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My thoughts about having to put up with a little boy staying with us.
Throughout the past month of September, I have been trying to put up with having my cousin’s son staying over, instead of staying with his mom. Now, I do not mean to be rude or anything else, but that little boy should deserve to have full time with his mom. After all, doesn’t he miss her while she misses him?
I mean, I understand that my cousin and his former girlfriend are sharing custody of that kid, and with the fact of sharing custody, one kid has to spend a little time with one parent while he or she spends another time with another parent. But this has not turned out to be the case. He has been staying over for many weeks.
My uncle told me that they have been having problems, but I’m guessing that his former girlfriend had been spending the past few weeks moving to a new address. I mean, moving your belongings from one place of residence to another, that takes time, and not overnight. But I am hoping that things would work out as soon as possible, and that little boy shall have full-time weekdays/weekends with his mother again, and then he shall visit on weekends again. Yes, my first cousin loves his son very much, and I think that his former girlfriend loves him so very much, too. So why can’t things be the way they are, and agree with each other with sharing their son?
As I have mentioned, I have tried to put up with having this little boy stay with us for longer than usual, but it is not always easy. It just drives me crazy at times. I have also been struggling to get some sleep when all he ever does is continue screaming.
It was a pleasure to have my cousin’s son stay over every other full week throughout the past summer, and I had thought that he would go back to his mother after the summer is over. But instead, he keeps staying. With that fact that he had been staying over with us, it has been getting a bit hard for me to try to find some quiet time to concentrate on writing. I have been working as hard as I could to try and write every day. Whenever I could find any time, then I could write something special, as well as anything else that could get readers excited.
During my cousin’s son’s stay with us, I began to have thoughts on what his mother might be doing; But I am thinking that she and her own family are still moving, so I know that none of this is any of my business. Meanwhile, I guess it is probably getting hard for me to do any daydreaming to escape from all of this because this strange but unusual activity has sort of helped me get away from what I had been and think still enduring right now. But unfortunately, daydreaming for me is for now out of the question, so it looks like I must concentrate on my job.

I also have concerns that have to do with my job; The hours have been the same and have not changed. My pay has somehow decreased, even though I have been doing a pretty good job. Hopefully, something would change in my role as soon as possible. If they offer me an extra hour shift or anything, I have got to take it.
Other than those, I shall now close with this: The leaves have now changed color, the air in the weather is getting colder by the hour, and I think that this year is about to reach its end…
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