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A Pikachu named Josh goes on a stinky adventure, but takes on more than he can handle.
"C'mon Josh, you can't be tired already? We have to keep going if we want to win that next badge!" Josh barely heard from his trainer during the training he was being forced to do. His head was spinning, he was light headed, and he felt like he could barely catch is breath. "Josh, use quick attack!" Josh heard his trainer, but the second he tried to use the attack, his body failed him, and he collasped, completly dazed. "C'mon, you weak Pikachu, I though you were supposed to be strong. Fine, we'll go home, but you're training twice as hard tomorrow." complained Josh as he picked up his newest Pokémon, and carried him home. When Josh woke up in his bed, he was sore all over from the training. He got up and started walking down stairs to over hear his trainer talking to his mom. "Lisen Willian, I know you have a dream of becoming a Pokémon master, but I don't want any, gross, smelly, or weird creatures running around this house!" Josh heard Will's mother yell. "But mom," Josh reconized Will's whining. "I'll need a poison type Pokémon to beat the next gym, and with the way training is going now, Josh stinks at battling more than any 'gross' poison type." Josh started to get ideas from listening to this converation. "No buts Will, you just have to do better as a trainer, and so help me if I smell any gross poison of any type I will make you kick out whatever poison type I catch you with, and that Pikachu too since you think he 'stinks' so much!" Will's mom replied in a serious manner. Hearing this information, Josh decied to go back to his room to hatch his plan to escape his life of horrible training. That night, when his trainer was asleep, Josh was reveiwing his plan. He would run away, and search the town for things that could get his as stinky as possible as fast as possible. This would hopefully convince Will's mother to kick him out, so he can return to his lazy, and peaceful life as a training free wild Pokémon. The more he though about this plan, the more it would made since. He always moticed that among of all the things his trainer complained about, bad smells, no matter how small or insignifigant it was would get a complaint out of him. A couple times after the horrible training he would force Josh to endure, Will would often complain about the sweaty odor Josh would build up from the forced training, and make fun of him for it even though it wasn't his fault. Josh couldn't even realease the smallest amount of gas without hearing complaining, and even increased his training one time becuase of it! If he truly hated bad smells that much, he would kick Josh out as soon as he came home without showing, let alone if he perpouslly got himself as stinky as possible! Josh, overconfident with his plan, grabed his small bag packed with fat-filled foods and some berries, and snuck out the window. As Josh was roaming around the streets of the city, looking for maybe a garbage bin or a wild Skunktank, he noticed a sign infront of a tall fence that read "SEWER: DO NOT ENTER". This was the perfect place for Josh, and by his luck, he found a hole that he was able to quickly and easily able to slip through. Josh smiled before he entered the sewer. As soon as he walked in he noticed the stench of rotten edds, old fish, and other bad smells. "Man, this place reeks!" Josh said to himself waving a paw infront of his nose. "But if this is what I have to smell like to stop working for that awful trainer, it's perfect." Josh continued walking trough the sewer, taking the time to rub against bits of malodorous slime on the walls. After a few minutes of walking around and taking in the sights and terrible smells, he noticed a huge pile of foul trash, and jumped in and started rolling around. After he was finished, he sniffed his fur, and exclaimed "PEE-YEW! If I keep this up, I'll stink enough to keep Will away for weeks!" He sat down around the corner from the pile of garbage he found to take a brake, and started munching on a smalll bag of chips from his backpack. He was so busy eating that he didn't notice the figure walk behind him. "So you're trying to smell bad to get away from a trainer, huh?" A voice questoined from behind Josh, causing him to jump and drop a paw full of chips. He quickly turned around to see a Trubbish with a micheivous, yet oddly trusting smile. "Don't sneak up on me like that! I guess you heard me back there huh? Probaly shouln'd be yelling in a sewer." Josh stated befre returing to his snack. The Trubbish chuckled and shook his head before repliying. "Yeah, I heard you, but rubbing against trash isn't