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Author's note about my newest book, Skeletons in the Attic. Please read this first.
Author's Note

I'm super excited to introduce my newest book, Skeletons in the Attic.

I just want to update everyone. My story takes place in the real town of Sherman, Texas. It's about thirty-minutes north of Dallas. For story purposes I renamed it, Sherwood. The events take place before the Civil War, and ending in 1968. The places in the town are real, but the names have been changed.

The family in my story was created in my imagination. If there was a Woodrow, Hicks or Mueller family that lived in Sherman between the years: 1860-1968, they are no way connected to my family. The cemeteries mentioned in my story are renamed from real cemeteries found in Grayson County.. If you should find any names on Find-a-Grave that are similar to the characters in my book, it is a coincidence, and nothing else.

I'm super excited to put this book on Writing.com. I have worked tirelessly for almost five years. I have visited the Sherman History Society, Historical Museum, and numerous cemeteries. I have photographed every building and place mentioned in my book, except Woodlake Park. I have old photos of what the resort looked like in the early 1900's when the characters in my story would have enjoyed it.

The streets and houses mentioned in my book are also real. Unfortunately, I will not be sharing photographs of the two houses I found as inspiration. As far as I know, nothing sinister ever happened in them. I don't think the current day owners would like people showing up at their front door asking if a hidden room was ever discovered in the attic, or a skeleton buried in the front yard. I know I wouldn't.

I would like to think that the story took place in another dimension. Ever seen the 2019 movie, Yesterday? A struggling songwriter falls into another place and time where The Beatles never happened. He records their songs so people will know what good music is. I would like to think that my story happened in another dimension in Sherman, Texas. While the real events were happening, my story was unfolding elsewhere.

I hope you enjoy it, and please leave feedback (good or bad). I enjoy reading suggestions.
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