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Wendy needs to hide Dipper for breakfast. But picking exactly where isn't all that easy...
The red haired teenager groaned and scrunched up her face as a beam of morning sunlight hit her in the eyes. Wendy suddenly gasped slightly and looked down at her hands where Dipper was still sleeping soundly. She gave a sigh of relief as she slowly sat up and gently nudged the shrunken boy with her finger.

Dipper then groaned and tried to snuggle into Wendy's palm. "C'mon Dip. It's time to wake up." Wendy yawned, only for her tiny friend to groan again. "Alright then, maybe this'll wake you up..." Wendy said and she brought her hand to her mouth. She exhaled slowly through her mouth, letting her hot morning breath wash over Dipper's body. A few coughs later and Dipper sat up and looked up at his crush's freckled face. "Okay, okay! I'm up, Wendy! Whew, you've got some bad morning breath." Dipper laughed. "Yeah, man. My breath is always awful right after I wake up. So stay awake or I'll use it on you again." Wendy also laughed, brushing her hair out of her face.

"I take it you slept well?" She asked, petting Dipper's hair. "Best sleep I've gotten all summer." Dipper yawned, stretching his arms and legs. He was obviously feeling less nervous about his situation than the day before. "That's good to hear. Let me go brush my teeth and then we can go eat some breakfast. How's that sound?" Wendy said as she stood up and stretched as well. "Breakfast sounds great about now, I'm starving!" Dipper replied as his crush walked into her bathroom.

After Wendy finished brushing her teeth she looked over to her shrunken friend with a slightly flustered smile. "Uh, Dipper? We have a small problem. I don't really have anywhere to hide you once we're in the kitchen..." Wendy explained a bit nervously. "So... What should we do?" Dipper asked, a bit confused. "Well... T-there is... ONE place I c-could hide you..." Wendy said, starting to blush. "B-between my boobs." She finally said. Dipper suddenly went so red in the face you'd think he was wearing makeup. "U-Uh, Um, w-well I-um..." Dipper stammered, unable to find any words.

"W-well it's really our b-best option... I c-can't hide you in m-my mouth 'cause I might accidentally swallow you, a-and I don't think in my pants would be a very good option... For you OR me..." Wendy explained, trying to keep her composure. "U-uh, yeah! Y-you're right! It's j-just the most logical option!" Dipper agreed, trying to not have his chest burst with how hard his heart was pounding.

Wendy blushed as she pulled on the neck of her wife beater and lowered Dipper into her cleavage. "Oh god! Oh fuck! I'm actually in Wendy's cleavage!" Dipper thought to himself as Wendy released the neck of her shirt and he felt the soft flesh of Wendy's breasts pressing into either side of him. Wendy gently squeezed them together, making sure she wasn't squeezing her little passenger too hard.

"Y-you okay, Dipper?" Wendy asked nervously, pulling on her collar just enough to see the tiny boy. Dipper could only nod in response as he was far too flustered to speak. "O-okay. I'll do my best to not j-jostle around too much." Wendy said as she opened her bedroom door and walked downstairs.
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