going to work." Josh looked back up from his snack, confused. "Well, you may think you stink now, but that small bit of trash can eventually be showered away by your trainer when you get back. If you want to find the real stink in this sewer, you'll need someone who knows it alot better." Josh stood up, interested in the clear offer. "That is true. What's the catch in getting you to help me." Josh asked waited for a extrordanary price. "Oh, there's no catch, you just gotta listen to me and do as a say for three days, and you'll have a stench so bad that no number of showers could remove it." The rubbish said cockily, Josh raised a eyebrow in disbeilef. "Oh yeah? How do I know you know that you're the real deal?" The Trubbish smirked and took a few steps closer to Josh, and rasied his arm. "Here, have a whiff of me." Josh hesidantly leaned towards the trash Pokémon's armpit, and took a couple small sniffs, before recoiling away. "Whew! I guess I can count of you to find some stink!" Josh said impressed and grossed out at the same time from the rancid body odor. "You have youself a deal!" Josh excitly put away his snack, and extened a paw for a paw shake. Trubbish grabbed his paw with a foul hand. "The name's Sanjay, but you can call me Jay." he said calmly. "So, where are we going first, back to the garbage heap? A landfill? Oh, maybe..." Josh started exidly listing off all his ideas, ready to see Will's face when he came home smelling worse than the sewer he was in, and ready to laugh when Will got in trouble for it. He thought that three days would be a little much, but he knew with how stupid his trainer was he wouldn't notice he was missing untill about a week later becasue he's so caught up on his stupid badges. "Relax" Jay started. "For now just take off your bag, lay down, and let me work my magic." Josh was confused by why he was told to do this, but he did agree to listen to him, so he shrugged off his confusion and layed down with his eyes closed. Jay silently laughed to himself, and ready himelf to execute the best part of his plan. He couldn't beleive he got some poor Pokémon to not only do what ever he says, but now he can do whatever he wants to the poor Pikachu for three days! He walked towards Josh, and tunred around, so his backside was facing his face. He was all ready to execute his plan to fart on an innocent Pokémon's face! He lowored his butt onto his victem's face slowly, until it slightly touched Josh's nose. Josh's eyes opened the second this happend, and he bagan to regret his deciesion. "Why are sitting on my face? is your plan to stink me up with your foul rump?" Josh questoioned. "Accually, my plan is to make you smell like my awful farts, and theres no turning back now! You agreed to follow all my orders, and I order you to be quiet and sniff my stinky gas." Jay snickered. "B-but shouldn't we start somewhere a l-little less extreme?" Josh started, scared due to the purly awful odor that was Jay's butt without him farting. Suddenly, Josh relized what was happening. "Was this your intent all along? Did you just want to do this to make me sniff you butt?" Josh questioned angered. "Well yeah, of course, but it helps you as well dosen't it? With how bad my farts smell you'll be stinking up you trainer's house in no time! Now, shut up and sniff my farts!" Jay then released a loud short fart right on Josh's face. Josh got ready to protest but was cut of by the sound of the rancid fart. When the smell reached his nose, he went cross eyed from the intense stink. It stunk like a fill week old garbage bin and sulfer. "Ugh, gross! I changed my mind, get off me, it stinks!" Josh yelled in protest. Jay laughed and replied in a serious tone. "No, you agreed to this yourself. Now for the last time, be quiet or there will even stinkier conseqeunces," Josh noticed that Jay was right, that he did agree to this, and decided that he would listen to all of the commands given to him, no matter how bad Jays farts smelled. Right when he finished his thoughts, Jay released another loud fart, this one sounder slighter wetter than the last one, and was a lot longer than the last, lasting about 4 seconds. Josh at first was ready to gag, but remembered his decision, and took small sniffs of the putid fart. Josh was met with a nose of what smelled like a dumpster full of week old buring broccoil. Josh instinctivly started struggleing to get away from the odor, but stopped himelf. "Heh heh, is someone enjoying my stink down there? Theres plenty more where that from." Jay said happiy from above. He then rubbed his stinky tush against Josh's face, putting his nose right next to the source of the stench. "I hope you enjoy it straight from the source. I want to