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by Hiccan
Rated: E · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2200876
A Fire Emblem Heroes Tickle-Fic
He couldn't believe how wrong it had gone and so quickly. Alm had at one point led a mere resistance to conquer a country. They'd defeated a God, an Emperor and more without much trouble. Now he picked his way over this battlefield looking for any of his friends he could save. He winced at the sound of begging laughter and had to stop himself at the lip of a pit that blended in with the sand. He'd seen these before and after peering inside sure enough he could pick out a white-haired form at the bottom being driven out of his mind. Alm could only look away as the creature danced fingers all over Boey's bared chest while tentacles surreptiously removed the mages shoes. Sure enough he heard his friends laugh reach ear-splitting levels once they joined the games. Alm clenched his fist and promised he'd help Boey eventually though it couldn't be today. Askr and his forces were in a rout and he needed his people pulling back not getting trapped themselves. A familiar pair of pink pigtails caught his eye trying to climb down into the pit carefully and he took off sprinting. He was able to seize Mae by the wrist in the very nick of time to pull her out before the pair of hands that erupted out of the sand was able to upset her footing. Instead it settled for ripping away her shoes and retreating back into the dirt.
"Alm we have to sav-"
"Mae leave. We can't help him right now without being here too long."

The sound of one of his childhood friends begging for help caught Alm's ear and seizing Mae hard by the wrist he dragged her away from the pit while covering her eyes so as not to see how the creature that dwelled there was taunting them by forcing Boey to inhale deeply of her freshly snatched shoes. They crossed a sand dune and found Kliff writhing the sand with shape moving beneath his robes. A puddle had formed in the sand beneath him and Alm could match it to the wet spot in his clothes easily. He drew Falchion and stepped forward and grabbed at Kliff's robe to throw it up. He seized the goblin that was enraptured with his friend's cock by the leg and threw it to the ground before slicing it in half with his blade. The sound the little goblin made as it died brought the three others beneath his friend's robes surging out to leap at Alm. He managed to slice another clean in half in the air but the other two landed upon the young princes armor. One quickly dug it's way under his chest plate to wreak havoc while the other instead busied itself by darting behind him to mount his neck with it's maddeningly fuzzy legs. When he lifted his arms to try and knock it off the other invader sprang into his exposed armpits beneath his clothes and he quickly felt it's horrid teeth in the sensitive hollow. He held back his laughter and try to get it off of him but whenever he reached for it the one at his neck would nibble at his ear.
He stumbled about as the two had their way with him until Mae and Kliff pulled the one on his neck and smothered it in the sand letting him pull the other one out of his clothes and throw it into the distance. He turned to his friends as he regained his breath and shrugged off the armor that the creature had broken.

"Have you seen any of the others, either of you?"
"Gray told me to come this way to get you Alm when those creatures ambushed me. I haven't seen him since."
"I have." Mae said solemnly. "Me and Boey saw him trussed up tight on the back of Laegjarn's wyvern. Celica's safe though and so is Faye. Me and Boey were going to look for Genny and Saber when he fell in there..."
"MAE!" Alm yelled making both of them jump. "We're going to save Boey AND Gray and everybody else I swear! We just need to get out of here for-"
They all turned at the source of the sound and charged to help whoever needed them now. After crossing the dune they laid their eyes on the archer Leon being ravaged in a four against one. Two of Surtr's brainwashed Heroes had stolen his feet from under him and disrobed the size 12's to slobber all through his toes and strum his soles like instruments. The third of them held him in the dirt in a bearhug while busying himself by chewing upon the purple-haired man's ear. In contrast to the three being so rough the fourth one was being shockingly gentle. He held the fashionable archers hair back in a ponytail and was fitting something over his nose. The oddly proportioned man laughed as they grew nearer and Alm was able to pick out his words finally.
"Guh-huh! Well now how can you say your not a precious little piggy when not only do you taste so good but you look so good in that?"
Alm readied Falchion as they grew closer and could see what THAT was. The stranger had fitted his friend with a crude leather pig snout over his own nose and was using the man's own hair to tease his slight nose beneath it. The short and stocky man drew Leon up into his arms as they approached and made to run.
"Well now lookie here! Piggly wiggly squealing brought us an audience! Sorry folks we're looking for volunteers more than spectators but you'll love show buisness! In fact you'll never stop smiling! Guh-huh! Get them my piggies!"
The short greasepainted creature threw the gasping Leon over his shoulder and started up the dune before waving it's arms comically and taking an exaggerated tumble down the sand. It's allies leapt at Alm and his party. The two identical ones trying to stop him while the blonde one tackled Kliff to the ground. Alm's dance partners seized him under the arm each and drove him into the sand where they ripped open his shirt. They dragged their fingers along his ribs as the green-haired king grit his teeth and sputtered as the two taunted him.
"Oooh Lazlow look at the handsome volunteer we got."
"Why yes Inigo and he does seem ticklish doesn't he?"
"Ooh yes he is. Try his ribs Lazlow he can't stand it. Can you cutie?"
"Oooh yes Inigo he is such a darling but I'm enjoying these cute nipples of his too much to leave."
"Ooh he's quite the little fighter. Calm down darling have you ever thought about a career in show buisness? We can help you in the door."

