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The girl has cancer and its her last day. Its a sweet moment between her and her lover.
It's raining outside. She, being ever the romanticist that she is, wants to go outside. He is tired though.
Please Please Please, she clasps her hands in front of her and pleads with those big, blue, puppy-like eyes of hers, Please Please Please. He purses his lips and gazes down at her 5 foot 4 inch frame. The sight of her puckered lips, makes him bent his down head and kiss her. She takes that as a yes and pulls him outside.
As the rain drops hit her face, she squeals with delight. He stands there watching her, his lips forming into a smile, mesmerized. She takes out her tongue to taste the rain and scrunches up her nose. He laughs, a rich sound, and takes her hand.
Dance with me, he slips his hands around her waist and starts to move. Her arms wrapped around his neck, she lets her head fall back as she laughs. He pulls her tighter towards him and rests his head on her wet shoulder, breathing in her scent. She smells like rain and roses and something sweet. She rests her head on his chest.
They both smile.
Their eyes flutter close.
They both sigh.
They dance for what seems like hours, dripping wet under the pouring rain, the thunder sounds adding to their private music.
They dance and dance. Up until she starts to feel her head become heavy. She pushes away from him and blinks her eyes. Yet her vision stays blurry. She loses her balance and he catches her, like he always does but this will be the last time. The realization makes his head hurt too, so they both sit down. She touches his face, pushing his bangs away from where they are plastered on his forehead. One last time she takes all of him in, memorizes him.
And then she closes her eyes. Forever.
And then the only sound that can be heard is his howls of pain, which silent even the thunder.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2199288