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All non-whites are miniaturized down to an inch tall!
Author’s Note: This story takes place in the same milieu as “Aryan Thunder” but involves characters who are under 18. The main characters in Aryan Thunder are all young adults, so I wanted to write a side story with younger characters in the same world.

Author’s Note #2: I revised this story and added an important antagonist and more scenes.

Chapter One: Dawn of the Thunder Children

In Bullet Bay, a city on California's central coast...

Guerra Rivera was at his local gym on an atypical Saturday night, he had just finished a workout and was consuming his post-workout meal at a counter that had a stool attached to the floor. A television was on above him, with a recording by Raleigh Doran; she was a woman who claimed to be from the future of an alternate reality where the Nazis won World War Two. The sound was off, but sub-titles were on the bottom of the screen.

Guerra read the wording. Raleigh claimed that she was going to miniaturize everyone who wasn't white down to an inch tall on Sunday morning at 6 a.m. Berlin time. The cut-off is half-white, anyone who isn't clear on their racial classification can meet with one of her fembots to acquire a transponder, which would allow Raleigh's orbital neutrino dissimilators to pass over that person without shrinking them. Raleigh planned on having fembots in every major city on Earth. Guerra did the calculations, and realized that the shrinking would be going down at 10 p.m. that very night.

The only gym worker on duty that night approached Guerra. He was wearing a lanyard with a transponder given to him by one of Raleigh's fembots. "So tonight's the night, eh?" the gym worker tried to socialize with Guerra.

"I don't believe any of it," said Guerra. "It's probably a publicity stunt for a new product, or a psychological experiment conducted by the military. There's no shrink ray cannons in orbit! If it wasn't for this hoax, I would've had an MMA fight tonight, but it's been canceled."

"According to Raleigh," the gym worker continued, "She explained that once miniaturized, the captives become immortal, and don’t need food, water or need to use the restroom. The normal sized people will also become immortal, but they will age normally until the aging process halts at age 21, but they will still be able to eat and drink and use the restroom."

"I wouldn't mind being immortal," said Guerra, "since you're white you're probably looking forward to this if it really happens."

"I can't see how you have any doubts about this," said the gym worker. "Raleigh took over every television channel and radio station with her message on a never-ending loop for the past three days. The only thing still working is the Internet."

"If I knew it was going to really happen, I'd probably get a hard-on," said Guerra. "Well, I'm done eating, I'm heading home."

Before Guerra could get up from his stool, a cute teenage girl with long dark blonde hair carrying a plastic jar approached him. “Aren’t you Guerra Rivera, the MMA fighter?”

“Yes, but I don’t feel like giving out autographs right now,” Guerra replied.

“Oh, I don’t want an autograph, I want to make you a proposal.” The teenager said.

“I don’t get involved with underage girls,” said Guerra.

“I want to be your owner when you shrink down tonight!” She said. “There’s a party not far from here, and I want to own the best captive!” The girl licked her lips. “I’m Angela Miller.”

“I’m not convinced anyone is getting shrunk tonight,” Guerra replied.

“How far away do you live?” The girl asked. “I doubt you can make it home before Raleigh’s shrink ray cannons go off! If you’re just gonna end up in someone’s belly, it might as well be mine!”

Guerra ignored the inquisitive teenager and exited the gym with his gym bag, and began walking home. It was only a short walk to his home from the gym, that's why he didn't drive. It was less than ten minutes before ten p.m., the time the orbital neutrino dissimilators were set to shrink all non-whites on the planet. When Guerra turned from the main boulevard to walk down the side street that led to his house, he saw a house party with drunk teenagers in the front yard listening to loud music. As he passed the house, he saw Angela Miller, the girl who had spoken to him earlier, enter the house party.

A trio of Caucasian girls about age 12 to 13 walked past him heading toward the house party he just passed thirty seconds before ten p.m. Each of them were wearing transponder lanyards. The girls were Lisa Lockwood, Sally Schwartz, and Danielle Dover. Lisa told her two friends to keep their eyes on Guerra, because he is Hispanic and will shrink soon.

Lisa, the girl with long, light brown hair, said: "I'm a quarter Native American, but that didn’t stop me from acquiring a transponder from Raleigh’s fembots. My mother forced me to get one, and I had to stand in a long line."

"I had to get one too, my parents forced me to, even though I'm one hundred percent white," said Sally.

