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At the class, my teacher told everyone to write a story, and this is what I wrote...
Once upon a time, in a nice cold lonely room, a girl woke up with a start.
She loved the rain, and hated the wind and the storms that usually accompanies it.
She was sweaty, sweaty even though she was cold.
The nightmare that she had was still replaying in her brain.
She looked outside, it was raining.
She had hoped for some sun.

With a sigh, she rolled out of the bed and yelped as her feet touched the cold stone floor.
"My Dorm is beautiful," she thought. " beautiful, but empty, lifeless"
Slowly thinking about the same nightmare that she had her mind trapped in for weeks that made her fear the sky outside, she went to the bathroom.
The cabinet there had a large black hairy tarantula. She started.

"This is how my nightmare would start," she thought.
"Well I am dreaming as usual"
She screamed at herself " YOU DO NOT BE AFRAID. IT IS JUST A DREAM"
She took a step back and swivelled towards left and as usual, there lay a gun on the floor.
And as usual, she picked it up and shot the Tarantula.
Turning right (out of practice) She looked in the shower, there was blood on the floor.
The small window above showed that it was still raining outside
She knew what was going to happen next.
She waited for her nightmare to end.

After 2 hours...

Nothing of that sort happened. She became frustrated. She wanted to wake up, to get this over with.
Suddenly lightning and thunder crashed with such force that she screamed.
Shivering, she saw a silhouette move in the mirror.
It was someone outside her bedroom window.
The only problem was that she lived on the sixth floor of the hostel building.
She slowly turned around.

The man was walking towards her drenched like a dog drowned in a pool.
"This is new", she thought.
The man suddenly stopped.
It was dark outside.
He smiled.
That's when she realised he had no face but a mouth
Just a human mouth.

"Tracy" he cooed.
"Tracy, come with me." He whispered.
He started making Creepy noises.
She took aim with her gun.
That's when the axe hit her head.

Tracy was taking out the trash.
Her kids were asleep.
She had time for herself.
It was sunny again.
She lazily blinked and it started to drizzle.
It was scary. She screamed like a maniac.
She knew what was coming.
She closed her eyes.
She was being hit by the axe. He smiled.
Lightning struck his featureless face.
He fell. She fell.

The next day.

The police arrived at the hostel as well as at Tracy's house.
In total there were two bodies, both with their skull cracked open.
The Female officer that was wearing a raincoat turned around
She smiled.
She had no facial features. Only a normal human mouth.

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