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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Short Story · Family · #2201085
The bed room is some how bizarre today. Ryan does not understand what does happen.
Ryan wants to enter to the bed room. He calls: "Emerald where are you?" He finds no one.
The light is switched off. It is dark. Ryan cannot achieve the home electricity generator. He decides to go to the kitchen where there are some candles. But he cannot see the stairs well and decides to stick with the stairs ramp and slides. He reaches hardly the kitchen broking a vase. He lights a candle and goes up stairs again.
The bed room looks somehow bizarre today. The door is closed. He finds a chain at the door. A key is on the hall mahogany table. He opens the chain. When he enters he finds some important changes. Multicolored confetti, fall from the upper of the door. The door is closed immediately behind him. He is really afraid. What is the matter? He asks himself. The bed is new and it is golden. On it there is a perfumed quilt and colored with light mauve. The wardrobe is new. It is sculpted with several drawings symbolizing flowers. He hardly notices a box on the bed. A blue box wrapped with a white node is found. First, Ryan does not want to open it. But when he finds his initials on it he quickly decides to open it. He finds a singular blue and red tie and a masculine perfume. Hello it is a surprise his wife enters and says him: "Happy birthday my love".

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