At that last taunt Alm finally got loose. He shrugged off Inigo and threw Lazlow to the ground. As the older of the two tried to get to his feet Alm kicked the younger on top of him. He looked back to see that Mae had struck the clown with a lightning bolt spell and the creature now coughed exaggeratedly. A sticky and spent Kliff lay in the sand sans his pants. Alm searched for the one who'd defeated his friend when he was tackled from behind by none other than the boisterous swordsman who set to work at removing his boots.
"Like only the most Radiant of Dawn's Owain Dark will not be deterred on his quest to bring smiles to his friends faces! So let's get you smiling buddy! I bet these are suuuper ticklish! OH! My goodness, look at these! So little! How old are you that you have feet like this?!"
The struggling Alm froze for a second and was overcome with a blush. Growing up he'd been teased about his feet before but he'd always assumed they'd grow eventually with him. Now as a 5'7 young adult with feet still size 7 he'd dealt with teasing about it from not just his betrothed but his childhood friends as well. The hesitation allowed Owain to kick Falchion from his hand and into the sand where Alm lost track of it. In a rage at the loss of his weapon and the exposing of his dainty peds, Alm shoved the blonde off of him and drove an elbow into the side of his head to drive him to the ground. He spied his friend Kliff slowly waking up but also saw Lazlow and Inigo approaching the mage. In a split second he made the decision and tackled the pair from behind as they tumbled he made eye contact with Kliff for a split second and nodded. His friend looked to Mae who cast another spell to finish the clown as she dragged Leon to safety before turning back to his childhood friend that had become his king he prepared himself to disobey until he heard a whooping yell that made him go pale. He looked up to the lip of the sand dune to see a party of four green-haired men coming down towards them wielding nets and rope before turning back to his friend and motioning for him to run as Lazlow and Inigo got the best of him. With tears in his eyes Kliff turned and started up the dune behind Mae and Leon who kicked the fallen clown down behind them.

"By the Sacred Stones, the others are escaping!" Owain shouted as he finally noticed them getting away.
"Let them go Owain, we've already got a prize to wrap up." Inigo said as he and Lazlow forced Alms hands behind his back and trapped them there by wrapping his powerful legs around the warriors body and pulling him close. Alm's hands opened and closed trying to get free but the only part of the newly turned clown's body he could reach was his firm and round bottom. Alms short nails pinched and scratched at the pillowy skin but only got moans and yips from the man who made sure to direct them right into his ear."
"Is that the best you can do? We'll have to train you to be a better tickler when we get you to the castle.
"Right after we train you to be the perfect ticklee right here!" Inigo chimed in as he swept into Alm's front. He frowned at the look of defiance on the young king's face before ripping away the front of his cloth tunic. "Let's chase these grumpies away. Tickle-tickle! C'mon give us a squeal Mr. Piggy!"
His wiggling fingers slowly approached the desperate Alm's chest causing the hero to shrink away. Unfortunately, this only brought him into the free arms of Lazlow who used his free hands to seize him by the shoulders and hold him steady for his partner.
"Now, now my new gigglepig there's no need to run. Laughter is the best medicine and there's nobody more qualified to treat your acute case of Tickly Belly-itis than me and Inigo."
"Exactly Lazlow. Now c'mon piggy give us a smile."
Inigo's fingers danced along the greenette's chest and tight stomach and twiddled along with his petite nipples as Lazlow pulled him tighter with his powerful legs. Alm's eyes were screwed shut with the effort of keeping his laughter bottled that he didn't notice the dancer turned clown reached behind him and slipped his own gorgeous size 14's from their strappy shoes before putting them before him. He placed them upon Alm's chest and put them to work. They nudged about at his trousers before they found their target and manipulated the growing bulge until it stood trapped between the pair of soft tormentors. Alm's eyes shot open at the feeling of the first pump and his laughter escaped through the unexpected moan that came out with it.
"There's a happy boy. You are very cute with a smile on your face you know. Lazlow he's so good looking with a smile on his face I do wish you could see!"
"Is he? Unfortunatley I'm busy keeping it there but the life of a performer is a thankless one Inigo."
Lazlow's fingers found their way into Alm's armpits and the trapped man's voice shot up another notch.
"Inigo my dear could you try and keep up? I seem to be doing all the work here in keeping our captive audience smiling."
"Oh Lazlow. Smoke is still coming off Dandelion and your already giving orders. Very well allow me to give it my all."
His thin fingers twiddled and played with the king's nipples while he peppered his ears with nibbles,licks and kisses until the man released an extremely undignified moan that cut through his boyish giggles.
"There now Lazlow do you think I'm contributing more now?"
"Oh Inigo it isn't a challenge."
"Why not though Lazlow? Let us make this a contest to see who's better. The loser will be punished in the usual way."
"Oh Inigo you do know how to get me roused up. So what do you say Gigglepig? Who tickles more?"
Alm's face was red as a cherry at this point from being ravaged with involuntary giggles but when he suddenly erupted into raucous laughter in Lazlow's grip they both looked confusedly at each other before following the wet smacking sounds to find Owain slurping,sucking and snacking upon Alm's little toes. He smiled goofily at the two before finally releasing his snack. He looked at the wet little digits fondly before grinning at his fellow performers.
"This Conquest means that later I get you two at my mercy doesn't it? Or would you deny the lovable Owain Dark his Birthright simlpy due to our shared Genealogy?"
"M-my fri-friends...did they...." Alm asked through ragged breaths during the break he'd been given.
"They got away yes. Well except the one we're going to pull out of Sadeth's pit in a hour or so" A boisterous voice rang out.

