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Flash Fiction Entry - 278 Words
"Mom, that one is my favorite!"

"Millie, don't you think you're rushing things a bit. You just finished the beginner skate class, why do you need an ice dance dress now?"

"Because, Mom, I'm going to be an ice dancer. When I get older I will get an official costume, but for now this is perfect."

She pressed the outfit against body, slid her feet, twirled and bowed.

As we left the store, Millie turned and told the clerk, "One day you will see me at the Olympics!"

Ice skating always fascinated Millie. Still in diapers, she imitated the Olympic skaters, sliding her feet and saying, "Pretty." When she begged to enroll in the skate class at the YMCA, I signed her up. Millie excelled in class. She moved up to the next level and also signed up for ballet lessons.

Millie's schedule consumed our lives. Between ballet lessons and skate class, we had little time to spend together. By the time she hit her teen years she was angry and never satisfied with her practices. I made her an appointment with a counselor. She refused to go and accused me of being jealous and a nobody.

I spoke to Millie's coaches and they assured me that most athletes experience performance anxiety. They handed me a pamphlet and told me not to worry.

Triple Axel? Why did Millie try a triple axel? She knew the regulations - ice dance forbid the triple axel.

Millie's dream ended with that jump.

I leave the hospital and head home. Months of rehab ahead and counseling sessions for both of us. I take the exit and park on the shoulder. I cry for the childhood she never knew.

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