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by Paul
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Siena can't figure out why Daisy doesn't do what she says.

Daisy Doesn't Understand

         "Go over there Daisy... Daisy... over there... Grampa, why won't daisy do what I say?"
         "She doesn't understand when you point. If you kind of sweep your hand like this... like you're trying to push her away with the back of your hand, it'll make more sense to her, but you'll need to show her what you mean. She's just a little dog sweetheart. She doesn't understand words like you do."
         "But she comes when I call her."
         "Yes, sweetie, she does. She knows the sound of her name and you usually either feed her or play with her and she likes that. Dogs are always hungry and always want to play."
         "Can we teach her other things too so she understand us?"
         "She can learn a lot of commands, but they have to be taught with treats and a lot of patience. Remember us teaching her to go outside?"
         "Yes grandpa. Everyone said, "God Damn dog--"
         "Okay sweetheart, we did, but you should not repeat it. It doesn't sound right coming from a 7 year old."
         "Does it sound right coming from a grown up? I can't wait to grow up so I can say it."
         "You are something else, Siena. Drill right into the heart of it. No baby, it does not sound right coming from an adult either. It's a bad habit most adults have and I hope you never catch it."
         "Will it give me a fever? Mom hates it when I get sick and she makes me take yucky medicine."
         "No, sweetie, it won't, so no yucky. I had my mouth washed out with soap though after my first try's."
         "Yuck! I got some in my mouth once, I don't think I'll catch that."
         "Good plan. It's not fun. I got it in my eyes too trying to stop my mom from doing it."
         "Mom switched to baby shampoo because it makes me cry. Did you cry? I'm not a baby though, I'm almost a teenager. They get to do a lot more. David always teases me about being a baby."
         "Yeah, I cried too. I'll have a talk with him. He's 17 and should know better."
         "Will you spank him? I would if I could. I asked mom and dad to do it, but they won't... wow, my grandpa cried."
         "There's nothing wrong with crying, sweetie, and I won't spank him. When we grow up we're supposed to learn from talking and reading without physical violence... punishment."
         "He's NOT a grown up!"
         "No, he's not, but he's getting there. I'll take care of it."
         "Grandpa? We've been playing hard and Daisy really needs a rest."
         "You can teach her to go to bed herself."
         "How, grandpa, isn't that really hard."
         "No, love, it's not hard, but it takes time. She won't learn in one try, it's takes many repetitions."
         "Raper... what?"
         "Repetitions, sweetheart, it means do it a lot of times."
         "Okay. How?"
         "You tell her to go to bed... here I'll show you. 'Daisy, go to bed!' now we lead her to her bed gently, you don't want to make her afraid, and put her in it then make her sit and say, 'Stay!' then give her a small treat. One of her kibbles would work. In time she'll learn to do what you tell her. You can do the same with other things like fetch. For now just pet her so she knows she's a good dog for doing what we wanted. Food works best though."
         "I'd really like that. Can I teach her to get my toys so I don't have to? Or to put them away?"
         "That would be a lot harder baby. I'd stick with easy things.
         "Can I sleep with daisy in her bed grandpa?" Can she sleep in mine?"
         "Which would be your choice?"
         "Her bed, but mom gets really mad when I do. 'Do not get in there, you have no idea where that dogs been,' is what she usually says."
         "Yeah she does, I've heard her. Sometimes I wonder if someone substituted another for my real daughter. A Changeling. And, getting mad means going crazy, angry wold be a better word. How about you and daisy fall asleep in her bed and I'll move you both to your bed. I'll deal with mom, she doesn't like her in your bed either. I think a kid should be able to sleep with their dog. I did."
         "Moms a changing? Wow... what's a changing? Can I be a changing? I think I'd like that."
         "Its a fairy story from Scotland, sweetie. Your moms my daughter, I was there when she was born. She asked to be there when you were born too. I really loved that."
         "You're neat. I love you grandpa. You tell me all kinds of neat stuff."
         "I love you too sweetheart. Now get in with daisy, I'll move you both when your asleep and talk to mom."
         "We wouldn’t want mommy getting angry. Good night grandpa. I love you."
         "It doesn't get any better than that, sweetheart, I love you too."

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