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by Hiccan
Rated: E · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2200875
A Fire Emblem Heroes Tickle-Fic
Roderick stood there with the sheets in his arms and thought of running. He shifted from one cloth shoed foot to foot and thought of how easy it would be to outpace this old man as he added more clothes to the pile in his arms. The woods were right there and he could maybe lose anybody who followed him in there as the village hunters were out at the moment. He spotted something out between the trees and his heart sank as he recognized it as one of the big furry beasts that served his jailor. He thought that maybe he might be able to take on one of the creatures but hesitated at the thought of how they were never alone. Sure enough, he saw another two come along and breathed a sigh of relief at what could have been a big mistake on his part.

A heavy cane caught him on the back of his calf with enough force to leave him on his back with the laundry still piled atop him. He struggled under the pile before he felt a stiff finger poke right through the thin cloth shoes he wore as a servant and squeaked.
"Hmmph now what kind of noise is that for a man to make? Even if you are just a slave. You call yourself a hero?"
Roderick suddenly felt a great weight thrown atop the sheets over his chest and had the wind-driven out of him. He strained his neck to see the large rock that had been thrown atop him with the face of old man Grenzwald leering at it.
"Ple-please I can't move."
"Did you think I couldn't see you looking off and thinking if you could outrun me? Probably would have taken off like a shot if the watch hadn't been out there hmm?"
"Please! I-I wouldn't dre-dream of running away!"
"Oh, your lying and it's obvious!"
"I wasn't g-going to run! Pl-Please sir!"
"You weren't were you? Well, then you shouldn't have any problem keeping up with that story."
The old bastard wobbled over and knelt down by Roderick's head. He pulled Roderick's head into his lap and wagged a finger in his face as he lectured him.
"Well now let's see if you can stand up to interrogation about it."

The man reached up and pulled a feather pin out from his long hair and twirled it about. He brought the plume down and lightly drew it across the bridge of Roddy's nose smiling at the look of consternation it made on the handsome lads countenance.
"Ah well. You're no Hero. A Hero would never dirty an old man's sheets and then run away, would they? That's very naughty."
The tips of the feather and Roderick's nose met and the old bat twirled the plume to attack the underside of the knight's nose. He didn't say a word to him because all of his concentration was focused on the wicked feather and how it was...it was...making him...oh gods...here it comes!
Roderick felt like he was going to sneeze so hard his head would explode but that fuzzy feather kept dancing along his nose and preventing it.
"Ahheehe pleheease stop! Ahh, gahahds! Juhuhust stop!"
"Stop? Why? Would you have stopped as you were running away from me? Hmm?"
The old man pulled the feather away just in time for Roddy's powerful sneeze but before he could even breath in after that the feather was practically up his nose again.
"Bad boy's get tickle, tickle, tickles! Not even an excuse me? What should I expect when you were about to run away?"
Roderick's nose still tingled from the sneeze and seemed to be even more sensitive now because of it.
"Bahaha pleeheese master! I sw-swehehar I wasn't gohohoing to ruhuhun!"
"I don't like boys who lie to their elder's. No matter how nice their muscles are. Just admit it already. I'll tick-tick-tickle this nosie wosie till you do."
"Master plehehehHEH-AAHHHCHOO!"
"Oooh, baby had another sneeze. Just admit that you were going to run away and I'll let you up. I won't be too cruel when I punish you. So just admit to me that you were trying to run. Otherwise...cootchie cootchie coo!"
"That's a good boy. Admitting you were bad like that took some courage. I'll let it go and tonight you'll sleep in my bed and we'll fill your tummy up with porridge."
"Ple-please master I apologize but I'd rath-"
"Or you could simply go straight to Captain Hram with an empty tum and be tickled through the night."
"F-fine Master."
"What a good boy. Finish the washing first some of it seems to have gotten dirty...oh and take your shirt off."
"You've lost your shirt privileges. Give it here."

