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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Cultural · #2199995
a poem about Governor Cuomo signing the Abortion bill before a crowd in New York.
New York's Governor, a
former Altar boy, proud of his
membership in the Catholic
Church. Announcing a new

Abortion bill. As he signs it
into law. He shows what a
regretful excuse for a human
being he really is.

Smiling from ear to ear as he
signs the bill allowing abortion
up to, and including just before

A sickening cheer goes up as
he signs the bill. People in the
room watching him with glee.
Men, and women alike smiling;
laughing Cheerfully, As Cuomo
signs the edict.

From heaven I hear a cry; no a
screaming, while tears fall from
their eyes. The eyes of those
who have suffered the sting of the
doctor's scalpel.

Yes beautiful children killed before
light even reached their eyes.
I hear weeping coming from all
God's beautiful children, realizing
their death warrants were just
signed into law.

A law that now allows their death
just before birth; out of the womb
they would be alive and viable.
There is no one present to love
them, and protect them, these
helpless little ones.

On the day of judgment this crime
against the defenseless will be paid
with much sorrow and gnashing of
teeth. Many will pay for the wrongs
they have committed here.

I ask why we couldn't have stopped
the carnage? Will our country be held
to accountability?

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