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Oct. 02: - Plot: Premise ▼

Now that you've brainstormed the general story idea, let's identify some story elements:
(1) Setting(s). Where does your story take place?
(2) Protagonist(s). Who is(are) your main character(s)?
(2b) Flaw(s). What is(are) the protagonist's major flaw(s)?
(2c) Goal(s). What does(d) the protagonist(s) want (or want to avoid)?
(3) Conflict(s). What's keeping them from their goal(s)?
(4) Antagonist(s). Who or what is creating the conflict(s)?

Just for fun: Write a provocative one-sentence description of your story.
Example: "A young, mistreated orphan discovers he is a wizard and must face the evil villain Voldemort to fulfill his destiny.”

A cheerleader finds a rare book and tries to hide it from her family and the bookseller that lost it and has been searching for it ever since.

Setting - SE Montana, NE Ohio,
Main characters - protagonists :Jasmine cheerleader— flaws - still teenager, innocent, sees good in everyone - is that a flaw? Limited access to help in remote area // goals - finding help for parent, siblings, getting book back to rightful owner? But could that backfire? Maybe she wants to keep the book in the family as a keepsake, she wants to become a better student, wants more out of life than just a cheerleader, but cheerleader in bigger picture - cheerleader for family, cheerleader for ranch life, cheerleader for Montana
Conflicts - Jasmine v brother, siblings v parents, parents v Martin, family v Martin
Antagonists - Martin Hamilton: bookseller who or what is causing the conflicts,jwants book back, do books cause his pain and problems in life? Does he need to realize that his life is an open book? Life is not black and white? Sometimes life is bigger than just money? Happiness is not defined by what we have? Things sometimes weigh us down.
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