The old bastard took his shirt and scuttled off inside the cabin while Roderick breathed a sigh of frustration and began picking up the sheets to wash again. It had seemed like a good idea at first after he'd been separated from the others to try and lay low. He'd shed his armor and just gone forward in his undershirt and pants to try and pass himself off as a bedraggled villager in a tactic he'd used back home in Archanea. Unfortunately, the great furry beasts he'd run into hadn't been in Archanea and so he'd had no idea what to do but run after stumbling upon them. They'd been on him shortly and the great fluffy apes had pinned him while howling. They'd had claws in those big fluffy paws of theirs which they'd used to shred his clothes by the time the guard had arrived he was naked as the day he was born hence why they'd just thought he was a slave who'd tried to flee. They'd pulled him out of their lair and taken him back to town before giving to Old Mister Grenzwald who's slave had apparently run away again just as he'd been brought in. Roddy had gone along with it hoping to rally the other soldiers and citizens of Askr he'd seen mixed in with the slave population into rebellion so he could get them all out of here. Unfortunately for him though that plan hadn't worked as he'd yet to be allowed far enough from the old man's cabin to speak to anyone, let alone form a resistance.

Roderick winced at the shriek of the old bat as he knew further disobedience would make his night much, much worse. He put the last of the laundry in the basket and went inside the cabin completely resigned to his fate.
"In here!"
Roderick turned and entered to see the table with the porridge set up. The evil old man gestured to the chair insistently before sitting in another right next to him and pulling it closer to him. Roderick had been through this humiliating ritual enough to know to just open his mouth and let Old Mister Grenzwald feed him the porridge and let his foot run up and down his leg. He thought back on his first day with him and how he'd resisted. He'd bound him to her bed and kept him there for a week. Tickling his chest pink and milking his cock till he begged. When he'd finished the hot porridge he put his ear to his chest and listened to his rumbling stomach while he swirled a finger around his navel. He winced at how it tickled a bit but knew better than to try and shove her off. Last time he had done that he had used his feet as his dinner plates for a month and he'd always made sure to clean them with a thorough scrubbing.

"There we go! All nice and full now so let's head to the bath!"
"Pl-please I'm not re-really that dirty and-"
"Oh hush boy. I know that you love bath time with your master. If you didn't why you would've run away wouldn't you? But you'd never think of running away now would you?"
Roderick swallowed before sighing heavily and shuffling off to the tub. Trying to argue would probably just lose him his pants privileges. He slipped out of the cloth pants and shoes before climbing into the wooden basin filled with hot water and bubbles. He looked around for where his captor had gone before yelping as his balls were suddenly pinched down beneath the bubbles.
The old man sat in the corner and watched as Roderick tried to protect his coinpurse. Another hand though slipped a pair of fingers in to tickle his asshole and make him squeal. He shifted in the bath to try and fend her off but the old woman was nowhere to be found. He'd been forced to bathe with him multiple times and not once had he even seen him as he ravaged him like this. Unlike the other situations though this tickled too bad to let go. Ten fingers danced across his stomach muscles and he threw his head back and laughed at the unexpected attack. He was shoved into the side of the basin and held still as a hand armed with a damp rag cleaned his ears. It tickled dreadfully but every time he giggled or snickered he was chastised for being cute and ravished upon his cheek with kisses. Eventually, he was flipped over and the other ear tended to as well with the same punishment given whenever he spoke. By the time he was released his sparkling clean ears were now burning red with embarrassment. He steadied himself for another attack but the hands withdrew into the soapy water and he lost track of them. Despite the tub not being massive he'd somehow still yet to see the old man since he'd entered. Roderick's musings on how long she'd stayed hidden were interrupted by his stomach suddenly being invaded by devilish fingers. He flailed his hands through the water to chase off the attacker but found nothing despite the fact that it felt as if his abdominals were being attacked at least three sets of hands who alternated between plucking at his abs and ribs and tunneling around inside his navel. Roderick tried to hoist himself from the basin to escape but found his legs feeling as if they were shackled to the bottom of the basin. No matter how he struggled it and kicked them he could not lift them from the bottom of the bath. His face grew red as his member grew harder and he heard giggling through the steam. A long-fingered hand ran itself through his hair as his eyes screwed shut at what felt like a hairbrush beneath the water being used on his abs.
"Oh does the bad boy not like I think we're finished with."
Roderick searched for where the teasing voice was coming from but was suddenly pulled down by his waist further into the water. His knees were forced apart and now his arms were stuck. He kicked his legs desperately but didn't even disturb the surface of the water. The ghostly fingers returned and squeezed his thighs like they were juicing them. He strained but no matter how much he felt himself thrash below the soap above didn't even acknowledge it. In addition, it felt as if a powerful hand was now cupping his chin in the water and preventing his mouth from submerging. He felt fingers glide along his thighs and swirling around his puckered anus. For just a second he saw at least five or six things suddenly float to the surface of the bath and shivered at the realization that they were all wire hairbrushes. They suddenly sank as if they had all been grabbed and again Roderick struggled to get out of the tub. For a second he was free and able to turn himself around but quickly he found himself stuck again as what felt like hands forced him into a kneeling position in the soapy water. The old man walked up and placed a light kiss upon Roderick's forehead. Smiling at the giggles his goatee got from the man as it brushed against his face. He produced that same feather pin and Roderick had to stop himself from screaming as he brought it towards his nose.

