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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2200326
A Woeful Tale of a Mutant Dog 2 Years before the TMNT were born
The Death of Shela
We briefly interrupt the story of Blacky to bring you a story that took place in 1985, 2 years before the Turtles were Mutated or even born but since this story is only about the death of a single Mutant not anything else and is not particularly supernatural (But is very important for the lore of who was the first Mutant Feral liquefied for his immortality formula) so I figured I would simply insert it into this story like a story sandwich (The Ancient Hindus did it, inserting a conversation between Krishna and a Warrior in an already existing epic)
So Shela was a Female Mutant Mongrel Dog who really WAS raised by a Ninja Sensei a Human One (I mean it does make sense when you think about it, if you come from a culture that believes literally everything has a spirit and is potentially sapient like Shintoism, would probably make one less likely to freak out at the idea of Mutant Animals as opposed to Christianity which has a tradition of stating only Humans have souls not saying one is superior than the other just saying different cultures lead to different reactions)
But anyway this is the story of the tragic end to Shela’s life. Her Sensei had trained her to wield the Katana, she wielded only a single Katana unlike Leonardo wielding double Katana it is only a coincidence but this can be made into a telling metaphor for what led to the demise of Shela and others like her, that Mutants really SHOULD not work alone, that they should always work with at least one other to protect one another the ‘other’ doesn’t even have to be another Mutant it could a Human or any other Sapient Being, basically when you stick out like a sore thumb it’s really handy to have someone watch your back.
Shela had been attempting a vigilante career in Manhattan however she had not been fighting crime for even a month when a criminal named Whitey Smith ended her career.
She had tracked Whitey to an Abandoned Warehouse being a Dog she was able to follow his scent however Whitey knew he was being followed and was waiting for her.
She entered the warehouse, Katana in hand…She was bringing a sword to a gunfight,
BANG! Whitey shot her in her left leg and ran for it while she yelped in pain.
Of course the sound of the gun firing alerted bystanders nearby they called the cops and as Shela lay bleeding the Cops came and found not a Human Criminal but a Dog wearing clothes who could speak English.
And they knew exactly what to do if they came across this particular situation, send the freak to Dr. Victor Oban Feral.
The Paramedics patched up Shela on the way to Feral’s mansion Shela was already out cold, when she awoke she was already in Feral’s Lab.
“No Igor…” Came Feral’s voice “We do not require a color this time…”

Shela felt a chill run down her spine, she knew exactly what had happened.
“I ran some tests on this Mutant’s blood…Her blood contains the Mutagen that comes from the mysterious TCRI Building…” (The Utroms were no friends of Feral but they had no choice but to tolerate him) “This Mutagen has the properties to create my Fountain of Youth Formula. Igor, you and Karl place this Mutant in the Mutagen Extractor…”

Shela was carried by a burly Mutant Rat and mangy Mutant Rabbit taken off the table being taken to a tank it seemed
“Do not toss her in!” Feral shouted “She’s been damaged enough and it is better if the flesh is still living while the Mutagen is being extracted.”

So they lowered her in gingerly and Shela gasped when she saw what was above her what appeared to be a giant drill that perfectly fit the circular tank.
Feral’s Mutant Henchmen quickly scrambled out and Feral turned the machine on and the drill began to spin and lower itself toward her…
For a few agonizing moments Shela realized this was it, this was the end she didn’t lament any regrets or think about her entire life all she did was scream until the drill was upon her…
It all happened in a few moments, a wash of crimson and the white of bones as she was torn apart, eventually the red and white turned to green as the Mutagen was extracted from her every cell.
Feral smiled he believed himself to be a prospector for treasure of sorts where other men search the Earth for gold or oil his treasure was in the bodies of Mutated Animals and only certain Mutant Animals at that, only a few Mutants contain the TCRI Mutagen the rest are mere Fool’s Gold
He harvested the Mutagen from the Extractor Tank, like oil he had to refine this stuff for it to only rejuvenate and extend human life if he took it in its raw form it would Mutate into whatever Beyond Human was, after it was refined it was no longer green slime but a glittering gold liquid like Nectar before it becomes honey.
Shela’s soul, her spirit was currently floating…Into the sky she saw Feral’s Mansion below, surprisingly she was not as traumatized as many other creature’s would have been at so traumatic a death she always knew this was a possible fate and as she rose to the moon and stars she felt sorrowful and felt only hate toward Feral and his henchman but she accepted this was her fate and moved toward the afterlife without fear…
© Copyright 2019 Twiga (twiga at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2200326