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by taty
Rated: XGC · Short Story · Adult · #2201200
short story
I led naked on the bed wrists tied, blind folded with my headphones on music playing where Mistress had left me. Before she went, she told me to relax wait and behave she had a special treat for me. I had been here for what had seemed like an hour but was only about 15mins. My heart was beating fast waiting for Mistress to come back the anticipation building thinking about what was coming.
Suddenly I felt a drop of something cold drop onto my body I gasp with excitement and shock then another drip, this time warm my body arches and tingles with excitement. A hand pushes me back down and more drips of hot and cold follow my breathing starts getting heavier I moan a little has the warmth hits my nipple drip after drip hits my body
My earphone gets lifted Mistress tells me to be quiet I am making too much noise oh and now the fun starts. I feel a set of nails run over my body digging in I gasp. The drips continue this time further down my body over my cock and balls it burns a little making me wriggle again I get pushed and held down. My earphone gets lifted a voice whispers into my ear "I suggest you do as you are told little one, I am new at this and don't want to hurt you"
I don't know the voice I haven't heard it before my body gets even more excited and tingles my cock strains a little. My earphone gets lifted the same voice "someone looks happy to see me" I hear 2 ladies giggling one being Mistress the other the mystery voice. I now have 4 hands moving over my body nails digging in, nipples being teased and pulled.
I feel a clamp being put on to my nipple I wince a little and then the other gets the same treatment. I feel a tug on them, I moan a little in pain. Hands start running up and down my legs into my groin area and then a slap across my cock. I let out a scream and close my legs as to stop it getting slapped. My headphone gets lifted that voice again this time a little more assertive "You were told to stay still by me and stay quiet by Mistress, as you can't, I am going to rectify it, Open your mouth now"
I comply and open my mouth a gag gets pushed into my mouth and fastened; next I feel something being wrapped around both my legs my legs are forced apart. I try to close them, but something is stopping them. My earphones get removed and I hear giggling "let's see this one move now Mistress" Mistress replies to the voice "Oh now we get to have some fun"
"can we Mistress?" the voice asks
"of course," Mistress replies
"Oh, little one I have been waiting for this for a long time and you have been a little naughty at times to me in the room making me feel wet at work, showing off sexy gifs, Now its my turn to torment"
It suddenly his me wait is that Miss? My mind starts running anticipation building.
"I am going to have so much fun with you" Miss starts to laugh. Mistress is laughing too "Well you did wind her up" I feel a pull on my nipples again.
"Time to take these off little one" Miss is laughing has she undoes the clamp and I wince in pain as the feel of blood rushes back, "Aww did that hurt" she laughs more "Don't worry, I will make them feel better" I feel a set of lips around my nipple and a tongue starts moving I moan in pleasure then in pain as a set of teeth grab hold. I feel a slap on my face "I told you be quiet! little one"
I can hear Mistress laughing "Are you having fun sweetie?" She asks Miss
"I am Mistress thank you Mistress"
"Now sweetie you wanted to try this so go slow and don't turn it up to high"
I hear a click and a light hum I know the sound, I start to breath a little heavier again and then the feel of the wand hits me, a very light tingle but nothing to worry about.
"No sweetie" Mistress explains "you need to turn it a little higher" Mistress laughs
"Oh, Ok Mistress" Miss reply's in an excited voice
The violet wand hits me again this time a lot higher I try to scream but the gag stops me. I try to wriggle the ropes and spreader bar stop me.
Mistress is laughing hard now, and Miss is laughing in excitement.
"Stay fucking still I won't tell you again little one!" Miss commands as she zaps my cock and balls
"That's my Girl" Mistress proudly congratulates Miss "I think you can do more to torment though after all look what she did to you when you were working" Mistress laughs evilly.
I may not be able to see them both due to the blind fold, but I know the laugh and the twinkle in Mistress eye when she gets like this.
Miss continues to zap me moving the wand over my nipples laughing when I twitch, back over my cock and balls.
"Mistress can I have some other type of fun?" Miss asks
"I told you sweetie today your getting your own back this is your game"
"Thank you, Mistress," Miss replies
I hear the violet wand turn off,
"Oh, you thought you could torment me did you now it's my turn little one"
I feel a hand grab hold of my cock and start moving up and down I gasp with excitement.
"I bet you like that don't you little one?" Miss asks I nod my head
"Good I want you to like it I want you to want it I want you to want me." Miss's hand keeps on moving up and down I moan with pleasure. Miss blows on to the head of cock exciting me more.
The gag gets removed from my mouth. "Now little one I want an honest answer from you."
"Yes Miss" I reply
"Does this feel good?" Miss asks
"Yes, Miss it does" I reply
"How much do you want me little one?" Miss asks
"I really want you Miss"
I can hear Mistress laughing,
"Well little one now you know what its going to feel like"
Miss stops moving her hand and releases my cock.
"Miss please don't stop" I beg
Miss laughs "Oh No! you did this to yourself I told you it my turn"
I feel Miss position herself near my mouth. "Poke your tongue out little one" she orders
I comply and stick my tongue out Miss lowers herself down onto me. "Lick little one" Miss orders.
I start to lick and then Miss laughs and pulls away "I told you its my game you didn't think it would be that easy, did you?" Miss asks
"I am going to make you want me so bad little one" Miss laughs
"Please Miss let me lick you" I beg
"No little one my game my rules"
Mistress is laughing hard in the background "You did this to yourself, you have only you to blame. Let her have its sweetie" Mistress encourage Miss.
Miss is still sat a top me I hear a vibrator turn on and then the sound of moaning I feel Miss moving and bucking I can hear her moaning with excitement. "Oh, little one this feels good, just think this could be you." Miss laughs "Oh my god it feels so good little one" Miss continues to torment. I can feel Miss's legs tighten against my body her body thrusting around more as her orgasm builds. "Oh my God I am cumming" Miss moans more as she cums. She lowers herself onto my face has I go to lick she pulls away laughing. "How do you like that little one? Do you want me" Miss asks?
"Yes, Miss please Miss" I beg
Miss is still laughing as she gets off me "Well little one, you can't not yet."
Mistress calls to Miss "Come now sweetie now its out turn to play"
"Yes Mistress" Miss replays
"Now little one we will be back later" Mistress tells me as my earphones are put back on and I am left alone once more.

© Copyright 2019 taty (tatyanapaul at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2201200