"I've got the alarm on my watch set to go off at ten p.m.," said Lisa, "the exact time the shrinking is scheduled to take place. My watch is synchronized with the atomic clock in Colorado.”

Just before Lisa’s watch alarm went off, the girls looked around just as a classic Chevy Impala lowrider full of Mexicans cruised by. Inside the Impala, a 17-year-old boy and his 16-year-old girlfriend sat in the front, while two guys and a girl sat in the back.

Carmen, sitting in the front, lamented to her boyfriend Flacco, the driver: "I'm the only one among us who doesn’t have a Nick name. Your nick-name is Flacco, your brother is Gordo, and Chiquito and Fea both have nick-names!"

Gordo, sitting in the back, warned Flacco, the driver: "It's almost time for the miniaturization process to begin! Are you sure we're gonna make it to that party in time?"

Flacco assured Gordo, "We'll get to the house party full of Gavachos and white Heinas we can trust before the shrink rays go off. I know some of those people, so we can trust them to take care of us."

The alarm on Lisa's watch went off, and the orbital neutrino dissimilators were activated. When Guerra was instantly miniaturized down to an inch tall, the three young girls witnessed Guerra shrinking and the Mexicans in the car shrinking, which crashed into a Volkswagen two houses down from the house party because the driver of the Impala was now an inch tall. The one inch tall Guerra was able to jump out of the way of the Impala just in time.

Guerra looked up to see the massive form of Lisa in her jean shorts and bare midriff and belly button ring as she tried to collect Guerra, but he tried to run away from her, so she stomped near him to prevent him from escaping and warned, “If you don’t let me collect you, I might accidentally stomp on you, so just surrender to my hand!”

Guerra realized there was no way out, so he allowed her to collect him, while Sally and Danielle collected the shrunken Mexicans from the wrecked Chevy Lowrider and turned off the ignition. Lisa told her friends, “They’re not people any more, they’re a race of toys now!” Lisa laughed, and her friends joined in laughter that thundered off into the night.

When Guerra was safely in Lisa’s hand, he said: “In an instant, you three girls went from being cowering kids to a towering trio of charismatic conquerors!”

Lisa was flattered by this comment, "I like the way that sounded! You made us seem powerful!"

Guerra explained, "I'm an English professor at the local junior college, and I'm obsessed with alliteration. Over the past couple of days, I've been coming up with alliterative terminology that corresponds with one group of people becoming powerful, because of this whole Raleigh Doran shrinking thing. Up until now, I thought this whole thing was a hoax!"

While Lisa was speaking to Guerra, Sally and Danielle collected the shrunken Mexicans from the Impala.

Lisa took the inch tall Guerra to the house party, where kids her age and older teenagers were attending. Lisa held Guerra in her hands, while Sally held Flacco, Gordo, and Chiquito. Danielle held the two Mexican girls, Fea and Carmen.

Lisa explained to Guerra: "My name is Lisa Lockwood, I'm 12 years old. and these two girls are my best friends, Sally and Danielle. All three of us have an older sister around 16 or 17 years old who are also attending the party. My sister's name is Misty, she's 17."

An older teen ushered everyone into the house. "That car crash might attract cops, so everyone should come inside."

There was root beer for the younger kids, while the older teens drank beer. Lisa and her two friends drank root beer out of glass mugs.

"What if we put one of them in our mouth?" Lisa asked. "They're supposed to be immortal, according to Raleigh." Lisa took Guerra, and lifted him above her lips. She opened her mouth, and said, "Do you want to wrestle my tongue?" Lisa dropped Guerra into her open mouth, then clamped her lips shut. The other two girls watched as Lisa's cheeks moved as her tongue moved around inside of her mouth.

"Drink some more of your root beer with him inside!" said Danielle.

Lisa took her mug of root beer and took a huge drink, but accidentally swallowed Guerra. Lisa began laughing like crazy.

"What's so funny?" Sally asked.

"I accidentally swallowed him!" said Lisa, and all three girls began laughing heartily.