The four Ephraim's wasted no time in diving into the scene. Two of them pulled Lazlow and Inigo off of their fellow greenette and wrapped Alm between them. One of them bound his wrists before him with while the other did the same to his ankles. One of the other hunters dove atop the twins and in seconds had wrestled them onto their bellies and trapped one of each of their feet together in the same headlock. Stripping off Inigo's dancers shoes his teeth descended upon their toes and the pairs pleas turned into frantic laughter quickly. The final Ephraim helped Owain to his feet and adressed him primly.
"Fine work on catching this one. King Surtr will be pleased. Where is the clown?"
"Ahh about that. He was slain despite the combined effort of our Three Houses."
"Unfortunate to hear."
"Yes I suppose. Between you and me I think Dandelion was wearing out his welcome. He was coasting and neglecting to come up with any new material. Personally, I think their's nobody better than Owain Dark to lead this act on a Path of Radiance."
"If you say so. Any idea what happened to the others from his group?"
"They're the ones who slew poor Dandelion may he rest in peace. They took off over that dune. Any luck with your hunting if I may ask?"
The two shoved the bound Alm onto his back in the sand and took up positions to cuddle into either side of the shorter man and scratch along his ribs.
"Us personally? Besides the one in the pit no. Princess Laegjarn took a prize though which brings us to three new toys counting this morsel."
"Wonderful! Stupendous! Really good! Do you think Surtr would mind if we took this one for our act then? We are down a man."
"No. We were specifically looking for this one to add new meat to our hunting party."
"Doesn't seem fair. You already have four and we're only three. Are you going to just keep taking until you get to 776?"
"We're the most valuable unit and King Surtr's favorite."
"By my Holy Blood, I'd say both those are debatable. How could the most valuable unit come back with no prizes when a simple troupe of clowns caught one. How goes the hunt for Prince Lyon hmmm? Have any luck with that yet? I'm glad I could be here for your Awakening but we're the new stars around here and it's your Fates to get used to it."
The Ephraim atop Lazlow and Inigo got a bit too cocky and let his foot get in Lazlow's grip. He was quickly thrown off the two and re-pinned under them with the two sitting atop his chest and trapping his cock between their big soft feet for the footjob style that King Surtr preferred.

"You tell funny jokes clown. I and my other selves saw those others run when they saw us. If it weren't for us you wouldn't have any catches. I've always been the competitive type so how about a competition? Winner's get credit for King Surtr for the new meat and get to keep him for their respective group."
"The Mystery of the Emblem here is why we would agree to this? We already caught him and are just waiting for the pit creature to spit up the other one to take him with us as well back to the convoy."
"Win and you can personally be the ones to punish us when we return to Surtr empty-handed. Lose and we'll do the same."
"Oooh by the Shadow Dragon now that's a deal! We are outnumbered though so will one one you be sitting out?"
"No need. Simply use the new meat as your fourth. Regular elimination then? Spill and your out?"
"C'mon Prince Ephraim lets make it more interesting! You must beat your opponent without touching their organ! How's that? No pickle tickling so you've gotta do it entirely through sensation!"
"Oh so you want a workout then? Very well clown I agree to your terms!"
"Wonderful! By the 12 Crusaders, we'll have such fun! You all heard and understand yes?"
"Soohohundds like FUHUHUN yes!" Said the Ephraim trapped between Lazlow and Inigo.
"Now hoHOHOHLd on! I want NOOOHOO part of this! Just LEHEHEEHEET me go!" Alm begged as the two Ephraim's twirled their fingers in the light green fuzz of his armpits.
"Your objections are noted but discarded. Come on, What kind of lucky fellow gets to pick his friends? You've truly got the devil's own luck. Everybody break and face up!"
Alm was released with a kiss on the cheek as the two Prince's of Renais went to help their third version to his feet. They dusted him off and teased him about the sticky mess he'd made on his chest. Eventually the four Ephraim's stood shoulder to shoulder before the clowns and the unwilling Alm who noticed three of the four wiggling their fingers at him and licking their lips. The one who led them went over the rules once more.
"Alright no touching of each others fruit. The objective is to make your victim spill entirely through sensation. When you pop you are out and are to go sit on the sidelines. Beyond that anything and everything is allowed. The winner is to receive the hamdsome young new meat."
"Yes and by the War of Shadows that will be us! When we win he'll join our performing troupe! You understand yes right my giggly piglet?" Owain whispered the last part as he freed the heroes ankles and wrists.
Alm looked from side to side at his new "teammates" wondering how fast they'd be when he bolted for freedom while they did this inanity. He pitied these men and the ridiculous evil had Surtr comitted to them but he knew he could do nothing for them now.
"Yes I understand." He lied, vowing to help them eventually once he'd escaped.