"What's the matter, my boy? Aren't you enjoying your bath time? That warm water and soap must feel great on those tired bones."
The feather was barely touching the tip of Roderick's nose but the feeling of a ghostly finger sliding down his sole made Roderick jump forward and practically shove the whole plume up his nose. He sneezed up a storm as Grenzwald laughed at him while running a hand through his wet hair.
"Do you like the tub? Picked it up in my youth during my travels. It apparently contains a water spirit called the Kelpie that will do as it master orders. I would use it to clean myself up but in my old age I found that it was also good for getting lying heroes to talk."
"Now don't do that. The water in that tub is the spirit so it's got every inch of you at the moment save a few. Like this button nose or these cute little nipples."
Roderick tried to turn away as Grenzwald dragged the feather up his and swirled it around his right nipple. The enchanted water kept him firmly kneeling in the water though with his upturned soles pressed to his peachy bottom.
"So your bodies gonna tell it when your lying and it'll punish you for it. You reacting to that will tell me that your lying and I'll punish you a bit more. Do try and tell the truth Mister Hero."
"I'm not a hEEEHEEHAHAGGH!!!"
The brushes from before came into play as Roderick felt two dragged down both his soles which he couldn't turn from their trapped positions. His fingers tightened on the rim of the basin to the point that had it been a non-enchanted one he might've splintered the wood. It was though and so Roderick could do nothing as Grenzwald's gnarled fingers tickled the back of his neck to again force him to impale his nose on the feather. He sneezed and snorted again as Grenzwald sat upon the lip of the tub and ran some of the soapy water up his back.
"There, there I understand. It must be hard to have been brought so low but I have all the time in the world to make this as hard as I want so do save us some both some time and understand the rules. Now once more are you a Hero of Askr?"
"Y-yes I am."
"Good boy. Let us reward you for your honesty."

With a snap of his fingers, Roderick could feel the water surge as the spirits responded. What felt like fingers made of warm silk drew across his lower back making him snicker before surging back and driving into the muscles with the strength of thumbs. Beneath the soap, gentle hands kneaded his back and butt with the practiced efficiency of a professional. Despite himself, he relaxed at the comfortable assault that was the gentle massage combined with the hot water. Grenzwald brushed the squire's wet hair from his face and admired the relaxed expression that had overtaken him. He stroked the lad's hair and continued his questioning as his new pet did everything short of purr. He gasped at the new sets of fingers that joined his massage, and how they rolled each of his defenseless toes and worked into their stems so gently that it felt like air was just blowing through the digits rather than magical water.
"Where do you hail from Roderick? What world?"
"I-I come from the world of M-M-Mystery!"
"Mystery eh? So you were with Prince Marth's forces then? Do you know where he or any of his comrades are now?"
"Nuhhuhh-no!" Roderick barely managed to choke out the truth as he felt gentle strokes upon his penis start to rouse the sleeping organ.
"Ahhh a shame. The Prince would have been quite the catch or even another friend for you or really any of his retainers would have been fine for my plans. Do you know of any other Heroes in the area?"
"I will not sell you my comrad-AHAHAHA OHH!"
No sooner had his face twisted into a snarl did it soften back into uncontrollable laughter as the hairbrush was slowly dragged up his shaft creating a confused reaction from the man. He squirmed and fidgeted in the bath but wasn't allowed anywhere near enough movement to get away.
"If your allies are around here then they're doomed anyway. They're just as doomed as you are and are even worse if Surtr catches them instead of me. You and that woman should both be thankful you stumbled upon this village."

