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A conversation between two snowflakes.

Two snowflakes were talking one day.

Well. They weren't actually snowflakes. But they thought they were and they looked like snowflakes. To be quite honest, I don't really know what they were but, for the purposes of the story, let us assume that they were snowflakes. Now, as I was saying:

Two snowflakes were talking one day. They were talking because there wasn't much else to do except sit upon the ridge where they'd landed and gaze at the view. It was a particularly nice view because they could see the Great White Boss, standing outside his house with the glowing windows. Behind the house they could see the tops of the fir trees that made up the Lonely Forest. But any view becomes stale after you've stared at it for days on end. So the snowflakes fell into conversation, more to pass the time than anything else.

"Nice view," said the first snowflake.

Now, snowflakes don't actually have names but I'm going to give them names so that I won't have to keep saying "the first snowflake," or "the second snowflake". Let us call this one who opened the conversation Moebius. That's a funny name but I've chosen it because it has a meaning and it might sum up his character at the end of the story.

The other snowflake I'm going to call Ambitus, again because it has relevance for what will transpire. But, to continue:

"Nice view," said Moebius.

Ambitus ceased his gazing at the scene before him to turn and regard Moebius.

"Yes," he said.

For a long time then there was silence. Snowflakes are not the most chatty of creatures and even such a brief conversation was fairly unusual, so the long interval before anything else was said was only to be expected. When the two did resume talking, these interim periods of silence interposed themselves between almost every statement but I am going to ignore them, so that the conversation will seem more immediate to us. We are an impatient species, after all.

It was Moebius who eventually broke the silence again.

"It is good that we have landed in such a pleasant spot, where we can see the Great White Boss, his house and the forest."

"Yes," replied Ambitus.

"I have often wondered about the Great White Boss and his comings and goings, how he maintains his wise and benevolent silence over the world, and how all things seem to be centered in him."

"Yes," remarked Ambitus.

"For days now I have observed the Great White Boss and yet I have seen no coming or going. It seems to me that he rules with singular economy of touch, without need of histrionics or overbearing."

"Yes," returned Ambitus.

Moebius now turned once more to Ambitus and considered him for a while. He reached a decision and then spoke it forth.

"You seem an agreeable fellow."

It was now Ambitus' turn to regard his companion and he did so. "If I were to answer that, I think I would merely be providing yet more evidence for my agreeability," he said.

Moebius laughed. "Well put, good Ambitus, and in this you demonstrate a ready wit. And it is for this reason that I am going to venture a discussion with you. What think you of this world we live in?"

"Well, friend Moebius," replied Ambitus, "if you mean my thoughts on the Great White Boss, I have to say that I think he does an excellent job of controlling our world. See how he stands so motionless and steady, yet the world remains in harmony and we continue in peace as we have always done."

For a while Moebius pondered upon this answer but then resumed, "What then would you have to say on the Mighty Windstorm that sometimes threatens our quiet existence? How is it that the Great White Boss allows such a thing to intervene upon our peace?"

"Ah, that is easily explained," Ambitus rejoined. "The Mighty Windstorm is a thing created by the Great White Boss himself and is intended to change our world occasionally, so that we do not become too fixed in our ways and thoughts."

"I see," said Moebius. "But are you not ignoring the fact that the Mighty Windstorm sometimes comes again and again over a short period of time? This would seem to indicate that it does not emanate from the Great White Boss, at least for the reason you propose, for then just one Windstorm now and then would suffice for his purposes."

Ambitus thought on this for a while and then replied, "I do not know why the Great White Boss should see fit to cause several Windstorms in a short space of time. It may be that I have divined his purposes incorrectly and that some other need requires that we be moved from place to place quite quickly. Yet it is clear that the Great White Boss is the source of the Windstorm, for this..." Here Ambitus indicated the world around them, "For this is clearly all that there is, the great sphere of existence encompasses all things and all centers upon the Great White Boss. There can be no other cause for the Windstorm for nothing else has the power to create such a thing."

Moebius smiled, for he had succeeded in his intent to engage Ambitus in serious discussion, a thing that he had been able to do with very few other snowflakes. He pressed on.

"So how is it that the Great White Boss is able to do such a thing? What power does he possess that is not available to the likes of you or me?"

Ambitus glanced at Moebius, becoming uneasy with the direction the conversation was taking. But he answered him politely enough.

"It is through magic that the Great White Boss achieves this. He knows deep mysteries that are not given to us who are merely the inhabitants of his kingdom. And, through this knowledge, he is able to bend the forces of existence to his will, inciting them to the creation of the Windstorm when he so desires."

Moebius considered this answer for a long time before replying, "But I see no evidence of either the acquiring of this knowledge or the use of it. The Great White Boss does not move from his position to consult books of ancient wisdom, nor does he seem to draw symbols upon the snow or chant incantations to bring these forces into play."

"It must be that he has always known these things then," said Ambitus, who was becoming exasperated. "And probably he is able to think the necessary symbols and incantations to make things happen. Anyway, why do you question me on all this? What do you think is the cause of the Mighty Windstorm if you do not believe it emanates from the wisdom of the Great White Boss?"

"Ah, Ambitus," replied Moebius, "I believe that the Mighty Windstorm is caused by something beyond our world, something outside the sphere of all things, and that the Great White Boss is as subject to its interruptions as are any of us."

Ambitus laughed. "That, my friend, is just ridiculous. It is obvious that this is all there is and that the sphere of existence contains everything. Even its name shows that there is nothing beyond it for how can there be anything beyond existence? Look around you. Where do you see evidence to support what you say?"

"The evidence, dear Ambitus, is in your own explanation of how all this comes about. You have said that this is all that there is and that the Great White Boss is able to control things because he knows more than we do. But this means that he, too, is subject to the laws inherent in the sphere of existence and that he must, therefore, do their bidding in the same way that we all do. The Mighty Windstorm is not something induced by the Great White Boss because there is nothing within the sphere of existence to suggest that such a sudden alteration of the natural law is possible. By its very nature, it being against the laws of nature, the Mighty Windstorm must be the result of an influence beyond the sphere of existence. It is, indeed, what we might call a miracle, something that is not explained by the forces contained within the sphere of existence."

"How can you say that?" protested Ambitus. "This surely must be heresy...."

At that moment the Mighty Windstorm arrived and, picking up the two snowflakes, it hurled them into the air and twisted and turned them, this way and that, around and head over heels, until they had no idea of which way was up and which way was down.

The boy put down the translucent globe and watched as the snow swirled within, slower and slower until it became a snowfall of tiny white flakes, drifting down to cover the Christmas scene once again. Many of the flakes landed upon the snowman outside the house, making him appear frosted and cold in the wintry landscape.

Later, when the Windstorm had abated and the snowflakes drifted down, Moebius found that he had landed in the Lonely Forest, whereas Ambitus had come to rest upon the head of the Great White Boss. They were never to see each other again.

Word Count: 1,567
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