"Very well!" The lead Ephraim yelled as all the participants sized each other up.
"On the count of three! One! Two!"
Alm failed to notice Owain and Ingo sidling closer to him until they had already both seized him.
The Ylisseans threw their unwilling teammate directly at their opposition who took formation and graciously took the gift. Three sets of hands took him and pinned him to the ground amd Alm swallowed hard at the expressions on the three identical faces that stared down at him. Left alone by his teammates all taking in the tastiest morsel, The Leader of the pack was all alone and distracted by his fellows ridiculous mistake. It was a simple matter for Lazlow to take him to the ground and as the two writhed there they were quickly joined by Inigo who helped his older self slip a cord around their victims thumbs to bind them together and Owain who forced his arms above his head exposing his smooth and delicious armpits to his dancing friends.
"We've been working on this trick for awhile and had planned to debut it for Lord Surtr's eyes first but the chance to knock you off your pedestal is too good. INIGO! LAZLOW! YOUR SWORDS!"
With but the simplest flicks of their wrists along the dancers belts they sprung forth their erect yet still delicate seeming cocks and placed them on either side of the captives defenseless hollows.
"By both, my Binding and Blazing blades take this! Our Triangle Attack!"
Inigo and Lazlow placed their stiff cocks into the man's armpits and began to drag the organs about leaving behind faint trails of precum on the sensitive skin. At the very second of contact it was as if Ephraim had been shocked. The feeling of those penises moving about in his armpits though was too much and as he kicked his legs and screamed for help from his other selves all he thought of was his own rock hard little fellow.

Ephraim's pleas for help went unheard though as the other three were far too distracted by their meal. They'd pinned the young Alm down by his arms and legs and as he kicked and begged three sets of mouths rotated taking in big breaths, puckering their lips and blowing big sloppy raspberries on the heroic belly they had there. They coordinated in a way that allowed them to keep a pefect rotation so that their charges belly never went unmolested and in less than a minute Alm's was reaching a red-hot flush due to lack of air. The frenzy with which they acted drowned out the begging of their teammate as the trio were ravaging their charge in pefect concerto and not noticing how one of Alm's hands had closed around his Falchion beneath the sand. His captors were more concerned with making a perfect swirling of red raspberry marks over Alm's stomach as they moved in on his tasty little navel. The Ephraim under their cares, whole body was red-hot as he gave up on trying to call for help and instead bottled up the laughter in a last act of defiance. Inigo and Lazlow made shapes and traced their fingers along his forearms as his cheeks swelled with the effort of keeping it down. Owain pressed his fingers to the struggling princes cheeks and pinched until he finally burst.
"Brought low by us mere clowns. Isn't that a strange thing. Oh and your laughing so hard you're turning redder than a tomato now. I bet your little friend down there is loving this. Let the little guy breath! I bet he wants to join the show so bad..."
Ephraim's eyes were rolled into his head but when Owain leaned down and blew a stream of hot air at the redhead of his cock that was enough. With a roar he popped with enough force that Owain fell back to avoid getting it in his eyes. Still now all four were smiling equally as the spent hunter was peppered with gentle kisses from his entertainers before being left in the sand utterly spent.

Finally at the feeling of one of the Ephraim's slipping his tongue in during a raspberry on his navel, Alm made his move. With all his strength he got his arm free and swung Falchion at his captors who scattered before the weapon. He got to his feet and held the three at bay while looking for the best escape route until help arrived from the most unexpected source. The clowns attacked the Ephraim's from behind with Lazlow and Owain managing to take down their targets. Inigo however, was sidestepped by his dance partner who easily guided him to crash into Alm who lost his grip on Falchion once again. He struggled beneath the dancer to disentangle himself from him while the Ephraim laughed. Finally after freeing himself from the man Alm's wrists were seized and dragged above his head. He was dragged on his back away from the melee by Ephraim who then pinned his wrists into the sand by kneeling atop them. His fingers wiggled above the trapped Alm who swallowed hard. Meanwhile two very different things were happening with the ambush. Inigo had rushed back to help his twin in the subduing of his Ephraim and allowing their combined strength to roll him upon his belly and sit upon the backs of his knees to give them free rein over his feet. Owain though was being overpowered by his victim and soon found himself forced into the dirt. He felt hot air blow across his rear and flushed red as his dancers belt was tossed away.
"Wa-wait now friend let's be reasonAHAHHAHABLEE!!"
Fingers danced across the swordsman tight rear as his pleas turned to babbles.
"You know I think your easier to understand when you beg than when you babble. I can see why King Surtr picked you as you do make an entertaining clown."
Ephraim's nails dragged down Owain's thighs before coming right back up his bubble butt and into his lower back. The blonde twisted and thrashed but every time he got too wild for Ephraim's liking a hard spank across his pillowy peaks calmed him back down and illicited a defeated whimper. Soon he resigned himself to just pounding on the sand as Ephraim's fingers decimated his buttocks.
"Back to nonsense? Guess I'll have to tickle some sense out of this clown. Gitchie-gitchie!"
Ephraim slapped the side's both cheeks playfully then danced his fingers over them while they still jiggled. When they settled again, another slap to begin it all again while Owain squealed something about the Rainbow Sage preserving him.

