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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Young Adult · #2201190
One centimeter humans arrive on Earth, but are viewed as pests...
Thousands of space ships hundreds of miles wide showed up in Earth orbit. The inhabitants of the saucer shaped space vessels were one centimeter tall humans from a more technologically advanced alternate reality that split off from our own reality at some unknown time in the past. They came from a prison planet orbiting a star that was about to go Supernova. The society they came from released them, on the condition that they remain shrunken, and never return to their home society. This was more cost effective than trying to find some other way to relocate them.

They chose to journey to our reality, and don’t have enough fuel to go anywhere else. The leaders of the governments of Earth decided to allow them to live among us in exchange for some of their technology, such as nuclear fusion reactors and faster rocket propulsion technology. The only tech they didn’t seem to have was a way to return themselves to normal size.

Within six months, the Micros were integrated into society, and because they outnumber normal sized people a hundred to one, they are now considered by many to be nothing more than pests...

At Bullet Bay junior college, on California’s central coast...

Alondra Adonis was a thickly built 20-year-old Latina, muscular yet somewhat lean. Her bikini didn’t leave much to the imagination. She swam in the indoor pool at the junior college, doing laps as other class mates swam also. She enjoyed the water, and simultaneously fulfilled a physical education requirement for her kinesiology major.

Unknown to Alondra, a group of Micros were trying to steal her lunch. The lunch was in a duffel bag near some benches that ran along one of the walls of the indoor swimming pool. Two of them had grabbed a tuna sandwich in a plastic baggie, and were pulling it from the duffel bag.

When swim class was over, Alondra got out of the pool with the other students and went to retrieve her duffel bag. She caught the Micros in the act of trying to steal her lunch. “Those little bastards!” Alondra shouted. She lifted her bare foot and tried to crush one of the Micros under her foot. Her foot came down and landed firmly on one of the Micros, and Alondra applied pressure until the Micro screamed.

Another young woman heard the scream of the Micro, and ran over.

“Alondra, you can’t do that!” the other woman shouted. “You can get charged with a crime for hurting one of them!”

“Terra, you’re putting too much on it! They were stealing my lunch, so I wanted revenge.”

Terra picked up the Micro Alondra had tried to crush. “I’m taking him to the Micro hospital on campus.”

Terra carried the shrunken victim and walked to the area of campus where a Micro village was set up. There were buildings arranged to form a town on the scale of one centimeter men. Terra found the hospital, and knelt down to place the Micro near emergency room doors. She looked like a colossus compared to the tiny structures surrounding her.

Two Micro nurses came out with a gurney and wheeled the injured Micro into the tiny emergency room. Terra stood up and surveyed her surroundings. Alondra was standing nearby.

“Is he going to be okay?” Alondra asked. “I can’t get a charge right now, if I go to jail it’ll screw up my financial aid.”

“Don’t worry about him,” said Terra. “I think you can only catch a charge if you actually killed one of them.”

The two women walked side by side back to the pool.

“That’s a relief,” said Alondra. “I heard there’s a house party tonight, there are supposed to be Micros hired out as entertainment. Do you want me to take you?”

“Sure!” said Terra.

To be continued...

 Micro Invasion chapter 2  (18+)
Chapter two of Micro Invasion: Conqueror Kelly
#2202593 by Samuel Orona

© Copyright 2019 Samuel Orona (samuelorona at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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