hear you sniff these next few ones, ok?" Josh slowly nodded his head in response, hoping that sniffing the farts would make more resistant to them, but he could barly stand being this close to Jay's stink hole. Jay then released a long, foul SBD fart that started inaudible and ended in a squek. "Silent but deadly, just the way I- WE like em!" Jay said with a laugh. Josh was in pure hell at this point. The fart lasted for about 7 seconds and smelled almost indescribable. It was like a gang of 50 Skunktanks came and sprayed an entire landfill full of rotten eggs and fish on a hot summer day. The fart was extremly warm as well, making it even harder for Josh to williingly sniff up, but Josh was able to bear through it and loudly sniff the putrid fart, without gagging or struggling. "Impressive! I thought that one would have gotten you." Jay started. "Here, have another one!" Josh then released a long hissing fart. Jay relaxed his butt further onto Josh's face as he sighed in releif. Josh's nose was centimeters from entering Jay's butthole. Josh took all of his will power in order to sniff this fart, since it was the longest one yet. The terrible eggy and garbage odor made Josh's eyes water and his nosrils burn. He could even taste the terrible stink. When it finally ended, Josh's head was spinning, and he felt sick to his stomach. "Oooh, this is gonna be a big one! I'd hate to be where you are right now, but you stilll have to somehow sniff all of it up! This will be the last one then you get a special treat!" Josh braced for the worst, and a few second later, that's what he got. A torrent of pure stink released from Jay's butt in the form of 15 second fart that started loud and dry, then turned quieter, before picking up speed and ending a long wet squek. It was the absolute worst thing that Josh had ever smelled in his life. He would rather live, eat, and sleet in that pile of garbage from earlier than smell one second of this monstorous fart. It had the odor of skunk spray, a landful, raw sewage, rotten eggs, old dead fish, and Jay's special bland of stink that is indescribable. Josh started out with a big sniff, which was the worst mistake in his life. He instantly became light headed and it even started to look like three Trubbish were farting on him, which wouldn't supprise him because of how bad it smelled. Josh continued taking small sniffs for the rest of the fart, untill he could barely see anything, on the brink of unconsciousness. Jay then sighed, purly releved, proud, and happy with himself. He took his sweet time rubbbing off more stink from his butt on Josh's face, and stood up expecting to see a completing knocked out Pikachu. He was suprised when he saw Josh still barely hanging on. "Wow, impressive! You didn't passs out from my farts, congrats!" That's when he took a sniff of the gas that he produced, and waved a arm infron of his face dramaticlly. "Man, PEEEEE-YEW that stinks! Aren't you proud, because I am. Oh yeah, time for your 'treat'" Joshed groaned and shoke his head, regaining his vison and some balence back just in time to see Jay sitting back down on his face, this time the source of the awful gas on his mouth. "Open wide!" Jay sang. Josh opened his mouth in fear of what would happen if he didn't. Josh then released a serires of short but powerful farts into Josh's mouth, forcing Josh to taste all the gas. Josh's mouth was quickly filled with farts, making him swallow the gas. This happend what felt like an endless amount times during the gassing. Unluckely for Josh, they tasted almost as bad as they smelled. He was eating so many farts, that his own belly started to bulge out a bit when finally Jay stoped, rased his butt to Josh's nose, and relaesed one more SBD right up his nose. Josh instictivly took a huge whiff, and couldn't take the skunky eggy blast, and passed out. Jay stood up and picked up the now rancid smelling Pikachu, and started walkinng to his home in the sewer. When he reached the hole in the wall that he called home, he took a big whiff of Josh, and smiled when he noticed tht he smell like garbage, sewage and his gas. He belched right up Josh's nose in his mouth just to add insult to injury, then laid him out on the old mattress that Jay used as a bed. He then layed in front of him, making sure his butt was right in Josh's face, and grabbed a blanket and drapped it over his lower body, and Josh's whole body, so that way he could stink up the knocked out Pikachu in a dutchoven with his sleep farts. "Good night, my new stink cushcion, can't wait to make you reek as much as a do." Josh said as he drifted off to sleep, letting off his stinkbombs all over Josh.
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