"I-I-I have no allies in the area. I was to meet up with them at a certain point if I we were separated but I've been there and found no evidence that Siegbert or Ursula were ever there. I found the signals that Frederick had been there and been forced to move on though."
After admitting the fates of his allies the water instantaneously went from brushes back to firm massages and tender touches. Fingers stroked his bottom and soles as if apologizing for the rough treatment he'd been given. Despite himself, Roderick released a moan that definitely got the mage's attention. "Oh you really are enjoying this aren't you? Doesn't telling me the truth feel good? Let's make it even better."
With a hard shove, Roderick was sent sprawling back into the bath on his rear. Before he could move Grenzwald pounced in on top of him. When the soapy water touched the man his entire form shimmered before giving way to a completely different man who now straddled the knight. The newcomer pushed his wet bangs from his eye and examined his hands with just as much surprise as his captive Hero.
"Interesting is it perhaps the enchanted nature of this tub or could all water here interfere with the magicks of my world? I will have to find out before continuing any other plans."
"Why do you look so different now?!" Roderick asked unable to hide the quake in his voice from the sinister man.
"I suppose there's no point in continuing to lie. My name is Hubert von Vestra. I was summoned to this world against my will and found myself in the wilds near this village. The old mage that lived near invited me in and tried to cast a spell on me. I killed him and disguised myself as him to learn what I could of this place. I've been laying low here and trying to find my way back to somebody in your Order of Heroes. I'd assumed that an army of Legendary Heroes and Warriors would be hard to stop but it seems this Surtr has stopped it and has been hard to resist. I must admit that I find his methods fascinating and worth imitation. So I've come up with new plans."
Roderick struggled beneath the man but found the water restricting his every movement that Hubert didn't want. The tall mage was able to easily place the squire's legs up upon the list of the tub on either side of him before he pushed down on Roddy's chest to submerge the rest of his body up to his chin. He then leaned close to plant a kiss upon Roderick's forehead as if to taunt him. Roderick was now helplessly spread out under this young traitor yet there was something that he had said that bothered him.
"Ahh did I say that? Unfortunate that I allowed my enthusiasm to overtake me like that. Yes, I have another prisoner that I took from the old man. It seems she was a mage that he'd managed to trick before I arrived. I saw no point to releasing her if she was inclined to fall for something so simple and instead have kept her for my own use. The old man had already conditioned her to the point of being loyal and the process intrigued me hence why I will use it upon you. You see I know of another Hero who will be coming here soon and she'll be looking for me. As such you'll help me capture her and with her strength our forces will be unbeatable."
"Y-you think I'll he-help you?"
"Not willingly of course but back in my world I was quite persuasive with those put in my care. I doubt the skill is gone here."

With that, Hubert drove his hands beneath the waves and into Roderick's defenseless armpits. The squire spurted water and tried to pull his arms down to close off the ticklish crevices. To his infinite surprise, this worked and the water spirit didn't stop him. He realized why though when he felt Hubert's now trapped fingers wiggling inside his hollows and burst into laughter. Hubert chuckled at how his prey now tried to open his arms but found himself blocked by the ghostly hands in the water.
"Stupid man that's the point. What better way to make sure this body is ready to serve me? I must say this method is rather ingenious. My compliments to King Surtr on the idea. To see such a specimen of a knight brought to the level of a helpless child is quite the sight."
"No, I don't think I will. Your behavior up until now has left me feeling that any agreements we forge will be quickly broken by you. So rather than willing participation let us instead opt for fearful obedience which I don't think can be achieved quite so quickly. Instead, let us simply have a good time tonight."
"I know that but this keep you from ever trying and show you what happens to the disobedient."
Hubert pulled his hands free from Roderick's tender pits then snapped his fingers. The young mage's wet robes shimmered and then disappeared leaving him naked and soaked before Roderick. The two looked down at Hubert's cock which throbbed at attention between them and both swallowed hard. Hubert, however, sat down and submerged himself beneath the soapy water opposite the steadily breaking squire. He looked to the side at Roderick's trapped left foot and smiled at how the Hero paled.
"Pl-please! Not there! Please, anything but that! I'll serve you like I said! Just stop!"

