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by grotto
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“Stop it Blake!” Shouted Elisa. “Nobody even wants to play with you, so why don’t you go away!” she yelled even louder. Blake was six years old today. When he woke up this morning, he was so excited because today was his birthday and his parents like to make a big deal about it. He woke up for school today, just like every other day, but today was special and he was excited! He made his way downstairs and when he turned the corner at the bottom of the stairs his parents where waiting for him. He could see decorations and streamers hanging from the ceilings. They called out to him, “Happy Birthday Blake!” A smile lined his face from ear to ear and he saw a gleam in his mother’s eye. Seeing his mom always made him happy and it was even more special today on his birthday. His dad was a kind man who he loved Blake very much. His dad often talked about the “Golden Rule” to treat others as you’d like to be treated. In a hurry, he gave both his parents a big hug as he made his way into the kitchen. There were presents on the kitchen table and his parents reminded him, “We’ll open those together tonight when you get home from school today”. He was so excited; he couldn’t wait to get to school, though mostly so it would be over and he could get back home again.

Today on the playground, Blake wasn’t having a happy birthday. For some reason, which he didn’t understand, Elisa was being mean to him. “Get out of here Blake!” she yelled again. Blake was stunned. He took two steps back and everything around him seemed as though it was happening in slow motion. He saw Elisa turn away and start to go back to what she was doing only a few moments ago. She still had an angry scowl on her face. She had been playing the sandbox when Blake first came running by. She bent down and picked up the sand pail, which she had been filling with sand to make a castle. As she glanced down, she could see her bucket was empty now. Somehow it must have gotten empty when she got angry. The anger inside her was cooling off now and she looked back up at Blake who was still standing there wondering what to do. He looked at the castle Elisa had been building in the sand and he could see as clear as day a big shoe print right in the middle of it, his shoe print!

At that moment Blake realized that he must have stepped right on Elisa’s castle without even realizing it! He was relieved because now he knew exactly what happened and more importantly, he knew exactly what to do. Blake took a few cautious steps forward and knelt down besides Elisa. She said quietly, “I told you to go away Blake.” Blake replied, “I’m sorry I stepped on your castle, it was an accident. I can help you rebuild it? Come on, it will go faster if we both work on it together.” Elisa smiled at Blake and they each reached for a bucket when all of the sudden Elisa stopped dead in her tracks, “Wait a minute. These buckets, they’re full again!” exclaimed Elisa. “Of course, they are.”, Blake said. “I told you this would go much faster if we work together.” They started treating each other kindly, rebuilding the sandcastle and the buckets filled so quickly as if by magic. They finished up the sandcastle with enough time to play with it before the bell rang.

When it was finally time to go back inside, Elisa said, “Hey Blake, I hope you have a happy birthday!” Blake felt good because he had the courage to say he was sorry and make the situation better. It filled Blake’s heart when he helped fill Elisa’s bucket with sand because it feels good to do good things for others. Elisa felt good because she forgave Blake for what he did, and this filled both their buckets even more. At the end of the day, on the way to the buses, Blake and Elisa walked out together. When they walked past the playground Elisa glanced over to where they’d left the buckets and they both appeared to be still magically overflowing with sand. Blake left school that day and went home to his family where he had the best six-year-old birthday ever! In fact, he even asked his parents if he could have Elisa over for the birthday party, and they had the best time together.

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