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Rated: E · Poetry · Political · #2199589
A poem about the banal capitalist-dystopia we live in.
Among the burning signs
And static edifices
Among the asphalt wastes
And rainbow culminations
Laboriously toil, we must

Among the lethal rooms
And boxed insulation
Among our broken bodies
And open sepulchers
Woe to our ends, we mourn

Among the ruling ones
And harsh oppressions
Among the watching men
And servile bootlickers
Against cosmic odds, we struggle

Among our shattered unions
And weary competition
Among our caged peoples
And pain, insulated
Like an atom, we split

Among the banal camps
And those illegalized
Among the leaden flowers
And red blossoming
Rage and fury, we feel

Among we, termed lowly
And unimportant
Among our swelling crowds
And protestation
Power still, we have
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