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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Horror/Scary · #2199760
an investigation of a house that we have done
I heard someone banging on my door. It was louder than the thunder and the rain that fell onto the streets, and roofs of the houses. My body began to grow hot as fire. It ran with sweat. My bedding sodden, Water onto the floor of my bed. I felt the heat that it created on his body. My body drenched in sweat, and my skin flush when I woke. My skin is raw and pink. From the nightmare I had.

I was walking into the Eldrich house, a chill sped down my spine. The house stood there as if it was in the judgement of me. The house was feared by all. The clerics feared its existence, they sealed it i1894. That was when the last living member of the family was there. There had been rumors that there were more of them in America.
I saw the door, opening under my guidance. The door’s lock had been opened before I arrived there. I was afraid of what I would see. The porch was sealed by a mesh of wood. The inner door was where cloaks and jackets would hang from hooks in the wall.
I saw a woman standing there with her back towards me. She had evening gloves on her hands. I approached her. Silence met my ears. She turned to face me, I saw that she had no skin on her face. Her eyes sat in the eye sockets. Her face was bare, blood ran from her face to spill onto her chest.
I drew back afraid. I screamed.

I found myeslf on a medieval battlefield. Standing there with a huge Warhammer in my hands. Watched at it hit a man in the chest. In his hands, he held a sword, whose blade rested on my neck. I was wearing a breastplate and girdle of iron, Sleeves of mail on my arms. Metal braces on each arm.
The hammer crushed his chest, blood poured from the gaping hole there. The heart had been crushed. The sword fell off of my neck. A bead of blade ran from my neck to adore his blade.
I said. “Die. You Bastard. Die!”
I heard the sound of the battle crash of metal on metal. Screams of the wounded and the dying. There also was the sound of a horses hooves carrying a rider on its back. Heard the sound was coming towards me. I looked up to see a red-headed woman dressed in armor carrying with her a huge sword. Beside her on another horse was a standard-bearer it looked like the standard of the religious order that ruled over our community.
The woman’s eyes rest on me as she descended from her horse. She said,” Micheal kneel.”
I said,” Why?”
She said, “I wish to dub thee. Sir Micheal.”
I said. “I am not a knight. Not a lord. I am a constable in the British police department.”
She said, “You are what I say you are.”
“I can not be here,” I said.
“This is where you are?”
“You are answerable to me,”
“I am answerable to the sheriff. Not you,”
“I said, kneel. So, you would ,

From the dream I had. Was still at home, I looked about the room, to see the bureau and the which I lay upon.
I saw with my eyes my constable badge as it hung from my chest pocket of my constable uniform that hung thereupon a kitchen chair I had dragged into the bedroom, I peered through a slit in my eyelashes to see what there? This woman there. Nowhere to be found. It was just a dream.
Where is Mary? My wife. She should be in bed with me. Then I realized she gone to stay at her mother as we a fight. Damn her. Her mother did not like me. She didn’t like the police. The bed cold without her being there. It a good-sized bed. Metal frame. The comforter on the bed to keep the cold out of the bed.
The sky before I went to sleep overcast. A good storm rolled in. I could taste the salt in the air from the ocean. The storm loomed, and it came, by god she came. I could hear the roar of the storm as it lashed the community.
Wind whistling through the apartment, the windows were closed as I knew they were. I needed a cup of tea. Black to fully awaken myself.
I woke and padded to the door to see my partner. The floor carpeted with a tapestry, that my brother brought to me from a flea market> The walls were covered in wallpaper that was red squares, it was peeling. The bedroom and a bureau barely enough room for it and the bed.
I knew Raymond was here. As I heard his feet pound the floor with his advancement towards me. Knew his fist would hit the door like a massive hammer strike. His mitts were huge. He would begin to a bang at the door.
Raymond there, with his fist raised to hit the door again. I caught his wrist before it fell on the door. He stood there dressed in his uniform, he hadn't shaved yet. His breath sank from the whiskey on it. His eyes looked a little bloodshot. He hadn't even run a comb through his hair. His shoes were not shined.
Raymond said, ”Where's your love? The beautiful Mary?” As he peered into the kitchen saw her preparing the meal for us. I think Raymond likes her a bit. But she’s mine, And he knows that.
“We argued and so, she left,” " I said.
"That hurts,” Raymond said as he turned on the kerosene to heat some tea for us to drink and put kippers on the stove to cook.
The thunder roared as the wind howled like a banshee, I peered out the window to see the white frothing waves as they broke and burst upon the dock throwing the ships and boats like a child would his toys in the bath against the wharves s and the dock.
Lightning lit the night sky, rain poured as if from a tempest. I could see boats and ships bobbing with the huge waves that came from the ocean. That crashed and burst against the dock. It got treacherous to be out there in the rain of the Atlantic ocean. The wind tore at the trees stripping them of their leaves like stripper removes her clothes. Without the elegance or the music of the burlesque to accompany their movements.
A mouse peered out at me from beneath the couch's right front leg. It ducked when Raymond stepped down on the floor beside it. Looking at the box with the stockings in it. The box was open. He said, ”That must have cost you a mint.”
“It did, but it didn't matter, Mary Anne left me last night.”.
“She'll be back. You know she will,” he said as he rummaged around in the icebox. Drew out some eggs and a couple of kippers, Threw them into the skillet. Turned on the stove. The scent of the fish frying on the skillet loosened up my taste buds. It smelled almost as good as Mary’s own.

