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It's so true that child is the father of man....
We shuffle through our lives, one day, week, month, year at a time. Driving to work, without any drive in our work. Passing by children - children in the neighborhood park, children on the streets, children in our bedroom - children, just children, or are they?

They are little teachers, nature's sense of humor walking around on two little legs. The lessons they teach are just as invaluable. Here is the curriculum:

Learning to forgive - just as little hearts forgive mommy for smacking the little backside and give her a huge bear hug every morning.

Learning patience - just like they wait for their turn to be heard after all the adults have attended to the ever important phone calls.

Learning compassion - like the little smiles that light up our souls through long, trying days.

Learning to work hard - like the little hands and feet which work tirelessly, absorbing all that the world has to give.

Learning perseverance - just as the small mouths that keep chattering no matter how many times you hush them.

Learning to be curious - why doesn't the clock count beyond 12? Where does the moon hide in the day? Why are you always working?

Learning to complain - like whiny voices that forget what was ailing them the minute they are tickled.

Learning to love - just like the little arms that snugly fit around your neck at night, the squeaky voice that let's out so much joy, the warm eyes that shine at small treats and new stories.

Let's start the learning, the living, before the teachers become one of us.
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