Hubert laughed in a tone that froze the blood in Roddy's veins as he drew a singular glowing finger along his ankle leaving behind symbols that formed a ring before taking the size 12 down into the bath before and holding it steady. The knights fighting spirit took hold of him and he tried to aim a powerful kick right into the mage's face but his leg moved not an inch and his bare sole felt as if it was suddenly plunged into a bundle of ice-cold feathers that licked and caressed the sensitive nerves. Roderick broke out into a brand new pitch of desperate giggles as the creepy mage laughed at him.
"Yes, the spirit in here doesn't take kindly to bad boys that try to hurt their master. Do yourself a favor and don't get cute in here. Although...these feet are already a bit TOO cute. Are you really a hero? These don't look like they've ever seen the ground let alone a boot."
Roderick remembered the odd cream that "Grenzwald" had slathered on his soles when he'd first come under his control. He'd wondered why the old bastard had given so much attention to his feet until he'd talked back to him for the first time and felt how different his newly softened soles had felt when his master had tickled them till he begged. Hubert held the pink sole and admired the flushing skin from the heat of the bath before bringing his head down to slip his tongue between the toes.
"Ith mafter," Hubert mumbled as he otherwise ignored the pleas of the man and instead focused on using his tongue to explore this foot he had here. The undersides of the toes were invaded while the arch was ravaged and when the dark mages tongue arrived at the heel it decided to stay as Hubert lingered there alternating between laps and bites of the soft skin while Roderick screamed for mercy. Roderick felt warm flesh on his erect cock and yiped at the unexpected touch. Hubert laughed and just the sound seemed to lower the temperature of the room.
"You are clearly enjoying this pet. Just admit it and I'll go a bit easier before we retire together to bed."
"I-I-I am not enjoying iHIHIHIT! STAHAP STOHOP!"
"I thought you better than that. Coochie-coo Roderick you terrible liar."
Hubert's fingers danced along with the broad size 12 he held hostage that dripped with his saliva. He lost himself in the rosy pink hue that the skin had taken on and as the sound of the slave's desperate laughter went on, he dreamed of Edelgard letting him keep a slave of his own for this newly discovered pleasure. A few of those in the Blue Lion house back in Fodlan caught his eye. Suddenly the water caressing his foot grew warmer as Roderick moaned as his cock ejaculated into the warm soup and instantly was assaulted by gentle massaging hands that kept the organ at attention...
"Oh? Still not enjoying this you messy animal? I suppose that wasn't that just came onto my foot?"