Inigo and Lazlow were too engrossed in their game to notice their freinds plight. They'd each produced quills and after a breif yet heated argument about who shoud get to finish Ephraim off, they had decided to settle it with an old favorite game of theirs.
"B5 Inigo."
"You missed Lazlow. Looks like my vessel is safe."
"Drat, let me just cross out the spot."
"Ah,ah, ah aren't you forgetting something Lazlow."
"Oh fine Inigo I'll ring the bell."
The larger of the two seized Ephraim's index toe and wiggled it all about between pinched fingers. The two placed their hands to their ears and adopted looks of confusion before looking back at the victim who was spoiling their fun. Ephraim had bitten into his knuckle and was using it to try and hold his laughter back as his free hand flailed in the sand at the sensation of the quill points across his soles and how frequently they'd "rung" his ticklish toes.
"Ah-hem old chap your supposed to laugh here."
"Ah but because he didn't you're in trouble now Lazlow."
"I'm sure our friend needs a minute and then he'll sound the bell. Please Inigo not the-"
"Sorry Lazlow but yes. The Hurricane is here! Right off the heel of the peninsula!"
Inigo took his quill and with great relish drew a giant spiral hard into the hunter's heel until finally-
"See Lazlow? Mother nature is the greatest equalizer."
"Quite right Inigo. Gods bless Dandelion for teaching us this fun game to play with our friends."
"Why yes Lazlow I do so love this game of Battleships and I think our friend Ephraim is fond of it too. Aren't you our captive audience?"
"Daahamn you!"
"Ooh. Now that's not what we wanted. How about a nice breeze through the trees to chase those grumpies away?"
As Lazlow sawed his quilll's plume through Ephraim's wiggling toes and he quickly changed his tone to proclaiming his love for the game the sound took over the desert.

Alm heard the hunter's pleas and felt a pang of pity for a minute. The feeling of his Ephraim's fingers back to swirling his nipples though drove away the kings sympathetic pangs though. He laughed just as hard as the other two as the youngest of the Ephraim's played with his nipples. Unlike the others he didn't beg but this was simply due to how scrambled he was at the feeling. Before Surtr's curse had ravaged Askr and made the order so unbearably ticklish Alm had been quite susceptible to the tactic already. In fact as a child in Ram Village he and his all of his friends would quite frequently engage in large scale tickle fights with each other. Alm had never fared quite well. Sure he could take out Kliff and if he could get his hands on the speedy Tobin he was a goner as well but Gray could take him with one hand and Faye would usually snap him up at the slightest chance. Celica was better at it than him as well and alot of their games would turn into her and Faye tickling each other over who would get him! Alm's worst spot though would rarely get touched by his friends though due to an unspoken agreement between his friends about the one time they'd forced the boy to tears. Since the curse had gotten him Alm had feared what would happen if somebody found it but thankfully nobody had thought about checking there. It wasn't exactly a common spot to be ticklish.
"Well now these little royal jewels need a break I'd say and we've been over your belly. Hmmmm where else can we play? How about these sides?"
Ephraim's fingers went up and down Alm's sides like he was scratching an itch. Digging his nails in dangerously close to his knees before combing them up all they way until they got lost in the sparse green hairs of the armpits where they'd finish with a little twirl of pride. Alm's skinny legs kicked and pounded in the samd in desperation but Ephraim showed him no mercy and was enjoying the expression on the panicked princes face far too much to stop.

"See I'm not gonna stop tickling these gorgeous globes until you talk normally clown. Until you do I'm just gonna keep honking these. Honk, honk.
With a pair of sharp squeezes of his prey's perky cheeks Ephraim enjoyed went back to his work and swirled his fingers around his victims pink opening. With a light poke he made the blonde shriek and surrender.
"Ah, ah, ah."
The finger sneaking in deeper made Owain stop his bit short and hang his head earning him a soft pat on his bright red ass.
"Good boy."
He was easily rolled over onto his back by Ephraim and with just a pinched nipple erupted.
"CRIHIHTICAL!!" He yelled before falling back in a sticky mess gasping for air.
Ephraim smiled wickedly at the first genuine laugh the clown had given him before turning and looking over the battlefield. One of his brothers was down he knew that and another was handling the new meat with ease. He supposed the remaining one was probably getting double teamed by the more attractive members of this troupe of fools. He looked about for them but could only see his fallen brother gasping in the sand covered in pen marks. Where were the others? Out of the corner of his eye he saw Lazlow tackle his comrade off Alm and restrain him. It clicked that he'd been duped about a second after Inigo after slipped a rope around his wrist pulled it behind him and bound his hands together.

