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My first real sexual experience...
"You're the most amazing woman I've ever met."

It always starts out that way. That's the phrase. The universal phrase to hook 'em. And they always know which ones will believe it.

"You're amazing. You're so beautiful. You're so smart.".....But not smart enough to know I've done this a million times. Or maybe you are smart...but at least you're young, vulnerable, and gullible.


"I'm a virgin, and I'm saving myself for marriage."
That was my introduction to any man who wanted to spend his time and affection on me. I should have had it printed onto a shirt so they all knew.

But Charles was different.

Charles was funny. And handsome. And a little wild...And he told me he was willing to wait.

"You're the most amazing woman I've ever met," it started out. "You're so talented. You're so beautiful."
It was so sweet. In my twenty-one year old, naive, virgin mind, this man was the greatest man I had ever met.

"You're the most amazing woman I've ever met." But to him, I wasn't a woman. I was a child. A twenty-one year old virgin living with her mother, who hadn't seen her father in sixteen years. And he was a thirty-four year old bartender with a ten year old. But I was amazing. And I craved his affection. And when my reciprocity for his affection began, the veil was lifted.

"I've never been into big tits...But with you, it's different."

"I can't wait to slip into bed with you and rub your clit."

"I can't wait to feel your mouth on my cock."


Stop. I told you off the bat I was a virgin. I told you I was not comfortable having pre-marital sex.

His response? "Oral sex isn't sex."

"It is to me."

"Okay...Oral satisfaction. Is that better?" And then again, "Oh, and you're the most amazing woman I've ever met."


Then it came. The first date. MY first date. He was so romantic. He picked me up from work. Opened the car door for me. Told me I was beautiful. Said he was so happy to see me. Told me to get whatever I wanted...And meant it.

But I guess alcohol makes even the most experienced drinkers get a little crazy.

I stopped counting at 18.

Then his hand was down my shirt...Inside my bra...Rubbing my areola... While we sat at the bar.

I excused myself to the restroom. I looked in the mirror. I said to myself, "Nothing can happen. We are in a public place."

I returned to the table. I'm assuming he was on beer 23.

And then his tongue was down my throat. His hand in my pants. I felt myself become wet, and I didn't know why. I started shaking and decided to call my best friend. "Hey...Is it cool if me and Charles come over?"

"Anything for you, biffle," he said, being the great person I knew he was since we had been in high school.


And then I blanked. I remember the car ride...But not how we got anywhere. But before I knew it, there was a man whom I had trusted...a man who know who I was...on top of me. But not penetrating me vaginally...Just...naked...on top of me...My hair was still in a ponytail from work...My socks were still on...and I was being penetrated orally...Meanwhile, my head being forcefully pushed back and forth onto his penis.

He bit my thighs. He bit my labia. He rammed his fingers into me so hard I welped and began to cry.

I told him I was in pain and kept whimpering, "Stop. Stop it. You're hurting me. Stop!"

He pulled my hair and shoved my head back and forth until he came. I continued to cry.

He stood up and I covered my breasts with my hands and told him I wanted to shower.

We stood in the shower together while I stayed covering my breasts. I wiped my face. He looked down at me and said, "Oral satisfaction...NOT oral sex."


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