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Kiki is kibas twin with a wolf pup called Kasi.
Name:Kiki inuzuka
Hair color:Dark brown
Eye color: Black
Clothes: She wears a black belly shirt and she is very skinny she never really eats

"Come on sis " Kiba said pulling my arm to the academy we were getting our forehead protecter's today "WAIT KASI" I yelled grabing my wolf pup and holding her as me and Kiba ran to the academy we sat down in our chairs as everyone looked at us i started to randomly doodle as my name was called i walked out to the testing room "Hello Kiki Please make one shadow clone" No way people are that nice i shrugged and make the shadow clone " great you can chose a forehead protecter" i grabbed a black one and walked to kiba "PASS'' I yelled and told KIba it was his turn he walked out with a blue forehead protecter and sat by me i pet my wolf pup smiling at her she patted her head running outside for lunch followed by Kiba she was in a tree"Kiki get down right now" Kiba said i shrugged and jumped down " come on were having lunch with Shika and Choji." Kiba said dragging my arm with him "Kiba slow down." I said He stopped as i Saw shikamaru and Choji " These Losers really" i said faceplaming" i would have been better with that uchiha kid and i hate his guts." I added in i Hate shikamaru and Choji he stole my ramen on the first day of the academy " What a drag"shikamaru mumbled " Kiki i told you not to call them losers just cuz you hate them"Kiba said "Tch its not just cuz i hate them now im having lunch with hm maybe Ino or Shino but nah to Shino he only talks about bugs i think i might just have lunch alone." I said and started to walk away with Kasi in my Arms thats when i started to run into the woods As Kasi jumped out of her arms "Kasi KASI stop playing!" She yelled running to try to find Kasi Kiba ran into the woods hearing his sister yelling"Ki-Ki whats wrong?" Kiba asked looking out of breathe "No kasi jumped out of my arms and ran off" She panted
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