Alm got his breath and still giggled abit at the phantom sensations in his pits before looking at the Ephraim struggling with Lazlow. His recent captor was being held to the ground by his former captor with the recent only managing to stay free by occasionally goosing the ribs of the former to keep him from locking his arms around him. For a second Alm considered helping him out of pity. Than a strange desire for vengeance took him over and the naked lord ran over to seize Ephraim's wrists and hold them in his lap for Lazlow to lock him up. He stuck his tongue out at the now fuming Prince of Renais and wiggled his fingers before him to let him know that he wasn't getting let off easy. Something in the back of his mind was screaming for him to run but he ignored it and instead knelt down to dig his fingers into Ephraim's tasty hips. Alm enjoyed the way that Lazlow backed him up with a vicious tongue right into Ephraim's left ear to keep him nice and relaxed at the smaller man's attack. Alm was getting drawn in closer and closer unconsciously by a fascination with Ephraim's lips. They looked so soft and crushable with the way they contrasted on his red cheeks. Alm wondered what they would taste like.
"What are you doing?!" His own voice echoed in his head. "You could be home free! Run! Run for your life! THEY WON'T LET YOU GO!" It screamed but Alm's body instead crushed his lips against Ephraim's and forced his tongue between them. The Prince of Renais was unsteady for but a second but he was more used to these urges from being under the spells of Loki for longer, even under the duress of torture like this he linked his legs behind the Hero to keep him trapped for when he snapped out of this. Alm did just that a second later and wondered what he'd been thinking as he pulled away from Ephraim leaving a trail of saliva. The hunter though immediately brought Alm closer and clamped his lips onto Alm's slender neck. He nibbled on the sensitive neck and loved the way his fellow greenette squealed cutely at the sensation and writhed. With one arm Lazlow held the hunter still and with the other reached around to goose his belly and tweak his thighs.
"AHAHA! COWARD! OHONE ON OHOHNE!" He protested as Alm wormed free of his bite-y bear hug and trapped the man's ankles with his thigh.
"No, no handsome. No rules remember? Besides the little fellow was just double teamed by you a minute ago no? Let's give him some payback."
Alm wiggled his fingers before the trapped feet with a wicked grin as Ephraim grimaced at what was to come.

Things weren't going well at all for Inigo on the flipside. The younger of the twin heroes turned performers had stolen behind his quarry and bound Ephraim's wrists tight. With that done the former had gotten cocky and attempted to taunt his prey by jumping onto his back and trying to ride him into the ground. What Inigo hadn't realized though was that he had picked the most experienced of the Ephraim's and used to the weight of heavy armor and the legendary axe Garm the weight of the sprightly dancer was nothing. Realizing something had gone wrong Inigo squirmed and tried to disembark from his perch upon Ephraim's back but found that Ephraim's bound hands had seized his ankle. With a twist showing off the power contained in his delicious abdominals Ephraim pulled Inigo from his back by the ankle and slammed him to the ground by it. Inigo had the wind knocked from him and in seconds was pinned by the frame of Ephraim who threw himself atop the svelte-r man. Despite their talent for battle each of the Ephraim's had been im Surtr's grip for a good portion of time and had been trained to please their king who dwarfed them in size. Using his strength like this wasn't something that Ephraim had gotten to do in a while as he had instead been trained to please with his mouth. Nipping at the light baby fat upon the performer's chest Ephraim smiled at the feeling of the man turning to jelly beneath him and dragging his tongue up towards those cute pink nipples he saw peeking from beneath the dancers vest. Inigo's fingers clutched at the sand and dug in as the man took his nubs them into his mouth before his moans turned to hysteria at the sudden reversal of his attention from tender to ticklish.

Alm and Lazlow though had their fortunes only turn better as they'd taken Ephraim and spread him across both of their laps with Lazlow holding his wrists and Alm his ankles. Under the ten wiggling fingers between them Ephraim had passed into the realm of nonsensical babbling for his ticklish begging. Alm teased and swirled inside his navel as he let out high pitched yipes. Lazlow combed his fingers along through his hairless armpits as his belly shook with deep laughter.
"EHEHEE!! NOHOOO!" he shrieked.
Alm, not to be outdone by his newly found rival goosed Ephraim's hipbones and smiled brightly at Lazlow when the prince squealed like a pig at the treatment. Lazlow smiled back and took both of Ephraim's between his fingers and twiddled them about to make the man thrash.
Alm looked on with the intent to learn and dug his fingers into Ephraim's sides HARD. Lazlow nodded at the simple yet effective tactic before gesturing for his new student to watch. With a flourish, he placed his lips to Ephraim's chest and took a deep breath before blowing out a big sloppy raspberry.
"NOOHOHO! NOHOOHOO MORE! NOHOHO MORE! I CAHAHAN'T STAND ANEHEENEEHEYMORE!" Ephraim babbled as he was quickly approaching his limit.
Another sloppy raspberry followed it though and then another and then the young Alm joined in thinking that maybe if he tickled Ephraim harder it would help get rid of this feeling he was forgetting something.