Roderick didn't even respond as his eyes rolled back into his head from the explosive reaction and the continued assault on his genitals. Hubert clucked his tongue and swam over to Roderick's side of the basin to take him into his arms. Roderick was too weak to do anything as the younger man adjusted him until he sat in his lap. He didn't say a word as he felt the evil mage's fingers go to his nipples and begin stroking them. He bit his lips to try and hold back the laughter but only managed to burst into a snorting fit and double over as Hubert's fingers chased him down to keep dancing along his chest.
"More? You glutton. Happy to oblige!"
Roderick tried to retreat into the water but was hauled up by his shoulders so that Hubert could continue to tease his nipples and armpits. No matter where he thrashed the mage's fingers were always there to twiddle his perked nipples or scratch at his wet chest. To add even further the mages foot was quick to find its way back to his penis and the feeling of the soft skin of his sole running over his head was driving Roderick insane. Finally, he'd had enough and threw away the last shred of his pride.
"M-mehehercy! Mehercy Master, please! I beg you mercy!"
"Oh? Does my ticklish pet want a break?"
"Please yes! I can't breathe!"
"There, there pet I'll allow you a second. I know this all quite a bit much. You admit that you are mine though?"
"Yes, please! Yes, I am yours just stop!"
"Wonderful so I can do what I want with you and you'll do as I ask?"
"Yes, that should be enough. More than enough."
With another snap of his fingers, Roderick felt a burning at his ankle where Hubert had written something earlier and was surprised when he felt Hubert's fingers retreat.
"Perfect. I think he's ready for bed don't you?"
"Why yes master. He's had an eventful day let's let him rest." said a husky woman's voice from the darkness.
Roderick could do nothing as lily-white soft hands pulled him from the bath by his armpits and began rubbing a cottony soft towel along him to dry him down. He turned and saw his former ally Ursula naked as the day she was born tending to him. Before he could say anything she was leading out of the room against his will. Roderick tried to stop himself but only found himself obediently following behind her while Hubert laughed.
"That would be the rune I placed upon your ankle making you so compliant. You did say you were all mine, didn't you? It's just holding you to your word. Ursula has one as well but that old mage broke her in enough that I barely need to use it."
"Why ever would I resist my master?! Grenzwald showed me that all I ever wanted in life is to be tickled insane constantly and now my Hubie gives me that in spades. At least he did until you came around and stole all the attention.

They came into the bedroom and Roderick's still marched on on its own as his face now burned with shame. Ursula shoved him onto the bed and splayed him before crawling up and lying next to him. She walked her fingers along Roderick's chest as Hubert slowly sat beside the two of them. She squealed in glee as she saw him produce a feather.
"Ooooh yes, the feathers! Hubie tickle me pink! He's had all the fun today and I ever so want my master's attention!"
"What did you do to her?!" Roderick asked remembering the dangerous assassin he'd deployed with.
"I did nothing. Apparently, Grenzwald had broken her in long before I came. The old fool tried to do the same with me and paid with his life."
"Oooh, Grenzwald tricked me good. Told me he'd help me to safety the next day but I'd have to spend the night. Showed me some doll and got me to touch it. Next thing I know I'm trapped inside the thing and can feel everything he does to it. Oh, he kept me close and never let me stop laughing until I begged to serve him. Ooooh, but he was nothing compared to my Hubie."
Ursula wrapped her arms around Hubert's waist and purred as the mage simply gave a look of distaste. Her fingers grazed his sides and caused him to start. She snickered at the reaction as he threw face-first into the bed and placed both her ankle and Roderick's into a hold together.
He traced a finger along the two soles he held hostage and enjoyed the two different reactions. Roderick's hands flew to his mouth to muffle his laughter at the same time he tried to wordlessly beg the mage to relent on his captive foot which was still tinged pink from the heat of the bath. Ursula, however, was shaking in joy in finally getting her master's attention. She stuffed sheets in her mouth and drooled at the joy that Hubert's finger dragging along her creamy white sole was giving her. She looked over at the fool Roderick and got angry at how he wasn't enjoying Master's attention. Her Hubie had been playing with this mongrel all day and not giving his favorite pet Ursula even a look and he had the gall to not even smile for his pleasure? To her addled mind, this was an insult on her as well and the calculating assassin locked in her head sparked for just a second before once again being replaced by the crazed tickle slut that Grenzwald had turned her into. She cuddled up close to the knight and dug her fingers into his armpit with both hands. Roderick's face went bright red at the new attack and all he could do was flail under the combined attacks of both mages tickling his brains out. With one hand still muffling his mouth, he tried to use the other to shove Ursula off from on top of him but instead found the hand seized and redirected to her breast.
"Ooohh doehehs the new bohohy, not like the tickles? Masters tickles are the best but if you don't like mine why don't you try and stop me?! I'm ever so ticklish myseEHEHELF!! MAHAHSTER YEEHEHS!"

