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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Comedy · #2200910
A young woman gets her head stuck in a sculpture and needs help from her girlfriend.
A month after her tree trunk incident,19 year old Renee Thompson was out walking with her girlfriend Melissa when she spotted a wooden sculpture and went over to have a closer look.

The two women looked at the sculpture and noticed that there was a hole in the top of it as the young blond asked her girlfriend,"do you think my head would fit through that hole?"

"Maybe but I'm not sure if you should try in case you get stuck," said Melissa, noticing how small the hole was.

"Oh,come on,I'll be in and out," said Renee as she stuck her head through the hole and made funny faces and wiggled her rear end as Melissa took pictures and said,"you look so ridiculous."
"Come on Renee,pull your head out,I'm feeling hungry," the young brunette.

"Ok," replied Renee as she tried to pull her head out but it didn't come free.
"That's not good," said the young blond to herself as she placed her hands against the sculpture and pushed and pushed with all her might but still the sculpture refused to let go of her head.
"Come on Renee,stop messing around and get your head out," said a slightly annoyed Melissa.
"I'm trying, just give me a minute," said Renee as she then tried to push herself free again,even putting her foot against the bottom of the sculpture for more leverage but still her head still refused to come out.

"Oh, it's no use," said the young woman as she admitted to her girlfriend,"Melissa,my head is stuck, could you please give me a hand?"
"You've got to be kidding me," said Melissa as she placed her hand over her face in disbelief at her girlfriend's situation before saying,"of course,I'll help you," as she grabbed onto Renee's waist and pulled and pulled while Renee pushed and the two pulled and pushed with all their strength for several minutes without success until Renee said,"OW,OW, stop pulling, you're going to pull my head off."

Melissa let go of her girlfriend's waist and said,"look,I'm going to get help,try not to lose your head," as she walked away.
"Ha,ha, very funny,"said Renee as she then tried to get her head out again.

Renee had spent 15 minutes trying to get her head unstuck with absolutely no success as she suddenly felt something sniffing at her rear end and heard a bark and said,"oh, you're just a dog, you're not much help."

The dog then grabbed onto the seat of the young blond's short pink skirt and began to pull as Renee began wiggling her backside and said,"let go of my skirt,I literally just bought it yesterday," but still the dog continued to pull until a RIP sound was heard.

The young woman's face turned beet red with embarrassment as she realised that the dog had pulled off the seat of her skirt, exposing her bubble butt which was barely covered by a red thong as the dog then ran off to chase a passing car.

"I may have my head stuck and my dress is ripped,so at least my day can't possibly get any worse," said Renee as a bird began pecking at her exposed backside as she then said,"I just had to ask, didn't I."

Several passers-by stopped and took pictures of the young blond's predicament and some mistook her for a street performer and placed money in a cup next to the sculpture.

Melissa soon returned with the two's friend David and David's girlfriend Emma,as the three burst out laughing when they saw Renee's now exposed behind as Emma joked,"why it is every time I see you recently Renee,I've also see your underwear."

Melissa then placed some butter around her girlfriend's head and told her,"this might hurt a bit" as she then grabbed onto her girlfriend's waist while David pulled Melissa's waist while Emma pulled her boyfriend's t-shirt.
"1,2,3,pull," said Melissa as the three pulled and pulled and pulled on Renee who said,"OW, you're going to pull my head off," as a group of people watched the ridiculous sight of the young woman's rescue.

Suddenly,a POP sound was heard as Renee's head was finally pulled out of the hole, sending everyone tumbling backwards into a heap on the ground.

"Thanks for your help everyone," said Renee as she hugged and kissed Melissa before hugging David and Emma as she then heard the crowd clapping and a few wolf whistles and realised that everyone could see her barely-covered backside.

The four, realised that the crowd thought Renee was pretending to be stuck and took a bow as the crowd left as Renee noticed the cup full of money and said,"maybe getting stuck wasn't such a bad Ida," as everyone laughed at how ridiculous the entire situation was as they went to get some lunch.
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