Inigo had been destroyed, using only his talented mouth Ephraim had gotten Inigo's body so hot and flustered that now the unbound one of the pair begged the reatrained one for mercy. The feeling of Ephraim's teeth geeently sliding his nipples about had driven the dancer out of his mind. He'd completely forgotten the intent of this game and now his whole body ached for more of the hunter's touch as a strange fog settled over his already washed and rinsed mind. When an order for him to release Ephraim's hands was barked at him, the dancer tripped over his feet to comply and bit at the knot in hopes to be faster forgetting their game completely. Once freed Ephraim ruffled the clown's hair and grinned at the way the man seemed to dissolve at the touch. He seated himself in the sand and pointed at his lap.
"Give me your feet clown. I'm going to show you how to really get some laughs."
The size 14's were hastily presented and as Ephraim slowly dragged a finger up the flesh he beamed at the twitching organ on display in Inigo's lap. Forcing his thumbs in he splayed the long toes out in reflex before knotting his fingers in amongst the sensitive digits. Inigo wrapped his arms around his sides and panted as Ephraim slowly began counting each of those toesies pretending to lose his place and then starting again simply to frustrate his quarry. Inigo couldn't contain himself and as the Princely Hunter removed his own cock, the dancer found himself already leaking.
"My goodness." Ephraim said noticing the puddle forming in the sand beneath the man. "You've barely even been touched. I can see why King Surtr enjoys your shows."
Ephraim placed his erect cock into the dancers warm heel and dragged it up the soft foot watching those delightful toes wiggle all the way. Inigo's moan as he came just about caused Ephraim's own package to deliver but the tealette seized his shaft and forced himself to calm down by looking away from the messy dancer who now writhed in the sand. He scanned the top of the dunes and saw an outline of purple and gold that he'd suspected he might see. Loki blew a kiss towards the valiant warrior who's side she'd chosen to support as her staff Thokk thrummed with mind-scrambling magic. He ruffled the hair of the sweaty mess that had previously been his opponent as he ran off to help his last teammate.

The most dashing of the Ephraim's though was anything but that at the moment as Loki had scrambled his mind right along with Alm's on a whim. Now the formerly gallant hero lay naked in the sand upon his back with the gargantuan size 14's and petite size 7's of Lazlow and Alm respectively placed upon his face. He grunted and moaned as his tongue ravaged and roamed upon the bottoms of the soft, squishy and warm soles that covered his face while his hand betrayed him and stroked the length of his cock at a frantic pace. The smaller of his two opponents giggled and squeaked at any attention whatsoever paid to his tiny peds causing the larger to draw him into a gentle hug and hush his yips and groans. Lazlow was much more use to this due to long-time training with the Muspellian Royals and his former teacher Dandelion who'd shown him just how good this situation could feel. If anything Lazlow was getting impatient for Ephraim to start biting like his lord Surtr would normally. Ephraim though was content where he was and froze up for a second as he made rope all along his chest and even splashed a bit up onto Alm's feet. Alm jumped at the sensation of the hot sticky liquid surprising him and basically ended up blushing in Lazlow's arms. Lazlow thought to himself about how unfairly cute the boy who'd conquered a continent in his arms was and wondered how his descendant could have possibly been the old mountain in red he'd faced back in Valm with Chrom.
Loki up on the dune looked upon the sickeningly sweet scene and frowned. If she'd wanted these two to be happy she'd have helped them get away. In the interest of chaos she snapped her fingers and chuckled as light of Thokk faded away and the clouds in the green eyes of Alm faded away. The short hero looked about at where he was and slowly recalled the events that had played out and the things he'd just done that he would never normally do.

He spared a glance down at the ruined Ephraim panting in the sand and how his sweaty skin seemed to twinkle in the sun. His musings on other mens light refracting capabilities was interrupted by Lazlow slipping a finger into his navel and twirling it about causing him to burst into thrashing hysterics in the mans arms.
"Oh look at the cute little conqueror. Playing dumb after a successful first show in hopes of fishing for praise? Your just lucky your so cute already or I'd tickle your brains out for trying to be cute. Like this! PPPBBTT!!"
A big raspberry got Alm laughing good and loud.
Lazlow snuck an arm down under Alm's kicking legs and hoisted him up suddenly into a bridal style new level of humiliation. The giggling greenette squirmed around but couldn't get any strength to break free as Lazlow pacified him with a big raspberry.
"PPBBTTPPTT!! Oh yes that wasn't you I'm sure. It was this snuggly little sadist in my arms with the cummy toes who looks just like you. This is the culprit with the tickly tummy I've got here red-faced and red-handed."
Lazlow stood up and began swishing around with the squirmy Alm in his arms as if the thrashing man was a dance partner. He lightly stepped upon the hot sands dipping his giggling partner and twirling upon his toes, dipping in that navel to keep his new friend squealing and pinching at his hips.
"Oooh you say that but I don't see you saying stop. No you're just giggling away with a smile on your face. I think you love this. I think you've never been happier than when your gasping for air with that nicely muscled chest of yours just bursting with giggly good-times."
Every time Alm attempted to protest the invader in his navel would return and dissolve his words into incomprehensible laughter. The inside of his poor widdle belly button was scratched, swirled pinched, prodded and a few other things that he was laughing far too hard to describe but it was still nothing compared to his worst spot which Inigo accidentally brushed with his thumb during a dip during his waltz with his partner.

