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Heart is in the art of poetry, naturally.
I just grabbed a beat,
like I would grabbed a hot chick to dance with me..
With the mic, igniting inferno on the streets;
Making the whole ground shake spontaneously.
Letting the bass bump ,
parking the spaceship n jumping out simultaneously.
Speaking in poetry hypothetically.
I write raps,
and no, I am not a gangster, obviously,
Its a wrap,
Playing it in a music video soundtrack, notoriously.
I made her claps,
she's bouncing back,
saying, "I'm a holla back girl," ironically.
I'm a fallen king in a falling world,
and this is what I do for a living,
I am a poetic nerd.
This is my piece of the pie,
touched mine and get recklessly served.
I'mma silver surfer.
The one they kinda heard of,
with a silver surfboard.
When they see me surfing..
they get nervous.
Heads up, while my head's crowned.
technically.. I am C at your service..

Where your heart at?
Where where where your heart at? (at at at)

I just grabbed a knife,
like I would grabbed a sniper to shoot with me.
With inferred, looking through the scope aiming at my enemies.
Making myself known everywhere, infamously.
Unleashing the ammos,
Putting down the braves, handling my adversary.
In the form of poetry encoded, cryptically.
I break codes,
and yes , I am the architect, honestly.
Its like that,
Over writing Zion and The Matrix fantastically.
I made him mad,
He's busting back,
Saying, "I'm a soldier boy, don't test with me."
I'mma Deadric prince in a daedric world,
and this is what I do around here,
I allow myself to be heard.
These are my parts of the rhymes,
Plagiaries become silently unheard.
I'ma Jedi warrior.
The one they kinda notice,
With a red lightsaber.
When they hear me slashing
they all perish.
Hands up, while my hands down.
Amazingly, I'm the beast who is outrageous.

Where your heart at?
Where where where your heart at? (at at at)

I just step on the floor,
like I would step on my guitar in front of me.
With my band, rocking the stage fearlessly.
Getting the crowd to sings along with me, totally.
Watching their heads bops,
jumping ups and downs like we're an army.
In art of poetry most definitely
We just rock,
and oh, we're the great around here, consciously.
Its just hot,
Lighting up the sky like forth of july, marvelously.
I made them stop,
They yelling, "what?"
Saying, " But this is how we party," normally.
I'm a rock star in a rocky world,
and this is how I work everyday,
I get the guys to dance with the girls.
This is my lyrics and lines,
So follow me and be willingly marge.
I'ma natural born leader,
the one that's kinda flawless,
with a lot of deities and devas,
When they found my writing,
they fell in love with.
Stands up, while I'm sitting down,
Immortality, I am equally that awesome.

Where your heart at?
Where where where your heart at? (at at at)
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