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background information for my novel
What if?

Jasmine finds a rare book in the old school, abandoned for years, in Ingomar. She wandered there after lunch with family on a Sunday at the Jersey Lily restaurant.

She takes the book home and hides it in the sheep shed with the bums, intending to show it to her parents. But she forgets. While feeding the bums, a favorite chore of hers, she reads parts of the book.

One day one of her brothers finds the book and asks her about it. She asks her brother to keep the secret. They are able to keep this book secret all summer. They meet in the sheep shed once a week, using the excuse of cleaning out the shed, to read from the book.

‘The Catcher in the Rye” first edition??? Possible idea for a rare book. Listed for $20,000 up online search 9/20/2019 with original dust jacket. But then I thought of “Lost Horizon” - selling on ABE books for over $3,000. That might work as well.

“The Catcher in the Rye” is on the banned book list at their high school, so reading this book and keeping it secret from the rest of the family goes against everything they know as right. But then “Lost Horizon” might work as ‘Shangi-La’ may come across as the parent’s home in Montana.

But once they are found out, they have to come clean with Mom and Dad about the whole situation of finding the book, keeping it secret and then reading the book. So that sets up the family discussion of the book’s ideas. And then it comes out that the parents had also gotten into trouble with that book. They had been thrown out of Christian boarding school because they were caught reading it. After that, they abandoned their dreams of living abroad and decided to ‘get lost’ in Montana. In fact, the book that their children found was the book they had in high school.

They had promised to sell the book to a rare book dealer some years ago, but at the last minute changed their minds. The rare book dealer had promised them $20,000 for this copy. This was the last known first edition in the world. He was now looking for them and for the book. They thought they could hide on the sheep ranch but now knew it might be impossible.

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