Angela Miller left out of the front door to collect captives. A short time later, some of the older teenagers acquired more beer. Lisa’s older sister Misty brought Lisa some beer and a bottle of whiskey, and Lisa cracked open a beer and took a swallow. Meanwhile, inside her stomach, Guerra was swimming around in Lisa's chyme. He didn't need air because Raleigh's technology had rendered him immortal. He could see two ways of escape: either Lisa would fall asleep eventually, and he could crawl out when she was horizontal, or she could vomit him up. When the first swallow of beer came plunging down over him, he could smell the beer, so that got his hopes up. Guerra knew if Lisa drank enough, she might vomit him up.

Lisa finished her beer, then took a swig from the whiskey bottle. In a matter of seconds, she got sick and vomited. Guerra was forced up through her esophagus, and up through her throat and mouth. The vomit went all over the floor in between the couch Lisa and her friends were sitting on and a chair. Guerra escaped from her. At that point, he was forced to navigate a house full of thunder children in an effort to avoid detection, in a vain effort to escape.

Guerra hid underneath the couch that Lisa and her friends were sitting on. He looked around the room, and could see about a dozen normal sized teenagers standing around, holding red plastic cups with beer from the keg in the dining room.

Guerra listened to the conversations of the colossal thunder children, then saw the front door open and a teenage girl walked in. She was about sixteen, with long dark blonde hair. Guerra saw that it was Angela Miller, the girl he met at the gym several minutes before he got shrunk.

“I want to send a captive to my belly!” said Angela. “We’re a race of gods now, not that we weren’t before, and they belong in our bellies!”

“I don’t think that can hurt them,” said another girl. “Raleigh’s shrink rays made them immortal.”

One of the other girls said, “Does anybody regret what happened tonight? With all the Mexicans shrunk, we may never get authentic tamales again!”

“If you want home made tamales,” said Angela, “then capture an old Mamacita and have her tell you the recipe!”

“What about Hip-Hop?” the girl asked. “I liked listening to rap, now all the best rappers are shrunk!”

“The people who got shrunk tonight deserved it,” said Angela as she lifted her shirt to reveal her belly. “They were born for our bellies! To them, we stand as a race of gods! We are fit only to rule over them! It shouldn’t be any other way!”

Angela shifted her head to look in Guerra’s direction, so Guerra tried to hide beneath the couch to escape Angela’s gaze, as she looked around the house looking for shrunken people, with her lips caressing the plastic jar she held.

"What happened to your captive?" Sally asked Lisa.

"Can you help me find him?" Lisa asked. Sally and Danielle got off the couch, and each girl got on one side of the couch and lifted, revealing Guerra underneath. Escape was impossible, because two girls were on opposite sides of the couch and could grab him if he tried to escape in those directions, and Lisa could reach all the way to the wall behind the uplifted couch. Lisa reached down and grabbed him, and the girls lowered the couch.

"Me and my friends are Christians," said Lisa to Guerra. "We won't hurt you, we might swallow you from time to time, but we'll always vomit you up again. We have no plans of killing you."

A 16-year-old boy rallied some of the other kids together. "We're going to break into some of the houses nearby where minorities lived, maybe we can find more captives, and take anything that's valuable."

A group of guys and girls around his age went with him. They came back about twenty minutes later with plenty of captives. One of the high school girls was cutting designs out of poster board.

"What are you doing, Theta?" Misty asked.

"I'm making costumes for 32 of the captives, so we can use them for chess pieces!"

Just then, a 14-year-old girl named Aurora Adams arrived dressed as a goddess, carrying a block of clay.

"Aurora, why are you dressed like a goddess?" Theta asked.

"I got kicked out of an adults only toga party across town for being underage. I brought a block of clay, so some of the captives can sculpt a statue to pay tribute to my beauty, since I'm a junior Olympian."

“My older sister is at that party,” said Angela. “She has white pride tattoos on her arms, I’m getting them done too, when I turn eighteen.”

"Aurora, do you want to play a game of chess?" Kelly Schwartz asked. "Theta cut out costumes for the captives to wear, so they can be the chess pieces!"

"Sure!" said Aurora. Some of the other kids placed bets on who would win. Most of the kids bet on Kelly to win, because she was a couple of years older than Aurora. After a few moves, both Kelly and Aurora lost some pieces, so they clutched the chess piece they won from their opponent in their hands while they played.

Lisa and her two friends watched the chess game.

“They've been reduced to a race of pawns!" said Angela. “Even if they could escape from us, where could they go?"

Lisa’s older sister Misty took Lisa aside, to a spot in the hallway where there were no other kids who could overhear them. "These are trick dice, I got them in Old Town Sacramento. They always land on numbers that add up to seven! You can use these to win more captives."

