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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Romance/Love · #2201373
a girl is being stalked
I take a sip of my coffee and stare out, through my 6 foot long glass window. I stare at her. My eyes cling to her every action. She is a late sleeper, like me. Or maybe she is just insomniac. It's past one at night and her room is still alive. I can here the faint sound of music coming: Lana del rose's Summertime Sadness. She moves around her house, picking things up, putting things down, stopping to dance and sing. She's happy today. I wonder why. I watch as she stands in front of her mirror and examines her face. Then she pouts. I smile. She starts to go through her clothes in her wardrobe. For five minutes or so she has a mental breakdown, probably can't find something to wear. Then she searches through her clothes again and triumphantly pulls out a red piece of clothing. I can't make out what it is. She holds the clothing to her chest and jumps up and down, grinning. Then she is out of my sight as she goes somewhere. I lean against the wall and wait.
Tick tock. The clock ticks on.
Finally she comes back into sight. And she is in a bathrobe. A fucking silk bathrobe. You can hear my intake of breath. She takes down the towel wrapped around her head and her hair falls down like a black waterfall down to her hips. All of a sudden she walks towards her window, and it seems like she is walking towards me. She comes and stands at her window and stares right at me. I gulp. She pulls down her blinds.
Of course.
I go make myself another cup of coffee, my heart still in shock. It's not like I am a creep-well, that's exactly what I am-she is just so hypnotizing that I am allured. I walk back and forth in my room. Waiting.
After exactly an hour and eleven minutes, her blinds go up. You can hear my intake of breath, again. She is in a floor-length, shimmering red sequins dress, that's hugging her body like a second skin. You can see how tiny her waist is, the curve on her back and how plump her breasts are.
But she isn't alone, I realize. She is twirling and laughing, looking at someone. That someone turns out to be a tall, bulky man in a black suit. He's smiling as he walks towards her and wraps his arms around her. She wraps her arms around his neck and stands on her tiptoes.
And then they kiss.
This time, I pull down my blinds.

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