That morning as I and Raymond entered the station. We saw an old man who was usually drunk talking to the sergeant Ben Hays at the desk. His arms were going all over the place like a prairie dog hearing a sound, he grumbled under his breath. Jim Said, "Help me. I must be saved.”
Tears shed from his eyes, he looked white as though afraid. I knew nothing could frighten him, but something did this. His teeth were ill set in his mouth. Raymond approached the desk sergeant and the man talking to him.
“The being that has come upon me. It is trying to steal my soul," James said. Grasped Raymond's jacket to face him, saliva ran out of his mouth to splash against his jacket and badge.
Raymond glared at him, he did not feel courteous towards him and raised his fist to draw him away from himself. He said,” Release me, filth. Go have a bath. You smell like a pig from a sty. They are cleaner by far than thee.”
James threw a fist at him. Raymond flinched as though struck. He shoved him away, but James his coat in his grasp. James nearly tore loose the buttons from the jacket that were there keeping it closed. But he did succeed in doing this. James toppled from where he stood; his hand slipped from Raymond's shoulder and opened the collar of Raymond's jacket.
I saw something shift slowly as another image came over his face, It looked like something been placed over his face. It grew quite a bit from what his face originally.
His muscles tiny in comparison. The flesh looks as though it been superimposed. He is twice his size. His hands held the staff. That was in his hands. There no way it would fall out of his grasp.
He bumped into my left shin as he fell down. He jousted me I nearly lost my balance. My hand touched the staff that James carried. What appeared to be ahead of an insect on it. I nearly lost my balance. I drew back my leg to cushion the blow to my leg from his falling into it. I wanted it. I wanted to kick him away from where he falling.
I just had freshly pressed pants, I did not need wrinkles in them. Isn't wearing them for a quarter of the day. I am stylish. Whereas Raymond not. He had no reason to be. Didn't he? Did he marry or dating anyone yet? My girl has been looking for him a bride to be. Mary left me this morning to visit her mom. I fell to the floor. I snarled. I fell closed my hand to fashion a fist with which to hit him with. However decided against it, said, “Damn you, James. Can you not leave well enough alone?”
Raymond bent down to pick me up from the floor. James' hand left the staff and I could see his face clearly now. He was bald. James a man who usually drunk. I could smell his breath and alcohol on his breath. His eyes wavered all over the place. They seemed unable to focus on an object. There was a white color over his face, it looked three times the size of his face. I knew something was wrong with him. I never witnessed anything like that before. I was frightened by what I had seen there.
I heard a voice saying, several octaves higher than James was said this"Let me be. I don't want to do any of this anymore. Let me go!"
His hand touched the staff. The image I saw returned to him. It as though his face covered in gauze. I never saw anything like that beforehand as I saw the staff too. He never carried a staff before. There something about it that made me feel uneasy. James held onto the staff he as holding so tightly that he might have strangled it if it was alive. His knuckles were white from the force he used to hold the staff.
Ben spoke to him about some matter or other, I felt as though I would be needed, so I stayed within earshot of him and said, "Yes, How may I help you?"
James broke down and began to sob, His voices grew in volume and determination to say, ”I saw a man run out of the Eldritch house He tried to leap over the fence but failed to do so. He fell against the barbs that were the upper section of the fence," his voice now several octaves lower than his voice should have been.
This happened when James entered the house. He looked sixty years of age, yet when most people saw him, they figured he was forty. He was upset fidgeting.
Ben saw him He did not recognize him. His voice a lot lower then it should have been. Frightened by the volume and octaves were afar cried lower than it should have been. So he said,” Take it easy, sir.”
Ben made a motion with his hands to have someone come and speak with him. Raymond grasped his shoulder to allow him to get to his feet. Jones flinched as though struck. Raymond felt a chill slip through the shoulder to his hand. Smoke flowed from the crevices that made up his fingers and palm that touched James flesh, Raymond removed his hand from James' body.
“Jim, We will help you,” Raymond said upon taking the lead of Ben to help James. His nose was usually in a bottle of whiskey and smoked so much that his skin pallor from it as well. Raymond's nose usually in a glass of Guinness. They on the occasion drank together. Raymond did not like drunks, but he himself usually one as well.
“Yes. Help me,” he begged. On his worst drinking days, he was not this frightened,
“What pray tell is wrong? What happened to you?" I asked as I peered into his eyes saw no light thereof its occupant. All I saw fear. I touched his jacket. I flinched as my fingers brushed against his jacket's tweed, I looked at my hands disgusted. The fifth of his jacket contaminated me.
“I tell you, I saw a man jump onto the picket fence where the Eldritch house is. He died there. I tell you, he died there.” he said as tears ran down his cheeks uncontrollably. His hands danced without a partner they opened and closed like a beating heart.
Ben turned to face me as I stood there nearby. Just inside of earshot. He asked, “Do you want the case.”
I said, "Yes. I will take a look at the Eldritch house. Coming Raymond.”
As we walked past James. I nudged him. He screamed as the staff fell from his hands. I looked at where James should have been and found no one there. Only a mass of insects instead of James the only things that remained was the staff he had been holding.