There were several groups of kids playing various dice games. Lisa approached a boy, and said: "I'll gamble you for a captive!" Lisa took Guerra out and set him on the coffee table. The boy took one of his captives, and set him on the table. It was an older African-American man, from the look of his clothing, it appeared he was a minister at a church.

"We're trying for seven," said Lisa, as he rolled her dice and they came up on seven, one four and one three. The boy rolled his own pair of dice, and he got snake eyes. Lisa collected her new captive and returned to the couch with Sally and Danielle. The boy returned for another challenge, he was one of the kids who had gone out to collect captives and had quite a few. Lisa played him again, and won. Before long, Lisa had six captives.

Lisa allowed her captives to stand on the coffee table. "Stay in this general area, my word is law!” Lisa told them.

Guerra came up with an idea. "Lisa, I'm an English teacher, maybe you should require your captives to use alliteration to address you. Lisa, your captives could call you lofty Lisa. Sally’s captives could call her sovereign Sally. Danielle’s captives could call her deific Danielle."

"That's a great idea, Guerra!" said Lisa.

"I want all of you to divide yourselves up," said Lisa, " my captives on my left, Sally’s captives in the middle, and Danielle's captives on my right." The tiny captives did as the mighty matriarch commanded them. "Now, do as Guerra suggested, and give me a Nazi salute as you do it! The group I point at, must speak."

Lisa pointed at her six captives, and Lisa's captives said, "Lofty Lisa!" Then Lisa pointed at Sally’s captives, and they said, "Sovereign Sally!” Then Lisa pointed at Danielle's captives, and they said, "Deific Danielle!"

One of the older teenage girls came through the front door with a large sack of strange devices.

"I've got a sack of neural stimulators," said the girl, as she dumped out twenty of them onto the main dining room table, "I got these from a fembot! They make you vomit if you have captives in your stomach. She followed me here!" The fembot followed her into the house. It was obvious that the fembot wasn't human; her skin had a different hue than normal, and her eyes were different. She never blinked. She was carrying about a dozen belts, with a dozen cartridges on each belt capable of holding a captive.

"The cartridges are made of transparent titanium," said the fembot. "The belt is black leather, and the fastenings are a silver colored metal known as Hectanium, an alloy one hundred times stronger than titanium. The belts are automatically adjustable, and are one size fits all."

The fembot began passing out the belts, and Misty grabbed two of them, one for her, and one for her younger sister. Kelly and Darian did the same for their younger sisters. Misty gave the belt to Lisa, and she tried it on. It automatically adjusted to her waist size.

"We should test the neural stimulators out by swallowing captives!" said the girl who dumped out the neural stimulators. Lisa, Sally and Danielle allowed Guerra and the other captives to watch the spectacle.

"I volunteer!" said Aurora, and she dumped two random captives into a glass beer mug.

“Are you going to vomit them up?” Lisa asked.

“Yes,” said Aurora.

“You can swallow one of my captives,a s long as you give him back to me after you vomit him up.” Lisa handed Guerra to Aurora, and she dropped him into the mug.

A teenage boy used his smart phone to record what Aurora was doing. "I'm posting this on the Internet!" said the boy.

Aurora poured beer over the captives until the mug was full, and while the captives swam around inside the beer mug, Aurora said, "I'm a junior Olympian, I've won three medals, so you're about to explore the belly of an Olympian!" The other kids cheered as the gluttonous goddess gulped down her captives.

Theta brought a large white plastic bowl and set it in front of Aurora.

"This is for you to vomit in," said Theta.

"Thank you, Theta," said Aurora.

One of the guys aimed a neural stimulator at Aurora’s head. Before he pulled the trigger, he said, "Wouldn't it be funny if the neural stimulator didn’t work?" All the kids in the room erupted in laughter.

Aurora’s stomach was visible because of her goddess costume, so she rubbed her belly button, and said: “Maybe we should see how long they can survive in there, and time it!”

The boy took aim at Aurora's head, and pulled the trigger of the neural stimulator. Aurora vomited, and all three captives fell into the large white plastic bowl. Aurora examined them and plucked them out one by one, and set them on the table.

