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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Activity · #2199673
A heckler gets a trick.

Fantastic Ferber never rushed onstage. He took his time to prepare himself. Until there was a knock on his door.

“The natives are restless, Mr. Ferber!”

“Now I have them where I want them!”

Swirling his black cape onto his shoulders and giving his top hat a tap as he set it jauntily on his baldness, Fantastic Ferber left his dressing room. He went to the wings to signal the MC.

“Ladies and gentleman, our favorite magician, Fantastic Ferber!

He came onstage with a flourish, producing a bouquet of real flowers from under his cape.

A voice in the front row shouted:
“That doesn’t impress me!”

Ferber shaded his eyes until he spotted a rotund man seated center front, grinning. He took off his hat and placed it on the small table at his side. He flicked the edge of it and a cloud of butterflies were released.

The man repeated his comment.

Ferber ignored him. But with every trick, although the rest of the audience seemed to be impressed, the fat man kept loudly repeating the same remark.

As Ferber got to the intermission of his show, he could see the plump heckler grinning.

“I guess it’s time I did something to impress him,” Ferber muttered darkly.

When he came back on stage, he beckoned to the man who had been so irritating. The man made his way onto the stage.

“Your name, sir?


“My next trick will impress you, Marv,” Ferber said as he covered the man’s head with a black cloth.

Waving his wand over it three times, Ferber then removed it. He turned Marv toward the audience. His mouth had disappeared!

“Don’t worry, it’s temporary. Twenty four hours and with no memory of it having happened.”

The audience said loudly: “That impressed us!”

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2199673