“What happened..” one of the police constables said. A few of them were staring at where Jim had been. A couple had their mouths open unable to speak.
Ben peered over at where we stood, he knew he saw James, but he was no more, He rubbed his eyes and said,” Where did he go?”
The rest of us looked about to see where he went. We could not see him for the life us. The only thing that remained was the staff he had been holding. When he came in?
I looked about confused not seeing him there. I felt something brush by me and where Jones was, now they're nothing more to see of him. My partner reached out to catch the staff, he did. As I looked about in a confused fashion as this happened to Jim. There nothing that remained there of him.
“The Eldritch house. Jesus. You know where we are having to go?” Raymond said. He clenched his hand so tightly that his hand turned white from blood loss.

Gabreil heard the sound of something walking into his living room from the foyer. The footsteps sounded heavy and very loud. He thought he remembered hearing that before. Long ago.When Stephen was with him in that time frame.
Gabreil looked up from where he was reading to see to his right, something that had its appearance change in am instance. One moment it was white haired and skinned. The hair color changed in less than a heartbeat. As did the skin tonage. Gender also changed. The claok it wore did not change its appearance.
Gabreil said, “No! You can not be back.”
The image said, “When did I leave? Tell me when?”
Gabreil closed the book he was reading, drew up his legs to touch the floor beneath them. The room had a fireplace, a mantelpiece upon which sat a clock. Beside the mantelpiece were shelves that held books on them. The room was large. There were two Sofia's and a couple of chairs. A huge chessboard sat in the middle of the room.
The wall on the left was adorned with a picture of a beautiful woman, and the pokers for the fireplace held in place by the metal grate. Behind him was a huge window, its frame was oak. To the right was where the door to foyer sat. A thick pile rug covered the floor. The south wall was where the hallway was to the bedroom and the kitchen.
The walls had tan wallpaper on them. A lantern adorned the chess set, it was petrolium lantern. Its light flickered as the footsteps entered the living room from the north.
The flames in the fireplace went down to near nothing, the heat quickly fled the room. The chill crept upon Gabei’s form.
The being whose form changed in less than a heart leaned down to reach one of its feet, drew the hands up as though putting on stockings than did likewise on the other foot and leg. They transformed into the legs of his wife.
It then made a motion as though to put on elegant evening gloves. The skin looked like his wife’s skin on her arms and hands. It then ran ist hands up its waist. And bosom. It began to further look like she had Than at last, it put its hands over its face. Covered it completely. When it removed its hands; it looked like her face/ Maria Pamela.
“Why did you allow it into our house?” she said.
Tears began to trickle out of his eyes. It looked exactly like her. Her! Yes. Her. She died long ago. Yet he saw her there. She walked towards him. The sultry way her form shifted with each footstep. Her hips swung as did her breasts in the opposite direction. She reached out to touch him. Blood began to run out from beneath his fingernails to spill and leak from them/
The chill held him in its grasp/ It grew colder with each step she took towards him. He could see his breath.
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