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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Animal · #2200171
A Mutant Cat Vigilante meets her match with Four Psionic Bears
Blacky and the Terror Bears
This story takes place in 1987 the same year the Turtles and Splinter were mutated but Blacky had been born and had been living as a mutant before that had happened.
Blacky was what was called a ‘Chimera’ Mutant, she was a combination of Human and Domestic Cat genes. Blacky was the name she gave herself the ‘Name’ she had been given by the Scientists who created her was ‘Cat #16’ She was created in a biological research facility, they were creating Animal-Human Chimeras as test subjects in experiments in ESP AKA Psionic. The scientists were hoping to perfect a formula which would grant instant ESP to a Human.
However Blacky proved to be too strong for the scientists as was able to ‘Carrie’ her way out of the Lab, if you could have seen it, you would have seen a piece of wall of the Laboratory blown away and a three foot Anthropomorphic Kitten stepping out, if you peeked into the hole you would have seen all the Human Scientist out cold from her psychic blast and thy would have stayed that way for one hour.
Blacky might have lived her entire life distrusting and hating humans if it hadn’t been for one wise old man, no he wasn’t a Ninja Sensei, he wasn’t a master of any martial arts, he was a former Flower Child who lived by himself in a house in a Queens Suburb that met the Woods, the Old Man was a lover of nature of animals and he radiated a Zen-Like calm, so when he found a Three Foot Bipedal Kitten raiding his trash bins for food he felt no fear and his calm aura seemed to calm Blacky as well. He took her in and raised her as his own. While he may not have been a martial arts master he did know things about meditation and this knowledge helped Blacky Tame her massive psionic abilities so she didn’t emit giant psychic blasts that destroyed everything in a 5 mile radius, she managed to dial it down to being able to strike a creature’s never centers with her mind.
To thank the Old Man for his kindness Blacky decided to keep the neighborhood save by utilizing her talents under the cover of darkness.
However she was to meet four Mutant Animals who were superior psychics, four Mutant Bear Cubs known among the Wild Mutants as…The Terror Bears
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