An annoyed Hubert glowered back at the two as he busied himself on the undersides of Ursula's toes. "Quit making such a show of it. She wants you to tickle her as well pet. You are a knight yes? Than your honor-bound to help a lady in need."
"I won't do such a THIHING!!! NO!! MAHAHSTER PLEASE!"
Roderick's heroic plea was cut short by his big toe being introduced to Hubie's teeth. The digit was nibbled and sampled as Ursula continued to go wild in his armpit while whispering breathily in his ear.
"Do it! Tickle me! Tickle me out of my mind I want it so bad! Why won't you tickle my breasts?! If you don't I'll tickle you then! Cootchie cootchie coo!"
Ursula had herself wrapped around Roderick and was speeding up in his armpits while Hubert was now using all ten fingers on his foot. Despite his best efforts he couldn't get free of either of them and was losing himself. When Ursula's free foot rubbed against his cock he couldn't stop himself. He exploded like a volcano over all three of them in a sticky mess.
"Oooooh, Master I think he needs a break! You should tickle me only instead!"
"Ye-yes ple-please a break!"
"Yes please, a break what pet?"
"Much better."
Hubert released the captive foot and he and Ursula laughed at how quickly Roderick drew it to his chest. Ursula's laughter was cut short though by Hubert seizing her arms from behind and pulling them up behind her. Quickly he had both of them above her head and trapped in a hold under one arm. This allowed Hubert's free hand to run wild in Ursula's smooth armpits, over her perky pink nipples and up and down her slender neck. The Blue Crow kicked her pale legs and laughed herself hoarse but made no attempt to get away and in fact, tried to scooch herself closer to her master.
"Pesky girl. I've told you what'll happen if you continue to call me that retched nickname."
Ursula shoved her bare size 7's into Roderick's face and the thought to seize them and rake his fingers all over the creamy soles shot through his mind for a minute. Why not? He thought. She'd just minutes ago been tickling his brains out in a deluded fit of ecstasy. Whatever had been done to her the calculated assassin he'd fought alongside in the order was gone and all that was left of her was this phenomenal body that was now begging for him to ravage it with tickles.

He took the ankle and brought his hand to it before stopping. A voice in his head told him "This is what they want. To make you a tickle crazed fiend just like her. You are a hero, not their toy." He was snapped out of his revelry though by Ursula's foot kicking free and hooking him closer. Before he could resist the mages long legs had entangled and pulled him over to her and Hubert. They pinned his arms to his sides and soon those bubbly toes that Roderick had thought of teasing were tormenting his abdominal muscles by skittering up and down them. He tried to pull away but found that Ursula's calves were strong from her horseback riding experience. Instead, he felt a wet kiss placed on his cheek from the woman who was still laughing from Hubert's ministrations.
"I thought he was to tickle you? Instead, it seems you've gone the opposite way, you silly girl."
"Ohhh hehehe'll do it Huhuhbie! Eventually, he'll dohoho it ahahahaGAAHAH!"
"I told you to stop calling me that!"
Hubert's increased drilling of Ursula's armpit made her legs go weak and allowed Roderick to easily slip-free. He knocked the legs aside and his hands shot to the woman's large breasts where the fingers danced along her perky nipples and shot her laughter into the point of shrieking gibberish.
Hubert let go of Ursula and watched as the Blue Crow tried to flee from the Steady Squire but was forced down into the bed and her nipples teased and drilled. Roderick positioned so that he could easily force her arms behind her back and into the bed ao that when He then sat upon her they would be pinned into the cottony fabric allowing him, her entire chest to use as a keyboard. He played with not just her nipples but all along her breasts. Hubert watched in admiration as this new toy of his broke Ursula to the point of nonsensical begging with his slow and steady attention to one concentrated area. It wasn't until Ursula passed out from exhaustion that he stepped in and pulled the exhausted former knight back onto the bed. He ran his fingers through Roderick's hair as the sweaty hero's eyelids grew heavy. Hubert smiled as he watched his new toy drift off to sleep as he knew the magic would take effect then. He'd learned the spell to brainwash somebody from the old fool Grenzwald before he killed him and knew that in his slumber the man's mind would be rewritten to be a puppet just like Ursula. With the two of them, it would be child's play for Hubert to capture his old professor and use the same spell on her and together with their combined forces prepare for the arrival of his lady Edelgard. He looked at the sleeping pair and began to grow drowsy himself. Might as well he rationalized. He'd have a busy day tomorrow if all went according to plan.
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