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Jantazza, an extraterrestrial accidentally travels to Earth.
Jantazza and Promel belonged to the planet Orion. They were best friends having fun, playing games between themselves and with the adults. Even though these two extraterrestrials were young, they were powerful. Jantazza, had developed her innate gifts on par with that of an adult. Therefore, everyone revered her.

They were laughing and happy when by accident, Jantazza stepped backwards into an open travel capsule. It sealed shut the moment her entire body was inside and dislodged from the mother ship. She screamed, telepathically communicating her distress on a massive scale to everyone on Orion. They also felt her anguish and anxiety. Esteemed elders such as her parents and others were trying to soothe her so she could download their messages. Her mother calmed her by singing her favorite song.

She was powerful and had mastered her gifts they reminded her. Her father communicated that it was imperative for her to remain calm and alert. Rescue teams were already underway. They informed her that the pre-programed travel capsule is destined for planet Earth.

They warned Jantazza to be careful, to remain out of sight. Under no circumstances must she engage a human unless it is for saving a life. The humans were the most primitive species throughout the entire universe. Their methods of communication, weaponry, modes of travel and health care were backward. It was absurd compared to theirs; still, they could defend themselves even if meant destroying their own planet.

Jantazza’s travel capsule landed with a thud creating a deep indentation in the ground. It opened automatically, and she peered at her environment before cautiously stepping out from it. She was in some kind of forest surrounded by a variety of species of plants and animals. The others from her planet could also view what she was seeing through her eyes since they were all connected through their DNA.

Wow, it impressed her! Such beauty; lush vegetation, colorful scenery, beautiful plants and animals. There was a large body of water that she correctly assumed was a river. This is paradise, she thought, forgetting that she was transmitting everything her senses could pick up on to the Orians. “Now don’t get too excited, my dear,” her mother instructed.

Jantazza’s appearance intrigued the animals. Lions, tigers, monkeys, chimpanzees, birds, rabbits, zebras, giraffes, elephants, butterflies, bees, came sniffing about her and the capsule. She held out her four arms to the animals. They came forward, and she petted them. The bees, butterflies and birds flew above her head and around her body. Oh, how she loved these strange animals. They were so different to the ones on Orion.

Suddenly, the animals scampered, and Jantazza hid too. She camouflaged to blend in with the vegetation then she sensed them. Her people had arrived to take her home. There were three ships present in the sky with their invisibility cloak switched on that she observed. Her parents teleported to her location accompanied by four others. They embraced her and transported her travel capsule on board the largest ship. They restored the indentation in the ground and any damaged vegetation to its original appearance. To be returning home after her frightening experience filled Jantazza with joy. But someday when she was older, she would like to visit planet Earth again.

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