?
Thoughts tumbled in my mind

That medicine that I was on
Had really hit my head
I stumbled and I staggered home
Where I fell into bed

My thoughts were swirling all around
As I began to sleep
But then I wondered to myself
Why am I counting sheep?

I pondered and I wondered…
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