Alm went wild and finally got free from the man only to end up face down in the sand. Lazlow looked incredulously on at his thumb then at those little knees that had gotten such a big reaction from his dance partner.
"Well now what a discovery this is. Does my little friend here have tickly knees?"
With a burst of energy Alm took off running at a last-ditch effort for freedom. He scaled the dune with Lazlow hot on his heels only to be seized right at the top by Ephraim and thrown onto the ground before him and mounted. The prince dug his fingers into the shorter princes ribs as Lazlow crested the dune behind them.
"A two on one then? Very well I'm prepared." Ephraim said as he released the gasping Alm.
"Yes, it is but not the way you think."
Lazlow dove and seized the ankle of one of Alm's skinny legs and raised it into the air as he took his cock in his hand.
"My not so cooperative friend has decided the game is off and that he'd like to leave. Thankfully though he also showed me just how ticklish these little knees of his are."
He jammed his leaking cock into the soft flesh on the other side of Alm's knee and began painting the tender skin with sticky pre-cum.
"Oh my that is a sweet spot, isn't it? So allies once more? Very well. How about that other knee?"
Ephraim took the other ankle and drove in right alongside Lazlow.

The two continued their violation of the shrieking Alm as the statuesque tactician of Muspel stepped carefully over the sands to come upon the scene. She smiled smugly at the red-faced and sniveling Alm who grabbed her by the calve and tried to plead.
"Ohhh poor baby. You're just so delightfully ticklish. This must be so horrible for you."
With a throat burning groan Prince Alm painted his chest white as his eyes rolled back into his head.
"Well now that doesn't look like you hate it at all. Could you have lied to me? Give him a break darlings."
Lazlow and Ephraim paused for a minute breathing heavily as Loki knelt down and pinched his tear-stained cheek.
"I'd love to help you, sweetie, I would. I love tickling handsome boys like you though and if you hate tickling so much I don't think I or King Surtr have much use for you. I'm afraid I'd have to leave you here with the boys."
"Have your fun."
With that the dancer and hunter resumed their art class upon Alm's knee and plunged him back into a ticklish hell.
"Lady Loki."
"Oh close. Try again."
"Oh you do? That's wonderful. I don't have any needs for rebellious children though."
"Guhhh. S-sorry my lady."
White leaked down Alm's calf as Ephraim ejaculated.
"Oh don't worry my dear you have needs as well. Tell you what my handsome boy. I have some delightful dust here that I belive that you know the purpose of. Put that on and I'll tell the boys to stop. Do we have a deal?"
"Wonderful. Boys?"

Lazlow and Ephraim stopped and released Alm's legs. When he tried to curl up though they stopped him and manhandled him up into a sitting position before Loki who also stooped down to sit down before the captive. She placed a pouch the same color as her dress on Alm's bare and sticky lap.
"My lady Loki have you seen these feet of his?" Lazlow asked proffering Alm's ankle as the sniffling greenette opened the bag and spread the powder over his face.
"What dear? Oh my goodness! Those are precious! They're so little! Oh I could play with these for days!"
Alm's sniffles were replaced with snickers as Loki traced a finger along his petite size 7 and played with the tiny little toes as the hero squealed from both that and grabby hands of Ephraim and Lazlow who had taken their ladies cue and resumed their play time.
"Well now this has been a great arrangement for all involved. Alm-ykins here has a nice bed to share with King Surtr and we all get him to play with. Now there's just the matter of getting him to sleep. I've got a great idea about that. Let's give him the same treatment as all of the losers of your fun game today. Let me just get my staff and cast the spell."

With a snap of her fingers light filled Alm's vision and when he looked around Loki was gone though he was still in the hands of the two tickle-crazed slaves. He looked around at the sheer sand dunes around them that made it seem as if he trapped in a bowl when they heard a noise. The three looked at what seemed to be strange plants sprouting in the sand and drew closer to investigate.
"A-Alm? D-Did you come to save me?"
Alm went pale at the sight of Boey's white-haired head sprouting from where it was buried in the sand surrounded by the similarly trapped heads of Inigo, Owain and the other Ephraim's. He suddenly felt strong coils tighten around his ankles and swallowed at the feeling of strong hands on his shoulders and the out of control laughter of his two former captors.
"Well hello there human. My name is Sadeth! Welcome to my lair! Are you perhaps the ticklish?"
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