Lisa grabbed a glass of water with ice cubes inside, and dropped Guerra in and cupped her palm over the mouth of the glass, and shook the glass to clean the vomit from Guerra’s body and clothing. When he was clean, Lisa set him on the table with Chiquito and the other shrunken Mexicans.

“Can I swallow one?” Angela asked.

“You can swallow mine,” said Lisa, handing Guerra to Angela.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea,” said Guerra.

“Silence, toy!” Lisa shouted at Guerra. “You belong to a race of pawns, and you were born to serve us!”

Angela grabbed Guerra, and held him at eye level in her right hand. “Know your place, you pathetic belly slave! When your mistress gives you a command, you shall obey!”

Angela lifted Guerra above her open mouth and I said, “You’re nothing but the food of the gods now!” Angela dropped Guerra, and he fell onto Angela’s pink tongue, and she tilted her head back and swallowed him.

Lisa held a neural stimulator in her hand, and said “Here, Angela, it’s a neural stimulator so you can vomit.”

“I’m not going to vomit him up,” Angela replied.

“That’s my captive swimming around inside your guts!” Lisa shouted. “I didn’t say you could keep him!”

Lisa’s older sister Misty got involved. “You’d better give my sister her captive back,” said Misty, “Or there’s going to be a problem.”

Angela shook her head back and forth, indicating that she was still unwilling to release Guerra.

“Just pull the trigger on the neural stimulator, Lisa!” said Misty.

Lisa pulled the trigger, and almost immediately, Angela vomited, and Guerra fell onto the floor near the table. Lisa scooped him up, and clenched him possessively.

“Let’s gamble for him,” said Angela. Misty looked at Lisa and smiled, knowing Lisa had trick dice.

“I’ve got a pair of dice you can use,” said Misty, handing an ordinary pair of dice to Angela. “Whoever is the first to get seven wins!”

Angela went first, and got snake eyes. Lisa set Guerra on the table, and grabbed her trick dice from her pocket, and clenched the other dice in her other hand, and rolled the trick dice, getting seven.

“I won!” Lisa shouted, scooping up Guerra in one hand and the trick dice in the other.

“Now that I’ve puked my guts out,” said Angela, “I need to eat something.” Angela pulled out two twenty dollar bills. “Anyone know of a good pizza place around here? I’m from L.A.”

Seeing that the threat of Angela taking Guerra seemed to be over, Lisa set him on the table next to Chiquito. While Guerra and Chiquito were standing on the table, one of the boys noticed them.

"That's Guerra Rivera!" said the boy, pointing at Guerra. "Who owns that captive?"

"I do," said Lisa, why do you ask?"

"He's an MMA fighter! He was supposed to fight tonight, but his fight got canceled because of Raleigh."

"Guerra," said Lisa, "why didn't you tell me you were a fighter? You told me you were an English teacher!"

"I thought everyone knew!" said Guerra.

"You should have him fight that strong looking Mexican guy!" said the boy. "We could bet on it!"

"Lisa, I don't think that would be a good idea," said Guerra.

"Why not?" Lisa asked. "Are you chicken?"

Guerra laughed. "I'm a professional fighter, I would royally annihilate Chiquito!"

"I know some karate too!" said Chiquito.

Before long, the two were set up in a mock fighting ring and all the teens placed bets on who would win the fight. Half of the people in the room were betting on Guerra to win, and the other half thought Chiquito would win.

"I'll try to drag this out," said Guerra to his opponent, "I know you're just a kid, I won't hurt you too bad!”

The fight began, and Guerra and Chiquito sparred and moved around the mock ring. Guerra threw a kick, but Chiquito was able to duck. Guerra kicked slow enough for Chiquito to react and move out of the way. Guerra threw a couple of punches and connected, then Chiquito threw a punch and missed. Chiquito kicked, but Guerra blocked the kick with his leg.

The whole time the fight was transpiring, the fembot was watching, and transmitting it back to Raleigh's starcruiser. Her eyes were digital video cameras.

Meanwhile, Chiquito had managed to get a couple of punches in, but it was obvious that Guerra was the better fighter. Within the first five minute round, Chiquito was on the floor, knocked out. Everyone on the room cheered, and the winners collected their money.

"I told you not to bet against Guerra Rivera!" said one of the older teenage boys. “I knew he would win!"

The fembot spoke: "Raleigh requests that the owner of the captive known as Guerra Rivera come to meet her on her starcruiser."

