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I thought of nice things that would be fit for the kit. This came to me out of the blue.
It's a nice fit for the kit; those nicely knit warm sweaters that the family wore, made a big hit. Having something to put on when the weather turns colder, will feel so good.

It's a nice fit for the kit; those polished up rocks can be put in a box. It's nice to sew on zippers for your clothes, and knit some slippers for your feet. Getting up after a snooze, it's nice to put on a pair of shoes.

A nice fit for the kit; after being gritty, washing up and going out into the city makes you feel pretty and neat, in a way that completes you. The most beautiful and wonderful thing one can do, is to set up a table for two.

It's a nice fit for the kit; be proud of all your successes after making all your own dresses. Instead of stressing, getting hugs and kisses for all your hard work will be a blessing.

It's a nice fit for the kit at karaokes; you can sing in front of young and old alike. You're never too old to do your own thing, just be bold enough to get that beautiful ring.

It's a nice fit for the kit to stay on the right course; you can ride a horse, knowing full well that you could've been caught riding the range, you can confide to your horse on why you did it. It's good for your paps to wear your chaps, then it's time to take your naps.

To pray for a healing, it's time to be kneeling; It's a nice fit for the kit that makes it appealing.
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