"I'm his owner!" said Lisa.

"And I'm her guardian," said Misty. "I'm Lisa's older sister, so if you take her, you have to take me, too!"

"Both of you come with me," said the fembot, and Lisa and Misty followed her out the front door and down the street. Both Lisa and Misty were wearing their belts that the fembot had given them; Lisa's 12 cartridges each contained a captive, while Misty only had three captives. Lisa held Guerra gently in her fist.

They arrived at a vehicle that resembled a Ferrari, but had four doors instead of two. It was red and white. They got in, and the fembot piloted the vehicle into the sky. The anti-grav thrusters worked on an understanding of science unknown to 21st century humanity.

They arrived in orbit within two minutes. Lisa and Misty could see Raleigh's starcruiser in the distance. It was red, with a circular section with a rocket shaped section penetrating the circular section.

“Where are the orbiting shrink ray cannons?” Lisa asked.

“They’re in a geosynchronous orbit, “ the fembot replied. “We’re at too low an altitude to see them. There is Raleigh’s starcruiser in view up ahead.”

"Why is that section round?" Lisa asked.

"It is to generate artificial gravity," the fembot replied. "That is the section where Raleigh resides."

"Can't she generate artificial gravity, like in the science fiction movies?" Lisa asked.

"Artificial gravity generators, and anti-gravity generators generate a lot of radiation," said the fembot. "Even the anti-grav thrusters of this vehicle might cause human tissue damage if done to excess. This vehicle was designed for fembots, we are unaffected by radiation."

The flying vehicle docked with the starcruiser, which was massive. A hangar door slid open, the vehicle entered, and the door slid closed behind it.

The fembot ushered them to disembark, and they walked through a door and walked up a semi-circular hallway to Raleigh's ready room. When they entered, the fembot said: “Fembot K-83372 reporting!” Raleigh stood up and greeted them.

"I'm Raleigh Doran, nice to meet you."

"I'm Lisa Lockwood, and this is my older sister Misty Lockwood."

"I'm interested in starting up some fighting competitions, so normal sized people will have something to bet on."

"Are you going to return the television channels and radio stations back to normal?" Lisa asked.

"Yes, I'm doing that right now," said Raleigh, as she pushed a sequence of buttons. "The transmission I used to explain my goal has been removed from airplay," said Raleigh.

"What motivated you to do all of this?" Misty asked.

"I'm a college student on summer break," Raleigh replied. "This is a hobby of people from my era, in the universe where I hail from. I'm from about 20,000 years in your future, and I'm from a parallel universe where the Nazis emerged victorious from World War Two."

"Can you explain the science behind the miniaturization process?" Misty asked. "I'm a senior in high school, and I'm trying to get accepted to Cal Poly. It's an engineering school."

"Yes," said Raleigh. "Atoms are composed of protons, neutrons and electrons. Protons and neutrons are composed of quarks and gluons. Those quarks and gluons are stripped of matter in the form of neutrinos, and particles similar to neutrinos are stripped from the electrons."

"That makes sense," said Misty.

"Solid matter is held together by the repulsive force of electrons orbiting the nucleus of atoms, and the protons in the nucleus,” said Raleigh. "When those protons and electrons decrease in size, weight, volume and mass, the atoms move closer together as they shrink, because the repulsive force of the protons and electrons diminishes."

"You make it sound so simple," said Misty.

Raleigh handed Lisa a small chamber. "This is a revitalization chamber. Though Guerra is immortal, he can still get injured in fights. This chamber will allow him to recover within minutes, so he can fight more than once on the same day."

Lisa took the chamber from Raleigh. "Thank you, Raleigh!"

"And take this," Raleigh handed her a communicator. "It has a charge that will last for ten years, and it can reach me even if I return to my own reality. I need to ask you to return to Bullet Bay now, because there are other people I need to meet with."

"Thank you so much, Raleigh!" said Lisa, and the fembot who brought them there ushered them back to the strange vehicle they had arrived in.

Once inside the vehicle, Lisa and Misty were strapped in. Lisa still had Guerra clenched gently within her fist, and the revitalization chamber in her other hand.

"You didn't even tell her you thought what she was doing was wrong!" said Guerra to Lisa.

Lisa responded by saying, "I think what Raleigh is doing is cool! She’s making the world like a comic book!"

To Be Continued!
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